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  1. trying to change avi....did it work
  2. I have been away for awhile but now I bring this.. Cry Cry by Mazzy Star...*A Song For Kitty* I added keyboard-vocal-harmonica-effect-to this fantastic song she wrote, it really fit my mood the day after our Kitty passed and the words fit well to how I felt for or sometimes did not feel so happy for the lil fur ball. I learned to love this cat over the years we had her and that love led me to bring 3 more into our family....Roxy-Nebula-and cat. We miss you Kitty, Lyrics Cry, cry for you Just like you knew I wouldnt do Cry, cry for you Just like a song in the last light Should I l
  3. always call this show, listen for Elmo-Greeeen dump-Cody and more shit from me. He is fucking funny as shit!!
  4. I did through onetruemedia.com. A good site to get stuff onto the tube!! I put a video by Manard called My Country Boner in that other section and it got pulled, why?? I thought i've seen worse round here than that fun harmless vid..
  5. You Tube Different Slide Shows Riders On The Storm My Way Sick John Kay And Moqui Tenderness If this one does not come in, click the small icon. http://www.youtube.com/user/Connerysr11
  6. Check out Maynard.... http://wildlotus.org/
  7. Not what I usually listen to but your stuff is good. IMO..
  8. http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=46b31...medium=text_url This is my version of the doors classic Riders On The Storm. Seems this one went through my audio edtitor abit better and no reberb peeps. made this one around 99 and my equipment back then was lacking. Moble Home Moqui
  9. testing 1 2 3 testing.........does this work?? http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_...category_id=all
  10. This song back then got me started thing about what I created then and now.
  11. Thanks dude, My 2 origionals are alittle raw and unfinished but so was I back in the day. I wanted to leave the recordings exactly as they were to show maybe a pattern of learning I went throughout the years. I am going to put more of my older stuff in and other places just to share. This was always just about the enjoyment I got out of creating songs and playing on porches with others who had and stll have the same enjoyment with their music as I do. My new stuff within the next year is going to sound better thanks to a great internet find,audio/editor, This still is as cool as it was ba
  12. Tenderness John Kay and Moqui http://www.ourstage.com/entry/XRZDJPKQQFUV...n-kay-and-moqui Sam Stoned John Prine & Moqui http://www.ourstage.com/entry/OMFPSYRHLGFK-sam-stoned Sick Origional http://www.ourstage.com/entry/ABCBYRHCGJOB-sick Burn/Learn (feed the rage) Origional http://www.ourstage.com/entry/RCYHKHATCXQF...n-feed-the-rage
  13. I have been making music for years and in the process of making more quality stuff through my editor audio recorder. I have reworked or fixed up some of my old stuff and I am going to put it all in this thread. I will try to embed it or links to to the stuff starting tonight.12/4/07. 2 are recent covers, I added effects, lower harmony and harmonica, the 2 are Moble Home Moqui origionals. Reviews of my stuff is what I hope to get, good or bad.....it really helps
  14. MOQUI

    Logging In

    No need, It's the cookie settings in firefox that screwd everythang up so ya wanna delete Skunch, then do by all means + I got some origional music I created, if it's allowed then where do I post or embed the links?? Gary
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