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  1. Well, 2016 is officially in the past. Between the election drama, the stock markets tossing and turning, celebrities moving on and Harambe, it was a doozy. Read More View the full article
  2. Today is Skrillex’s birthday, and to mark the occasion, he’s delivered a surprise for his fans. He’s reunited with the emo band he used to front, From First to Last, for a new track called “Make War.” It’s out now via OWSLA/Sumerian, and sees Sonny Moore contributing vocals and co-production to the track. Listen below. It’s Skrillex’s first song with the band since he departed the group in early 2007. Moore joined the group in 2004 and worked with them on their two Epitaph albums: 2004’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount. and 2006’s Heroine. The band have continued touring and recording while Moore has focused on his extremely successful DJ/producer career. Here’s the band’s Moore-fronted 2004 track “Ride the Wings of Pestilence”: View the full article
  3. Bedwetter (f.k.a. Lil Ugly Mane) opens up about depression on "Stoop Lights." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/bedwetter-stoop-lights-new-song.1972565.htmlView the full article
  4. The latest episode of “The Simpsons” is a Great Gatsby-themed hip-hop episode, “The Great Phatsby,” featuring appearances from RZA, Common, Snoop Dogg, and Taraji P. Henson. While they appeared later in the episode, an early scene at the mansion of rap mogul character “Jay G” revealed a slew of cameos. As executive producer Matt Selman confirms on Twitter, the initial party scene featured appearances from Beyoncé (in her “Hold Up” dress from Lemonade), Flavor Flav, Cornel West, George Clinton, and more. In another scene, Jay G reveals that he once collaborated on a line of brake pads with Lil Wayne. RZA, Common, and Snoop Dogg’s appearances saw them recording diss tracks aimed at Jay G. Revisit “What the Hell is Simpsonwave?” on the Pitch. View the full article
  5. The 44th president of the United States talks about his successes, failures and the "unusual" transition. read more View the full article
  6. Scotty ATL taps Curren$y for slow-burning "Top Drop." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/scotty-atl-top-drop-feat-currensy-new-song.1972564.htmlView the full article
  7. Asked what skills one needs to serve as president, Obama replied, "Thick skin helps."read more View the full article
  8. Detroit rapper M-City J.R. releases "Addicted To My Ex." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/m-city-jr-addicted-to-my-ex-new-mixtape.116785.htmlView the full article
  9. Stream and download Scotty ATL's "Smokin On My Own Strain." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/scotty-atl-smokin-on-my-own-strain-new-mixtape.116768.htmlView the full article
  10. The latest missive came following Saturday's show featuring Alec Baldwin (as Trump) poking fun at "golden showers" and the president-elect's recent press conference.read more View the full article
  11. "I have so much respect for you that you did it while the world was celebrating your achievements," the actor wrote in the letter to his longtime friend and four-time co-star. "I share your sentiments about punks and bullies. Enough is enough."read more View the full article
  12. It's a Spitta celebration! http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/10-essential-currensy-tracks-news.27465.htmlView the full article
  13. Shifts in a rapidly changing retail world and dramatic changes in consumer behavior continue to be a challenge for some traditional retailers. Legacy retailers that have remained stagnant with their old-guard ways are struggling to maintain sales and stay relevant with today’s consumer. The successful brands all have one thing in common: They don’t fear change. Read More View the full article
  14. Why don’t we set our goals around giving sincerely and unconditionally in our personal lives and careers. Forget about what you want to receive back — the universe returns back a more meaningful and lasting ROI than any other market ever could. Read More View the full article
  15. The actor had a "Coachella" music festival-themed party. View the full article
  16. The last time Action Bronson did a cooking segment on “Late Night,” we learned that Seth Meyers knows the words to “Larry Csonka” while Bronson cooked octopus. The rapping chef returned to the show on Friday night for a similarly memorable appearance. After producing a black truffle from a plastic bag for his burger recipe, he said, “You know what I had to do to bring this? I had some guy bring it in his ass from Italy.” At one point, after buttering some burger buns, Bronson asked, “Have you ever seen the girl that mushes her face into the bread? It's crazy. You've got to check it out.” Meyers, seemingly at a loss for words, sipped his wine. Later, after lamenting that he “should’ve gotten higher” prior to his appearance on the show, Bronson brought out some white truffle and began making it rain truffle shavings over an ice cream dish. Naturally, both Bronson and Meyers started yelling into the dessert. The segment closed with Bronson raining shavings over Meyers himself while the host ate the ice cream. It’s pretty great television. View the full article
  17. Puerto Rico is steeped in more than $70 billion of debt that has been accruing for the better part of a decade. As part of its new economic development plan, Puerto Rican officials are looking to technology and entrepreneurship to revitalize the economy, attract its bright minds back to the island and solve the sustainability problems bedeviling the commonwealth. Read More View the full article
  18. Towards the end of the year, movie screeners are sent out to industry insiders who have to cast their votes for the Oscars and other awards. Usually, quite a few of these films start to leak on various pirate sites around Christmas, but this year it remained surprisingly quiet. In fact, it took until early January before the first pirated screener showed up, a copy of the Denzel Washington movie Fences. While the slow start remains largely unexplained, it appears that at least some pirate groups have become a bit more cautious with their release strategies. The infamous Hive-CM8, which put out the lion’s share of screeners last year, said it would no longer release any films before their theatrical release, for example. Cautious or not, this week the screener ball started to get rolling again when five DVD screeners appeared online. ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Patriots Day’ were the first two to become available, followed by ‘La La Land,’ ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Arrival’ this weekend. The copies were released and distributed by various P2P pirate groups, not just a single source. The most popular Arrival copy is tagged by the unknown group “4rrived,” for example, and Hive-CM8 is also back in the game with screener copies of La La Land and Moonlight. Arrival screener A few weeks ago, Hive-CM8 said they were ready to release screeners and a few hours ago they uploaded their first copy of the year. “Finally first quality release, we do think this is a hot title and we decided to share it with the public,” the group writes in the release note of La La Land. While some people believe that the group already has access to additional disks, they are still in the market for more material. They hope that insiders with access to screeners are in a sharing mood. “We are looking for the guys sitting at home with all the 30 discs and posting pictures all over the net, but not sharing with anyone. Not sure why you are hiding it can be done safe and secure, for private viewing only if requested. Just msg us if you need help, we dont bite.” Pirates will certainly welcome all the activity, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see a leak-fest similar to last year. Not from Hive-CM8 at least, who say that they don’t plan to share everything they have with the public this year. It will be interesting to see how many screeners will leak during the weeks to come. With five releases so far this year, the leaked screener count is still at an all time low for now. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services. View the full article
  19. President-elect Donald Trump is having a hard time finding musicians to pay at his upcoming inauguration. Yesterday, 2 Chainz said “nah” to a performance invite. Broadway singer Jennifer Holliday recently canceled her performance. Elton John denied a claim that he was performing at the event. Moby was asked and declined; Andrea Bocelli asked and was declined, according to an inauguration official. So far, 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, and “America’s Got Talent” contestant Jackie Evancho are among those slated to play the inauguration. Rapper YG says he’ll perform, too, on two conditions: he gets to play his anti-Trump anthem “FDT” and he gets paid $4 million for the appearance. YG actively campaigned against Trump during the 2016 election. Aside from releasing “FDT,” he invited fans on stage to beat up a Donald Trump piñata at a show. He also offered free “Fuck Donald Trump” bagels on election day. A few days later, the result inspired Schoolboy Q to play “FDT” at one of his shows. Read “A Brief History of Conservatives Rejected By the Musicians They Love” on the Pitch. Revisit YG’s “FDT” video with Nipsey Hussle: View the full article
  20. New consumer-facing financial applications are being built on top of old banking infrastructure, while other startups are going around financial infrastructure altogether. Together, they are unbundling the roles of banks and other financial incumbents. Read More View the full article
  21. Sturgill Simpson was the musical guest on the first “Saturday Night Live” of 2017, which was hosted by Felicity Jones. He performed “Keep It Between the Lines” and “Call to Arms” from last year’s A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. Watch the performances below. Also, watch cast member Beck Bennett’s “Weekend Update” pop star segment, as well as Simpson’s promo with Jones and Pete Davidson. Read “Phones, Drones, and Country Music: On Sturgill Simpson’s Necessary ‘Call to Arms’” on the Pitch. View the full article
  22. Drones feel a bit like old news already, don’t they? At least in the Valley, with its hyper-fragmented mayfly attention span. The military has used them for decades. DJI, the undisputed (consumer) polycopter industry leader, was founded in 2006. We tech journalists can’t stop talking about drones, but they’re still mostly playthings, curiosities. One might well ask: what… Read More View the full article
  23. Everywhere you turn these days, there’s talk of automation replacing people. Technology is surely advancing at a rapid rate, and in today’s click-driven media environment, sensationalism sells, but just because tech can replace a human worker doesn’t mean we’re always going to want that. In some instances, even when tech can do an adequate job, we still want to deal with… Read More View the full article
  24. My 1st Years, a U.K.-based e-commerce startup that offers personalised gifts for babies and children, has picked up £5 million in growth funding. Read More View the full article
  25. Later this month in partnership with the Creative Content UK (CCUK) initiative, four major ISPs will begin sending warning notices to subscribers whose connections are being used to pirate content. BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are all involved in the scheme, which will be educational in tone and designed to encourage users towards legitimate services. The BBC obtained a copy of the email due to be sent out, and it’s very inoffensive. “Get it Right is a government-backed campaign acting for copyright owners who think their content’s been shared without their permission,” the notice reads. “It looks like someone has been using your broadband to share copyrighted material (that means things like music, films, sport or books). And as your broadband provider, we have to let you know when this happens.” The notice then recommends where people can obtain tips to ensure that the unlawful sharing doesn’t happen again. Since the scheme will target mainly BitTorrent users, it’s likely that one of the tips will be to stop using torrents to obtain content. However, that in itself should be an eyebrow-raising statement in the UK. For the past several years, UK Internet service providers – including all of the ones due to send out piracy notices this month – have been blocking all of the major torrent sites on the orders of the High Court. The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents (and all their variants), every site in the top 10 most-visited torrent list and hundreds more, are all blocked at the ISP level in the UK. By any normal means, no significant public torrent sites can be accessed by any subscriber from any major UK ISP and it’s been that way for a long time. Yet here we are in 2017 preparing to send up to 2.5 million warning notices a year to UK BitTorrent users. Something doesn’t add up. According to various industry reports, there are around six million Internet pirates in the UK, which give or take is around 10% of the population. If we presume that a few years ago the majority were using BitTorrent, they could have conceivably received a couple of notices each per year. However, if site-blocking is as effective as the music and movie industries claim it to be, then these days we should be looking at a massive decrease in the number of UK BitTorrent users. After all, if users can’t access the sites then they can’t download the .torrent files or magnet links they offer. If users can’t get those, then no downloads can take place. While this is probably true for some former torrent users, it is obvious that massive site blocking efforts are being evaded on an industrial scale. With that in mind, the warning notices will still go out in large numbers but only to people who are savvy enough to circumvent a blockade but don’t take any other precautions as far as torrent transfers are concerned. For others, who already turned to VPNs to give them access to blocked torrent sites, the battle is already over. They will never see a warning notice from their ISP and sites will remain available for as long as they stay online. There’s also another category of users who migrated away from torrents to streaming sites. Users began to notice web-based streaming platforms in their millions when The Pirate Bay was first blocked several years ago, and they have only gained in popularity since. Like VPN users, people who frequent these sites will never see an ISP piracy notice. Finally, there are those users who don’t understand torrents or web-based streaming but still use the latter on a daily basis via modified Kodi setups. These boxes or sticks utilize online streaming platforms so their users’ activities cannot be tracked. They too will receive no warnings. The same can be said about users who download from online hosting sites, such as Uploaded and Rapidgator. So, if we trim this down, we’re looking at an educational notice scheme that will mainly target UK pirates who are somehow able to circumvent High Court blockades but do not conceal their IP addresses. How many of these semi-determined pirates exist is unclear but many are likely to receive ‘educational’ notices in the coming months. Interestingly, the majority of these users will already be well aware that file-sharing copyrighted content is illegal, since when they’ve tried to access torrent sites in recent years they’ve all received a “blocked” message which mentions copyright infringement and the High Court. When it comes to the crunch, this notice scheme has come several years too late. Technology has again outrun the mitigation measures available, and notices are now only useful as part of a basket of measures. That being said, no one in the UK will have their Internet disconnected or throttled for receiving a notice. That’s a marked improvement over what was being proposed six years ago as part of the Digital Economy Act. Furthermore, the notices appear to be both polite and considered. On that basis, consumers should have little to complain about. And, if some people do migrate to services like Netflix and Spotify, that will only be a good thing. Just don’t expect them to give up pirating altogether since not only are pirates the industry’s best customers, site blockades clearly don’t work. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services. View the full article
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