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Everything posted by KiwiCoromandel

  1. i would of said yes...and then capped him......and simon.......
  2. nice , ballsy article dude...... now remember kiddies: An informed scrotum owner is a safe scrotum owner......
  3. aye and begorra that`s very humorous indeed....
  4. mountain...nantucket sleighride.....one of my faves.....leslie west..another great guitarist ..... :strumma: Nantucket Sleighride (by Mountain) from the album of the same name... Goodbye, little Robin-Marie Don't try following me Don't cry, little Robin-Marie 'Cause you know I'm coming home soon My ships' leaving on a three-year tour The next tide will take us from shore Windlaced, gather in sail and spray On a search for the mighty sperm whale Fly your willow branches Wrap your body round my soul Lay down your reeds and drums on my soft sheets There are years behind us reaching To the place where hearts are beating And I know you're the last true love I'll ever meet Starbuck's sharpening his harpoon The black man's playing his tune An old salt's sleeping his watch away He'll be drunk again before noon Three years sailing on bended knee We found no whales in the sea Don't cry, little Robin-Marie 'Cause we'll be in sight of land soon........ `The term "Nantucket Sleighride" was coined by the whalers to explain what happened after they harpooned a whale. The first harpoon was not intended to kill the whale but only to attach it to the whale boat. Then the whale would take off... pulling the whale boat along on a "Nantucket Sleighride". The whale would tire itself out, then the leading officer in the boat would use a lance and stab the whale until dead.''
  5. because it`s still brainwashing by any name..or any style...or any translation...whether that translation be musical, literal or any other form of communication......
  6. very nice...i`ll check out some more of his stuff......lovely slide.........good voice too :good job:
  7. blurry??? nothing wrong with my eyes...now where do the batteries go in that wooden thingee??.. :P
  8. it`s a wonder more rappers aren`t slapped for illegal sampling of copyright songs..not to mention the fact that when they do sample them for their own musical style it usually destroys the idea and concept behind the original song.......
  9. and eminem..... Eminem and the Christian Coalition " The MGM vs. Grokster file-sharing case is making some very strange bedfellows. The Christian Coalition of America is lining up with P. Diddy, Eminem, and 50 Cent, and the Bush administration is supporting the Hollywood elites. They have one common goal: to get the highest court in the land to overturn the lower court decision that favored file-sharers. "
  10. no, that`ll be the headline the day after the cream reunion concert....... :rolleyes: ;)
  11. why should it bother him?...he`s been in the game a long time and is just about ready to retire......although it is refreshing to hear that sort of thing from a professional musician these days..... :strumma:
  12. talk about over the top..we will give no quarter...no dollar or cent gets out alive!!!!...... or old ladies either
  13. she`d need to, the amount of pc trouble i`ve had since last night..seems to be ok now.....
  14. heavy stuff and certainly food for thought...... :(
  15. speaking of pussy and cats here`s a couple of pics taken about an hour ago of my kitten looking at my monitor...he`s asking dumbass dad why this is the third time this morning that i have had to reinstall windows xp.....why??? last night i started getting corrupt and missing error messages for hal32.dll and i couldn`t complete the reboot process..i`ve just found the problem..a misconfigured boot.ini file..repair, rebuild, reboot!!!
  16. a story about licking stuff.... Winnie's Problem Some Lady: Why do you think Winnie sits so close to the television like that with her face up against the screen? Mother: She's a kid. That's what they do. Some Lady: No I don't think that's normal. Mother: Well it's normal for Winnie. She's a curious creature. She likes to see things up close. Some Lady: Well I guess she likes to taste things to because she's licking the screen again. Mother: Hey Winnie cut it out! What did Mama tell you? Television sets aren't for licking! Winnie had astigmatism, so everything always looked blurry to her. Winnie would use her sense of taste as a back up. She always remembered things by what it felt like to lick them, and more importantly the taste that was in her mouth after she had licked them. Everyone assumed Winnie was a crazy child. But then one day, in the middle of playtime at kindergarten, the school nurse stopped by and gave all the kids an eye test. "Let's see which one of you kids is blind!" said the nurse after letting out a hearty chuckle, and hanging an eye chart on the wall with masking tape. Winnie pulled a "Winnie" when it was her turn to take the eye test. She walked up to the eye chart and licked it; she then walked over to the nurse and licked her hand. "Looks like someone needs glasses!" said the nurse as she wiped Winnie's drool off of her hand. So Winnie finally got glasses, and things stopped looking blurry. She kept on licking things though. But she found that now that she could actually see what she was licking… It wasn't as tasty.
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