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  1. 2 Chainz and Migos bring the runway to the trap in their ‘Blue Cheese’ video View the full article
  2. As if he’s not busy enough with his new twins, Beyoncé’s husband and the father of three Jay-Z announced Monday morning that he’ll be releasing his new album, “4:44,” on June 30. The platinum-selling rapper and founder of the brand Roc Nation will deliver his first studio album in nearly four years... View the full article
  3. Spotify is ramping up its June Pride Month programming with a series of original videos highlighting different facets of LGBTQ history, with special guests such as Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan and Halsey hosting various segments. The series consists of five animated multi-part videos encompassing 22... View the full article
  4. The teaser clips for JAY-Zs new album ‘4:44’ sure make it look like an all-star visual response to Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade.’ View the full article
  5. Justin Hayward wasn’t worried about showing his back to the audience. Standing onstage Saturday night before a full house at the Hollywood Bowl, the Moody Blues’ frontman had just finished singing “The Morning: Another Morning” — a bouncy pop pastorale from the British band’s 1967 album “Days of... View the full article
  6. Steve Aoki enlists Migos and Lil Yachty for his new song ‘Night Call.’ View the full article
  7. The new EDM documentary “What We Started” begins with an ending. Some of the first shots in the film follow DJ Carl Cox as he walks around the empty cavern of Space in Ibiza, the nightclub where he’d served as resident DJ since 2001. Cox is a North Star for contemporary house, techno and EDM, as... View the full article
  8. Jada Pinkett Smith slams the new Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ and points out its ‘hurtful’ inaccuracies. View the full article
  9. After 30 years, the annual Bridge School benefit concert in Northern California is taking a hiatus. Its long-term future is uncertain, apparently a casualty of the 2014 divorce between the concert’s principal figures, musician-philanthropists Neil and Pegi Young. The pair had worked together annually... View the full article
  10. On Calvin Harris's 'Feels,' Katy Perry, Big Sean, and Pharrell go for a three-way flirtation. View the full article
  11. Lil Yachty ran through nearly 60 ‘Simpsons’ characters in a new rap for ‘The Tonight Show,’ with help from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots View the full article
  12. Another tragedy, another sad opportunity for ugly conspiracy theories. SEE ALSO: Firefighter's tweet goes viral in the wake of the London tower fire In the aftermath of the horrendous fire that ripped through a 24-story high-rise block in West London killing at least 30 people, there was an abundance of these theories on 4chan /pol/, the hotbed of the alt-right. The majority revolved around the fact that, although Grenfell Tower was engulfed by a massive blaze for hours, it didn't collapse on itself. Unsurprisingly, many people made comparisons with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in particular with 7 World Trade Center's collapse and the so-called "controlled demolition theories" which claim the building was taken down by explosives installed in advance. Read more... More about Conspiracy Theories, Debunk, Fake News, Grenfell Tower Fire, and Grenfell TowerView the full article
  13. On Thursday's Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon got to the bottom of a story that rocked the internet this week: Lorde's alleged Instagram account devoted solely to onion rings. Lorde — a guest on Thursday's show — admitted that she was indeed the moderator behind the now-deleted account. "I sort of naively didn't realize it would be, like, a thing that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places," she said, before Fallon made her admit, out loud, that it was her account. Sorry, Lorde— the internet ruins everything. Read more... More about Watercooler, Tv, Music, Culture, and CultureView the full article
  14. Samsung has been bullish on virtual reality hardware, hoping that its early moves in headsets and devices to shoot content will give it a stronger position in the space as (and if!) it continues to expand to more applications and users. Now TechCrunch has learned that as part of that effort, it’s also made an acquisition. Samsung quietly bought a New York-based startup called VRB, which… Read More View the full article
  15. For weeks, Republicans in the Senate have done everything they can to try and hide their proposed healthcare bill from the public — because transparency is sooooo 2016. Thankfully, we've obtained a very special draft of the proposed legislation, courtesy of an anonymous owl that flew by and dropped it on my desk. The owl asked that he not be named in our report for security reasons. SEE ALSO: Give Trumpcare a break: Here are all the pre-existing conditions it will cover To be fair: it's not like the Republicans needed to disclose the details of legislation that could throw over 24 million people off healthcare. They're still reeling from the time President Obama passed Obamacare without their support — and as Senators, it's their constitutional duty to stick it to the meanies. Read more... More about Watercooler, Humor, Senate, American Healthcare Act, and CultureView the full article
  16. The biggest question regarding both Apple and Samsung's upcoming flagship phones is currently this: Will they come with a fingerprint reader embedded into the screen? And while the jury is still out on both the upcoming iPhone 8 and Samsung's Note 8, a new report claims that the first phone maker to launch a phone with this feature is China's Vivo. SEE ALSO: Samsung will reportedly drop the Galaxy Note 8 early to undercut the iPhone 8 The report, unearthed by Android Authority, comes from researcher Jiutang Pan, who shared his intelligence on Weibo. According to Pan, Vivo may release a phone with a fingerprint scanner inside the screen in the next few months. Apple's iPhone 8 and Samsung's Note 8 aren't expected before September. Pan thinks that the Note 8 will not have this feature at all, while Apple will be the first "foreign" — i.e., outside of China — manufacturer to launch this feature. Read more... More about Vivo, Fingerprint Scanner, Tech, Consumer Tech, and Big Tech Companies View the full article
  17. “What are these? Screenshots of the Matrix?” a friend asked — looking at a few of the first pictures I’d taken in Doha, Qatar, on my 4th visit in about 10 years. My dad is an airline pilot and moved to Qatar in 2007. The first time I saw the glittery skyline of Doha, I had just turned 15 years old. As a Brazilian kid who grew up in a gated community in the suburbs of São Paulo, I was no stranger to contrived and controlled spaces, an entire life taking place where nothing bad could ever happen to you Shopping malls and gated communities were my stomping grounds, and Doha was, in many ways, a hyperbole of places I knew very well. Unlike Brazil, there was no crime. My dad marvelled at the fact that people would carelessly leave their cars in the parking lot with the keys in the ignition and the AC on. I was told that because of the summer heat, nothing could be built outside. The streets had no sidewalks and every avenue was practically a highway. There wasn’t much to do in town other than going to the mall. Read more... More about Photography, Qatar, Culture, and OtherView the full article
  18. Subterranean beach huts might be the way forward. SEE ALSO: 10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet's favourite mad scientist In the video above, Colin Furze takes viewers on a tour of the beach hut he built. He points out the clock and the decorative piece of driftwood placed artfully on the the wall. He then lifts the lid on a trap door and slips down into the secret underground compartment that he's turned into a toy room. If you think that's all he's built, then think again. Furze lifts the door on a second underground compartment and shimmies down into a living room with a chair and a tea set where the adults can chill. Read more... More about Watercooler, Youtube, Uk, Beach, and Building View the full article
  19. London firefighters are undoubtedly the unsung heroes who worked relentlessly to tackle the massive fire at the Grenfell Tower in West London and rescue people from the building. SEE ALSO: Firefighter's tweet goes viral in the wake of the London tower fire While many praised them for their inhuman effort, there were many incorrect statements about their job and fire safety regulations going around social media. To try to stop misinformation, a serving London firefighter who wasn't involved in the Grenfell Tower fire did a Reddit AMA. And it was epic: Read more... He gave amazing advice on fire safety in your houseMore about London, Firefighters, Reddit Ama, London Tower Fire, and CultureView the full article
  20. Monese, the London-based fintech startup that offers a mobile banking app and current account, continues to fill in missing features that might otherwise stop it from replacing your bank altogether. The latest is Direct Debit functionality, a mechanism for reoccurring payments, such as those required by a mobile phone contract and many other subscription services. Read More View the full article
  21. You wouldn't want to mess with this seven-year-old. Ryusei "Ryuji" Imai — a 7-year-old Bruce Lee fan — has gained a sizable following on Facebook and Instagram with his slick training videos and martial arts moves. SEE ALSO: 9-year-old girl stuns 'America's Got Talent' judges with her incredible voice Imai — often dubbed the 'mini-Bruce Lee' — first became an international sensation when he managed to match Bruce Lee's nunchuck skills move-by-move in 2015: Imai has been watching Bruce Lee movies since he was one, reported SoraNews24, and he started to practice his moves when he was four. That was three years ago. Look how ripped he is now: Read more... More about Viral, Japan, Martial Arts, Bruce Lee, and Culture View the full article
  22. Listen to DJ Khaled's collaboration with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, "Wild Thoughts." http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/dj-khaled-wild-thoughts-feat-rihanna-and-bryson-tiller-new-song.1974605.htmlView the full article
  23. What do you do when you meet the Queen of Pop? You troll her, of course. Filipino model Coleen Garcia will definitely go down in history for her epic trolling at Britney's concert in Manila. SEE ALSO: Listen to Britney Spears absolutely nail 'Toxic' without auto-tune With front-row tickets to the epic concert, Garcia documented her night on Instagram Stories with a genius take on Spears' mid-dance poses: Image: coleen garcia/instagram With expert emoji placement, Spears is later turned into a volleyball player and expert juggler. Image: COLEEN GARCIA/INSTAGRAM Image: COLEEN GARCIA/INSTAGRAM Read more... More about Emoji, Philippines, Live Concert, Britney Spears, and ManilaView the full article
  24. It was meant to be a light-hearted bit of cross promotion. An interview between ABC Melbourne radio presenter Red Symons and podcaster Beverley Wang became the subject of controversy on Friday, after Symons' tone deaf comments about race. SEE ALSO: Wonder Woman's message is exactly what we need in these dark times — but there's more to do Wang's podcast, It's Not A Race, is also published on the ABC and deals with contemporary race issues in Australia. This and other questions Red Symons asked me Listen: https://t.co/aS4Lmtn3hs pic.twitter.com/4oZq5QeWdj — beverley wang (@beverleywang) June 15, 2017 Read more... More about Australia, Culture, Racism, Asian, and Asian Ethnicity View the full article
  25. Jamie Foxx arrived on the the set of the Late Late Show ready for a battle. SEE ALSO: James Corden worked in Harrods for a day and it was a disaster In the video above, Foxx interrupts Corden's "dogs in sunglasses" segment to demand a riff-off. Corden steps up to the challenge and the two men duke it out with voices so harmonious, they'll make you swoon. When an apparent winner isn't crowned, Foxx's Baby Driver co-star Ansel Elgort steps in to be the deciding voice and, wow, that man can sing. The battle results in a three-way tie, but, truly, we're the winners. Read more... More about Watercooler, Uk, Jamie Foxx, Ansel Elgort, and James CordenView the full article
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