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    Fucking your mother,
    in the ass.
    Raw dog with no rubber.

    Smoking Joint after Joint,
    till I pass out.

    I like to rome,
    like a rolling stone.
    Get my nut,
    make her moan.
    Then I go home.

    And talk real every day shit,
    regardless if you feel it.
  1. Every Morning, when I take a dump, I think about a girl, I used to hump. As my terd enters the bowl, the seat feels fucking cold. Look on the floor and, see no more Ass paper But I'm late for work, so I'll wipe it later. At work, I accidently, p!ss on the floor. The fat lazy janitor, doesn't like me anymore. Sometimes I drink a coffee or two, just to let my shit, pass through. I like bathroom humor, some times I choke my testicles, they look like a tumor.
  2. Please to meet you, won't you guess my name? I wiped out, the entire middle east. Raised the prices, but with oil we had a feast. I created a illusion of life, to make people weak. They are blind to, what they are underneath. I lured people with freedom, to use and abuse their soul. Unless they follow their orders as told. I plant weapons of masdestruction, and fill their entire world with corruption. Pleased to meet you, Won't you guess my name? I can see whats puzzling you, Is the nature of my game. I effluence contradiction, to make people learn ignorance. I
  3. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' timestamp='1219804015' post='171661'] Here is a pretty cool website. One Sentence is a writing community where users post true life stories. The trick is they are limited to one sentence, and the contributors rate each other. Here are some samples: [b]silence dogood[/b] When I lost all my school stuff on a crowded city bus on Friday, I did not expect the pot-smoking pervert from my Spanish class to carry it all the way home and bring it to me on Monday. 2008-08-26 10:22:36 / Rating: 74.5 / [b]Jennifer[/b] My childhood and my dog share a grave in my backy
  4. I'm convinced, there is much more to life. Every man, must have his light. Every man, must eventually ignite. I think our brain is stuck. I think they brain wash us, so we don't give a fuck. But you have to still, blame your self. when you can STILL, point the finger, at someone else. Searching high and low, for an opportunity. It seems like having one, would be new to me. Mother fuck a pyramid structure. Hard to climb up a ladder, that you can't move up. Because our world is all backed up. Communism won, can't you see. There is no future for people like you a
  5. If you's want more web traffic to your page, do you's know a shit load of people but mostly retards write on instrumentals on you tube all day. SO maybe make youtube videos to direct people here??
  6. I'll take taylor swift, and stick it down her throat. Have her lick my balls, while I do the goat. I'll make gwen stefani, choke on my salami. shania twain, Could work on my thang. I'de eat the pussy out, while she give me brain. Snooki from jersey shore, can get her knees on the floor. Mariah Carey fucked eminem. But I could care less, she can go crazy again. The rest of TLC, could still, fuck me and suck me. A threesome would be lovely.
  7. Oh shit I'm high again. And guess what? I got my pad and pen. My lyrics, contain spirits. From another galaxy way beyond reality. Like ghost of mars, I'm from another planet. Like Michael Holt I vanish. Picking bitches up, speaking in spanish. With my hair died black, and a cape on my back. Slice your fucking head off, with my light saver. HA HA HA, bye bye dude, I'll see you later. When I'm in mexico, I wear a sombrero. and do the tango, like Angel Villodo. I got that world wide mojo. I jump around, like a pogo. This is free write. Just type, don't read. D
  8. I get this feeling, getting so high. My brains, they liquify. they turn to mush. when I smoke that kush. Gravity brings me, to this place called reality. I'm hope I'm not, stuck in this hell forever. These things, they have to better. I can't take, this rainy weather. I look at life, different from most people. You can always start again, make your own sequel. Some time, your just stuck in time. It gets hard, not turn to crime. But one day, that light has to shine. Chase it, till you get it. Never stop, and think to regret it.
  9. Yea, nashville doesn't like my colorful writing. I should of known if I did research like I should have. I actually sent them Hoe's & bitches. But even disturbed poets like my self have that one girl, and this is to her. But I did get a little soft with the rhyme for paramount, I must confess. I Miss You __________________ Verse One: I miss your tender kiss, I often reminisce. of your precious face. no girl could, ever take your place. No other lover, makes me feel, the way you do. Your the one girl, you know I love you. Your my sun, to my world. You will always,
  10. Rolling dice, Playing craps. I was staring at this bitch, she had some back. By the end of the night, I racked up 2 Gs. She was right by side, cuffing my N-U-Tz. My right hand, was all over her ass. Wasn't going to let, her fine ass pass. She whispered in my ear. I want to kiss it. I was feeling her, before I was lifted. So she came up, to my room. before I could make a move. Her knees was to floor, just came in the room, just walked in the door. She was going at it, like a pro. A true Atlantic City Hoe. Went on the bed, I tried to get her on top. She just want
  11. I fucked your bitch, raw dog no rubber. She sucked my dick, then the pussy got smothered. She was doing, deep strokes. I made her deep throat. dick hitting her tonsil, made her choke. opened, her asshole. went in, fast yo. Pull back her hair, ripped off her under ware. Got the clippers. And shaved off her fucking hair. She looked like GI Jane. When I got some brain. She said, "you fuck better than husband. And if you see him, please tell him I wasn't. Fucking with you. I'll do what ever, you want me too." Ok bitch, get on your knees. open your mouth, and
  12. Your definitely going in the right direction, but unles you spitting busta rhymes rhymes fast and it sounds good. You got to emphasis the rhyme more. and switch it up, but make it all fit like.. Met this girl she super cool, Met her at the bleachers, right after school You'd want to hit it, if you knew her too, Body piercings looking sexy, with those tattoos. On the outside man she something sweet On the inside damn she's super rude No matter how smooth, of a payer. she'll play ya. She'll tell u what u wanna hear, let it go to her ego, if you shed a tear.
  13. Idk how to rate this, but it's not bad. Work at it. It can always be better, no matter how good you get. check out some of my shit if you want.
  14. [quote name='bfd-showah-mandem' timestamp='1237496693' post='178710'] Ama man ona mission yh bfd n u luk around bt u cnt c me yh mysterious or mystery so many wastemanz hatin me so many wastez stoned out ther tree jus coz i got tha ansaz i got the key im the man on the frontline fuk spitin 2 classical shit wen theres a ting lyk grime dont copy this shit ccoz these barz r mine if u wont a lyrical war il turn it into aa crime CRACKA UR NOWT BUT A SPACKA CUM DOWN MA ENDZ N U WIL GET A SMAKA CUM DWN MA END N U WIL GET JAKA COZ MAN LYK MYSTERIOUS WIL FUCK UP A SLACKA ima streetwis
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