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  1. rastaX

    The Sopranos

    Oh, and in case anyone didn't see the final episode yet, I was right about everything..............
  2. rastaX

    The Sopranos

    Can anyone say "HBO Pictures presents".............
  3. rastaX

    The Sopranos

    And I'll throw in Carmela's pregnant..........
  4. I wonder how many other inmates are not distraught at being in jail? jeez............
  5. rastaX

    The Sopranos

    Its listed for this Sunday. This make me think perhaps they are setting things up for some sort of big event. Spinoff, prequel something like that.
  6. Happy Birthday moodyblue! Geminis rock. ;) No more zeros, smartass. :P It is a bitch adding anything to the 5 in front though..........
  7. What a drag it is getting old.................. Thanks everyone! :happy:
  8. rastaX

    The Sopranos

    I think Paulie has turned on the family. He was responsible for setting up the hit on Phil. How did those guys wind up at the wrong house anyway? Was it a coincidence that it was a lookalike? Remember, he tried to defect to the NY family before. Plus they specifically excluded him form their hit list. Maybe Tony will survive and go into the witness protection program. His crew is all gone, and how else could he get back at Phil. Plus he has that letter in his file for turning in the Arabs. Problem is, this is all too obvious, I think they have some big twists up their sleeve. I like the idea of Janice taking over. I can't believe they are going to tie this up in just one more episode.
  9. One on either side. Maybe it wasn't as descriptive as I thought.
  10. The morning guys on my favorite station don't usually "work blue" but they couldn't ignore the Britney beaver slip photos when they hit. They let loose with some colorful descriptive terms for the ummm, I guess the subject of this type of surgery. Wizard sleeves is the one that I remember.
  11. I don't have any problem whatsoever with our invasion of Afghanistan. It should have started with getting rid of the Taliban and ended with Bin Ladens capture. I don't buy the bullshit about the attack being an act of war though. IMO, it was a crime, pure and simple. The criminals responsible should have been brought to justice. Our country was attacked from the outside and that allowed it to be taken over from the inside.
  12. This was classic Frank. It is hard not to miss him.... He might still have a thing or two to say.
  13. Sorry about your cat, buddy. I have had many pets and that is always hard.
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