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  1. Harrison and Jackie broke up in 2015. At the end of 2016, they had a photoshoot. A breakup photoshoot. For their breakup. They dated in high school, tried to make it work while attending college separated by a few thousand miles of farmland, and eventually the distance drew them apart. three and a half years into their relationship, they ended it. SEE ALSO: Man gets into a new relationship, friends hold touching funeral Fast forward to New Year's Eve 2016. If you're doing the math along with me, you'll note that's a bit over a year since the breakup, and for reference, they hadn't seen each other since then. Read more... More about Watercooler and WatercoolerView the full article
  2. Chris Martin once declared his admiration for the Chainsmokers, tweeting,“I’ve heard some songs and I love them.” Now, a Coldplay and Chainsmokers collaboration has materialized. Today, they’ve shared “Something Just Like This.” It’s from the Chainsmokers’ debut LP, Memories...Do Not Open. Hear it below. View the full article
  3. Knotel announced today that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding. Founded in 2015, the company offers what co-founder and CEO Amol Sarva described as “headquarters as a service” — a flexible office space that can be customized for each tenant while also growing or shrinking as needed. This might sound like it’s addressing the same need as WeWork and other… Read More View the full article
  4. Everyone knows that La La Land is the feel-good, singing and dancing movie of the year. And with Damien Chazelle nominated for "Best Director" in this weekend's Academy Awards, we wondered what the film would look like with an entirely different director and tone. This episode of Trailer Mix brings you a darker, more surrealist version courtesy of David Lynch. Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content. Read more... More about Damien Chazelle, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Recut Movie Trailer, and Recut Trailer View the full article
  5. Listen to a new track from the upcoming "Tech N9ne Collabos" project. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/tech-n9ne-put-em-on-feat-darrein-safron-and-stevie-stone-new-song.1973027.htmlView the full article
  6. The blank, robotic VR masks seen in mixed reality videos could soon receive a facial fix that's pretty cool but also kind of creepy, just like any good advancement in technology should be. SEE ALSO: Wearing a VR headset gets even more awkward underwater In a new blog post on the Google Research Blog (hat tip to The Verge), a few researchers from the tech giant discuss the process of replacing the blocky VR headset with an image of the user's face for mixed reality videos — videos that show both the VR user and the virtual reality around them. The researchers hope they might eventually be able to extend this "headset removal" technique beyond mixed reality videos and into the VR world itself, increasing engagement and social interaction. Read more... More about Mixed Reality, Google, Vr, Tech, and GadgetsView the full article
  7. Images of the LG G6 leaked today and overall it looks like a solid phone with soft lines, very little bezel and a face on the backside made up of the dual lenses and power button. It looks surprised and maybe a little shocked. LG will likely reveal all the details of the phone next week at Mobile World Congress. Read More View the full article
  8. Babyface, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis, will also be inducted. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/jay-z-to-be-first-rapper-inducted-into-songwriters-hall-of-fame-news.29254.htmlView the full article
  9. The FCC has given several companies the go-ahead to activate a wireless technology called LTE-U in their base stations; if all goes as planned, devices will be able to communicate cellular data over unlicensed frequencies technically overlapping with Wi-Fi’s. Read More View the full article
  10. "Monster has always been about racing and girls." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/monster-energy-refuses-to-change-model-outfits-for-nascar-races-despite-criticism-news.29252.htmlView the full article
  11. The 2017 BRIT Awards are taking place tonight at the O2 Arena in London. Watch a live stream of the ceremony below. Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Skepta, the 1975, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, and Emeli Sandé will all perform, and there will be a George Michael tribute. (Coldplay are also rumored.) David Bowie, Radiohead, Anohni, Adele, Skepta, Coldplay, Zayn, Stormzy, and the 1975 are some of the British artists nominated for awards at the ceremony. Rihanna, Solange, Beyoncé, Bon Iver, Drake, A Tribe Called Quest, Sia, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, and the Weeknd are among the international acts nominated. Both David Bowie’s Blackstar and Skepta’s Konnichiwa have been nominated for album of the year. Find the full slate of nominees here. View the full article
  12. Under current legislation, US-based Internet service providers are not expected to proactively police infringing user content. They are, however, expected to remove it, if a copyright holder complains. The so-called ‘safe harbor’ that providers enjoy as a result of such cooperation is currently under the microscope, following rightsholder complaints that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is failing them. To address these concerns, the U.S. Copyright Office has been running an extended public consultation. As noted earlier, the RIAA and other music groups just submitted their comments and Google have now added theirs. In contrast to the music groups who believe that the DMCA is “failing”, Google believes otherwise. Noting that rogue sites have been driven out of the United States by an effective DMCA, the search giant suggests leaving the law intact while encouraging voluntary mechanisms between content owners and providers. “In short, the DMCA has proven successful at fostering ongoing collaboration between rightsholders and online service providers, a collaboration that continues to pay dividends both in the U.S. and in international contexts,” Google writes. The company highlights its YouTube-based Content ID as one such collaboration, with the system helping creators take down or monetize infringing content, as they see fit. Google also cites the benefits afforded by the takedown tools it provides to rightsholders in respect of Google search. “First, in recent years, Google has streamlined its submission process, enabling rightsholders to send more notices more easily (while still continuing to reduce the average time to resolution to under six hours),” the company notes. “Second, Google has provided new incentives to make heavy use of the DMCA takedown system. We now use the number of valid DMCA requests a domain has received as one of the inputs in making ranking determinations in search results, so rightsholders seeking to take advantage of this signal have further incentive to file notices.” But while Google supports the current takedown provisions, there are problems. The company says that a significant portion of the recent increases in DMCA submission volumes stem from notices that are either duplicate, unnecessary, or bogus. “A substantial number of takedown requests submitted to Google are for URLs that have never been in our search index, and therefore could never have appeared in our search results,” Google states. “For example, in January 2017, the most prolific submitter submitted notices that Google honored for 16,457,433 URLs. But on further inspection, 16,450,129 (99.97%) of those URLs were not in our search index in the first place.” This kind of rampant abuse was highlighted in our recent report which revealed that one small site had millions of bogus notices filed against it. But, according to Google, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “In total, 99.95% of all URLs processed from our Trusted Copyright Removal Program in January 2017 were not in our index,” the company reveals. But despite the abuse, Google is apparently giving these ‘trusted’ submitters some wiggle room to be creative. In a rather unexpected move, the search giant says that it now accepts takedown notices for URLs that don’t exist, to ensure that they never appear in future search results. While copyright holders will presumably enjoy that feature, it is a fairly curious move. A proactive takedown of a non-existent URL necessarily happens in advance of any determination of whether that URL is infringing, which goes way beyond any legislation currently being demanded. That being said, some of these non-existent (and essentially fabricated) URLs do eventually turn up in Google search, albeit at a tiny rate. “Of the 35,000,000 URLs we processed in the latter half of September 2016 that were not in our index, fewer than 2% of those would have made it into our index in the intervening four months; notices for the other 98% therefore were at best unnecessary,” Google says. “Many of these submissions appear to be generated by merely scrambling the words in a search query and appending that to a URL, so that each query makes a different URL that nonetheless leads to the same page of results,” it adds, referencing an earlier TF report. Overall, however, Google seems comfortable with the current notice-and-takedown framework, noting that a “robust ecosystem” of companies with expertise in sending takedown requests is being bolstered by voluntary service provider measures that already go beyond the requirements of Section 512 of the DMCA. “While stakeholders can be expected to disagree about the details of these voluntary efforts, it cannot be said that the DMCA safe harbors are failing in the face of this overwhelming evidence that these voluntary measures continue to grow both in number and diversity,” Google concludes. It’s crystal clear from Google’s submission that it sees the DMCA as a law it can work with, since it enables service providers to innovate without fear while simultaneously addressing the concerns of copyright holders. The latter see things quite differently though, so expect the battles to continue. Google’s submission can be found here, via Michael Geist. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services. View the full article
  13. Consequence and Royce Da 5'9" team up on "All Black Neighborhood." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/consequence-all-black-neighborhood-feat-royce-da-59-new-song.1973026.htmlView the full article
  14. NASA has discovered seven planets with Earth-like qualities orbiting a nearby star making them among the strongest candidates in the continued search for extraterrestrial life among known exoplanets, or planets that exist outside of our own solar system. These new planets all inhabit another solar system which includes seven planets that have a relatively warm climate, as well as rocky… Read More View the full article
  15. Snapdeal, one of India’s big online marketplaces, is feeling the pinch of competition from Flipkart, Amazon and a host of startups that have emerged with the rise of e-commerce in the country. The startup — backed by the likes of eBay, Alibaba and Softbank and last valued at $6.5 billion — said it is laying off staff as part of a bigger restructuring. The company has… Read More View the full article
  16. An anonymous member of the producers branch reveals Oscar picks. read more View the full article
  17. 2016 was the year hacktivists disrupted cyberspace like never before. The December launch of the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was well-timed — epitomizing outsiders banding together to bring down powerful enemies against long odds to steal confidential plans. This plot is similar to hacktivist agendas over the past year. Read More View the full article
  18. Yesterday, the British shoegaze band Ride released a new song called “Charm Assault.” It was their first new track in 20 years. Now, they’ve quickly followed it up with another new song. Listen to “Home Is a Feeling” below. Both tracks are from a new Ride album due out this summer on Wichita Recordings. Ride's last album was 1996’s Tarantula. The new record is mixed by Alan Moulder (who mixed Nowhere and produced Going Blank Again), and produced by DJ Erol Alkan. Ride will also be going on tour; find their upcoming dates below, too. Read our 5-10-15-20 with Ride’s Andy Bell. Ride: 03-12 Belfast, Northern Ireland - Limelight 03-22 Dublin, Ireland - Olympia Theatre 03-24 Glasgow, Scotland - Glasgow Barrowland (6 Music Festival) 07-13-16 Benicàssim, Spain - Festival Internacional de Benicàssim View the full article
  19. In yet another confirmation that you’re getting old, pop superstar Rihanna has hit a landmark: She has now landed 30 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat achieved only by the Beatles and Madonna. She charted her 30th hit this week when “Love on the Brain” crossed the threshold... View the full article
  20. Machine learning has the potential to solve many of our regular human problems, like for instance having too few nightmarish, oddly cat-filled crude images to gaze upon. Luckily, Christopher Hesse created the edges2cats web-based tool to address exactly that issue. The machine learning software uses Google’s Tensorflow to translate one image to another, using training data provided by… Read More View the full article
  21. For many promising young startups, displaying in the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the best decisions they can make. At Disrupt NY 2017, we’re giving startups the opportunity to participate in the Alley free of charge. TechCrunch rolled out our featured pavilions at Disrupt SF and Disrupt London last year, but for New York, we’re taking the concept to a whole new level. Read More View the full article
  22. Jay Z has become the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The 2017 class of inductees also includes Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Max Martin, and Robert Lamm, James Pankow, and Peter Cetera of Chicago. (Berry Gordy, who deferred his induction from last year, also joins them.) The announcement was made earlier today on "CBS This Morning" by Nile Rodgers. The other artists nominated for this year's class who were not chosen were Madonna, George Michael, Sly Stone, Bryan Adams, Vince Gill, Kool & the Gang, Cat Stevens, Gloria Estefan, Jeff Lynne, and David Gates. The induction ceremony takes place June 15 at the Marriott Marquis in New York. Songwriters become eligible for induction after having a songwriting career of at least 20 years. “To be honest with you, last year we talked about it a lot,” Linda Moran, president of the Hall of Fame, told the New York Times about Jay Z’s induction: “Our board and community wasn’t ready. This year we felt that they had been educated enough.” She added that Jay Z was “so over the moon” about the induction. “He was flipping out, he was going crazy,” she said. Watch Pitchfork.tv’s “Liner Notes” for Jay Z’s The Blueprint: View the full article
  23. Jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, known as the "Godfather of Fusion," has died in New York City. He was 73. His publicist, Kurt Nishimura, said Coryell died Sunday in his hotel room of natural causes. Nishimura says he had just performed two shows at the Iridium on Friday and Saturday. Coryell’s highly... View the full article
  24. A new mobile app called Tap, launching today, introduces a different way to read stories on your phone: as text message-like chats. The app is the latest from Wattpad, a social publishing platform for authors whose community now includes over 45 million readers worldwide, who visit its site or its flagship mobile app to read its nearly 250 million stories. With Tap, Wattpad is stepping… Read More View the full article
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