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  • Birthday 07/15/1990

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    David Bowie\Bob Dylan\The Beatles

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  1. Due to how fragile ipods are, all of those are now succesfully broken.
  2. I got around 15,000 for my real name. How unfortunate.
  3. Okay this doesnt happen very often. But once, keyword being once, i got a decent burger from burger king. For the first time ever, [in the uk atleast] the burger actually looked like the picture. It was at an airport though. But it was massive, and i'd say that was great. Heres a link to a picture[bad quality]: http://img124.imageshack.us/my.php?image=image3081dy.jpg
  4. I'll no doubt be towning it up, and looking for jobs to fill my increasing need for money. Heres my plan: Waterstones. Pros: Easy Work, [mostly old people] so get to drink tea. Usually a quiet shop at weekends. Cons: Have to socialise with old people.
  5. I completely agree. [That doesnt sound very sincere, buts its meant to be]
  6. I cant think of anything worse than than a spongebob soundtrack, and if its got avril lavigne in... well that just makes it 10x worse.
  7. I was contemplating whether or not to put this in the pop category, but I decided on this one. Just wondered what you thought was the best bowie album. There are so many to choose from I know, but I think Hunky Dory is one of the better ones. What do you think?
  8. Woah, i was never expecting this post to do so well. Its interesting to see peoples views on dylan and his songs. lol i've been absent for ages, i had no idea this thread was still going.
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