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  1. Kaki King - Acoustic Guitarist Extraordinaire is an exceptional way pf playing the notes. It is truly reflective and has everlasting musical imprints on fissures of brain.
  2. Dyland & Lenny is an excellent composition. The fine download will be a great option if you want the original taste of the composition.
  3. these rhythms are a real blend of Indian spiritual tones and the western rock fusion blend. It is a chilling musical that has sent a shock as far as the sensations of the teens are concerned. It thrills, destroys all ego and gives an extra life. The composer is a universal man who sends a message by way of this fine musical creation.
  4. this is inspirational as this is the right platform that can transform a street singer into a legend. This is truly a competition with a difference and with a fine prize. Above all, you will have opportunity to showcase your hidden singer and musician. Indeed, you are on a way to becoming a maestro. Opportunities come but one should not play with them especially in the music world.
  5. the fact is that fusion music ca be a new age music if it is properly synchronized unless it may create chaos to the listener. It is a best boot in the nightclubs and pubs where there is a leisure meet among people of cross cultures.
  6. Allen jackson has put her soul in the song. It is indeed enough to raise your emotions to the higher scales. IT is in fact one of the songs that can truly be remembered in the future eras to come. The lyrics are deathless and covey an inspiring message.
  7. eagles tequila sunrise depicts the synchrony of the beats. It is an amalgam of the trinity of music which consists of piano, guitar and drum beat. Indeed, this is a masterpiece and can be an inspiration.
  8. the relationship of Alicia Keys and her man Swizz Beatz cannot be hidden now. The beautiful singing sensation is pregnant and this is indeed a good news. After all love is blind ad everything is fare in love an war, common the music producer swizz has to manage earlier relationships also and the children he had from those relationships. Did he spare Jennifer Lopez, sounds astonishing.
  9. this track sets a new trend by using fractured beats, indeed a nice trend setter and sensational composition will give an excellent output in night clubs.
  10. GET lost is a inspiring track with the usage of the best of electronica. It gives an inspiration to conduct the composition for the next level of music. It is an inspiration for the future.
  11. the direction of the orchestra conducted by Gustavo Dudamel is so inspiring that get completely flabbergasted at the accuracy and rhythm with which the set of violins are being played by the band. Indeed the concentration level is marvelous and the maestro has done an excellent job. It deserves to be listed in the top charts.
  12. yes, i feel the Oscar wining movie million dollar baby holds a special place and the soundtrack is exceptional. It is a perfect craftsmanship of a director that reflect the sensation, the plight, the hardship and ultimately the victory.
  13. it is definitely a sad news that a promising singer is no more. The death of Taylor Mitchell is indeed a pathetic news that cannot be digested. these breeds can be so devastating, could never have had imagined. I personally feel that they must have been without flesh for a week.
  14. the techno ad the classic influences o the opera that is played by the star musician vitas of Russia makes it a exceptional videography. indeed this blend id going to create a new era in the composition of the music of Russia.
  15. this is a blend of classic and metallica and it is revolutionary. This masterpiece which is an amalgam of Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer is really going to be dominant on the global music stage ad is going to be a clear inspiration for the new budding artists to go for an exception compositional blend.
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