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Everything posted by KiwiCoromandel

  1. they ran a late news item down here on old johhny`s 49th last night...a very smart boy but what a sell-out and what an asshole...but i sure liked the sex pistols and i sure like public image and i just love " the warrior " and " rise "..... PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED lyrics - "Warrior" Fields they have eyes Woods they have ears Fish always sink Head first downward I'll never dismount I ride the tiger Crosses are ladders Leading to heaven Keep the candle burning Bright in the window It's the only light I'll see tonight Beggars can't be choosers Shrouds have no pockets Some of us wake up Others roll over Hear the dog bark Watch the trees sway Keep the candle burning Both night and day Many invade I take no quarter This is my land I'll never surrender.....
  2. thanks a lot guys.......my cat watched it and now has its ass pressed up against my monitor screen because it wants to shag that kitten!! :P
  3. we had one of those down here..her name was patricia bartlett and she was a ex-nun (surprise, surprise)..she started an outfit called " the society for the promotion of community standards ' which had the same aims and said the same things as herr schafly did...the interfering, frigid, frustrated bitch is dead now thank christ.........
  4. yikes...everything sssshhooooookkk up and down....
  5. it`s official.....the weeklyworldnews stinks.......it prints shit and the word (and the smell) has finally leaked out...but no one will even wipe their arse on it because there`s too many splinters in the third rate newsprint that it`s printed on.......the new name is now the shithouseweeklyworldnews..... what a rag.......
  6. yep...i got that too using firefox..and then it disappeared....thank goodness..
  7. can`t you imagine laura bush screaming out " maple-sugar me baby!! " to georgie-boy one night in the west wing....... :hyper: :hyper:
  8. we have to be careful sg.....we have to talk in euphemisms..the bushies might be watching and listening......we may have to maple-sugar them ;)
  9. you could also say that he got well and truly "dusted "..
  10. " The crash is believed to have been caused when the teen blacked out after purposefully inhaling a compressed dusting product "......he then got what is known as a " shine on "........
  11. jimi hendrix should not be listed at the top of that list of 100 (half of the others listed shouldn`t be there either in the order that they have been placed in)...he is NOT the greatest guitar player of all time..that claim, in my view is open to debate....Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic (WHO??) at # 43 ahead of frank zappa at # 45?? you must be bloody joking!!!!
  12. gotcha...... Budgie This hard rock band was formed in Cardiff, Wales, by John Burke Shelley (b. 10 April 1947, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales; bass, acoustic guitar, lead vocals) and Ray Phillips (b. 1 March 1949; drums) in 1968. Joined by Tony Bourge (b. 23 November 1948, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales; lead guitar, vocals), the trio established a substantial following on the south Wales college and club circuit and were subsequently signed to MCA Records. Plying their trade in a basic, heavy riffing style, the standard was set with the first single, charmingly entitled "Crash Course To Brain Surgery'. The vagaries of early 70s British album artwork were typified by the treatment given to Budgie's releases - promotional material depicted ludicrous images of budgerigars variously posed, dressed as a fighter pilot (staring nobly out into the far horizon), a Nazi Gestapo officer, or as a squadron of fighter budgies flying in formation, tearing into combat. Founder-member Phillips quit in 1974 before the recording of their fourth album and was replaced by Pete Boot (b. 30 September 1950, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England), who in turn departed that year before Steve Williams took over. The exiled drummer formed Ray Phillips" Woman back in Wales, then Tredegar in 1982. With the success of In For The Kill, Budgie won over a wider audience, although they remained more popular in mainland Europe during this period. Their sixth album, If I Was Brittania I'd Waive The Rules, was their first on A&M Records. Impeckable was the last to feature Bourge, who left in 1978, joining Phillips in Tredegar. He was replaced by former George Hatcher Band guitarist John Thomas. The group's popularity grew in the USA, resulting in Budgie touring there for two years, with Rob Kendrick (ex-Trapeze) standing in for Thomas. Returning to Britain, and now signed to RCA Records, Budgie fitted in well with the new heavy rock scene, and despite being without a label for much of the mid-80s, their reputation and influence on a younger generation of musicians brought them consistent work until Shelley dissolved the band in 1988. He subsequently worked with a new trio, Superclarkes. Phillips used the name Six Ton Budgie (inspired by a journalist's comment about the original band) for a new line-up featuring his son, Jason, on guitar. The unit re-formed for a tour in 1996 with Congo Jones on drums.
  13. "There's nothing sexier than licking yourself...especially if you`re covered from head to toe in maple sugar........ No, I meant that in that fun, licking yourself sort of way..." -Laura "the Licker" Gascon
  14. Maple Sugar Me, Baby "maple sugaring." That's where one woman swallows -- oh, wait....."Nothing says you care more than a lump of maple sugar on a stick!"..
  15. i just read that sg and i simply cannot fucking believe it......absolute lunacy...... hitwall hitwall
  16. bloody hell guys...time to dust off the passports and those plane tickets.....i have a feeling some of you will be wanting them soon....the day to day assault upon social policy and social convention in your country is absolutely incredible (and frightening) to watch.......both through the media and the news items that are daily being posted on this site......honestly friends the spanish inquisition is looking positively tame compared to george bush`s conservative, revisionist attack dogs...... :( :wha': :read this:
  17. so what rapboy.........i`m colorblind......
  18. sorry dude.......there are certain aspects of this " free " election that i just can`t agree with...........i don`t know that it`s an argument that i`d like to get into on beatking.....i got into enough shit on a certain other website...for airing views that the excellent yanks (and redneckforsure.... ) who i talk to daily (like yourselves) just may not understand...
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