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  1. [img]http://www.reflexion-x.com/image/DT_Thorset_1.png[/img] We proudly present our new release "Dopetank Thorset Refill" This Thor based Refill shows how Thor is capable to sound and propably won't let it's buyers feel they didn't get bunch of Quality sounding patches for their money. We have made a short demo audio to show how some of the patches sound, which you can download here: http://www.reflexion-x.com/downloads/Dopetank_Thorset_Audio_Demo.wav The patches are categorised into eight (8) different categories such as Bass, FX, Keys, Lead, Mono Synth, Other, Pad, Poly Synth. Overall
  2. Yo - It has been pretty long time when I posted a new tune. But here we come again, or actually just me - Dave 909 and I will be making new shit too but this my solo Rap in Estonian way. It's about our world that is suffering of all kinds of disasters, war and stupid politicians etc. I tried some new mastering techniques - i.e. I took the rendered R & R wav and imported it into Reaper. After that I took it back into Recird and used my magic Combinator to make it fuzzy and warm and detailed. So listen to it, critisize and enjoy the music by Reflexion X !! http://soundclick.com/sha
  3. I and Dave have made our 5th collab - this tune is about problems and such - Dave raps in Dutch. I Estonian and we have a bit english there as well. So go to my site and enjoy! "Problems" http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10239702
  4. Hello - me and Dave 909 have made our 3rd collab and here's what we got - we seem to be great together or what do you recon ladies and gentlemen? This is kinda mixture of big beat and modern hiphop. We rap about 6th instinct - Finnish and Dutch - play it loud and feel the power!!! I have made some changes to my site but you should find the player easylie. Cheers! www.reflexion-x.com
  5. A new tune which is about Mind Control. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9969826
  6. Hello again! It's been ages when I made a dnb tune so I decided to make some. I hope you enjoy! Feedback welcome! www.reflexion-x.com
  7. Yo! This is a mixture of hiphop, dubstep and dnb. The vocals are Estonian and the title means "Badass Dubstep" Enjoy! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9726299
  8. I've produced a new tune again. Some electro with vocals. Feedback welcome and I hope that you enjoy this. "Dance To Da Beat" www.reflexion-x.com
  9. The title "Sest Olen Geenius" means that "Because I'm Genius" This is propably my last track that was made with Reason 4 and Record 1.0 Feedback welcome as always. Cheers! Heikki www.reflexion-x.com
  10. This tune has been on my HD for very long time and I finally finished it. I dunno - I think this is Euro mixed with some breaks. Enjoy! The 1st track on the player: http://www.reflexion-x.com
  11. Been working on this tune few days. "Avaravai" The first tune on the player: www.reflexion-x.com
  12. I have started a project for ambient music and for meditation purpose. This is been something I've always wanted to do. I hope you enjoy - The link plays the track automatically. http://www.reflexion-x.com/meditation.html
  13. Hey! A new R & B / Electronic track is finished. This was made with Record. Enjoy! "Get Lost" www.reflexion-x.com
  14. I have a new track - some electronic funk, check it out, enjoy! The first track on the player: http://www.reflexion-x.com
  15. So this is my first song after finishing my album. I just might make another album. I didn't know what to make but then i just made something and here's the result. "Enemy Contact" Enjoy! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9027036 Heikki
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