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  1. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has lost his spot has the world’s second-richest person after a successful year from French billionaire Bernard Arnault. Arnault is the CEO of the multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH whose subsidiaries include Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Sephora, Fendi and more. After a boost of $39 billion from last years earnings, Arnault’s net worth now sits at $108 billion, notching ahead of Gates’ $107 billion. LVMH reached double-digit growth in both sales and profits in 2018. The company also announced Rihanna would be the first woman to launch an original brand at LVMH. Lintao Zhang/Getty Images You may remember Arnault from his €200 million ($224 million) donation to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The Cathedral suffered structural damage after a fire and Arnault was particularly saddened by the news. Arnault, along with the billionaires behind Kering and L'Oreal were able to pledge €500 million ($565 million) in total. In all fairness, Bloomberg has reported that Gates’ $35 billion in donations to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the cause for his fall. Gates had been ranked as the second-richest person in the world for seven straight years prior to today. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos still holds the title of the richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $125 billion. View the full article
  2. This month, flying under the radar was the release of Ann Marie's debut Pretty Psycho album, the Chicago songstress's impressive foray into the current landscape of R&B via Interscope records. While it is her official arrival, it marks Ann Marie's second full-length output of the year, coming in after her Tripolar 2 project from January. Featuring appearances from names that include Calboy, Jeremih, Sonta and Q Money, the new project effectively introduces a sultry and affirming new voice as Ann Marie delicately masters a balance of grit and sensuality in one go. Catch the cinematic new clip for project standout "Throw It Back" before diving into the full Pretty Psycho effort down below. View the full article
  3. This time last year marked the arrival of Popcaan's Forever album, making way for one of the year's better outputs across genres and now the Jamaican superstar returns with a new music video to attach to project standout "Body So Good." Directed by Tom Gould, the new clip takes a page out of Hype Williams' book to pay homage to the signature opening scene of Belly as Popcaan and company navigate through a strong presence of black lights. The new clip is a fitting commemoration of the album and also conveniently underscores the introduction of his Alkaline diss track "Stray Dog" to streaming services. If you're keeping up, the track originally appeared two years ago at the height of the two stars' spat in response to two tracks that Alkaline aimed at Poppy, targetting his friendship with and subsequent co-sign from Drake. View the full article
  4. Adidas is showing love to English football club Manchester United with a special edition "Manchester Rose" UltraBoost OG. The special edition kicks, set to release in limited quantities on July 25, pay homage to Man U's first-ever FA Cup victory back in 1909. Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS The Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose opts for a predominately black build, including the Primeknit, laces, Boost cushioning and outsole, with the only form of contrast appearing through the eye-catching rose on the tongue, as well as the graphically printed insoles. The premium UltraBoosts come equipped with a black leather lace cage that nods to Man U's history, featuring “110 Years,” “Manchester Rose,” and “1909_2010” detailing. Priced at $250, the Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose will reportedly be available at select Adidas retailers, including SNS, on July 25. Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS Adidas UltraBoost OG Manchester Rose/SNS View the full article
  5. Nyck Caution has popped out with anew single, sharing his latest "Warning Signs" offering. A full play off of the emcee's namesake, the new cut finds Nyck alerting the opposition properly: "My last name not for show its a warning sign." The track is Caution's first solo offering of the year. Elsewhere, though, he's made standout appearances this year on Marlon Craft's Funhouse Mirror and shared his part on Beast Coast's Escape From New York album. Currently, the whole set of Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers are making a strong trek on the Escape From New York tour with stops jam-packed throughout the summer as things close out on August 25th in Baltimore. Quotable Lyrics When I'm in the room they so quiet Nothing really they can say now Been down and I stay down B-Been around like a Greyhound Been wild then I stay wild Just caught another body what's the days count? View the full article
  6. The first half of 2019 has proven to be a monumental season for breakout star NLE Choppa. January marked when the 16-year-old would break out with his "Shotta Flow" single, effectively going on to serve as the face card of Steve Stoute's United Masters distribution service and carving out a lane as yet another voice within the South's arguable monopoly of hip-hop. Since then, Choppa has gone on to flip "Shotta Flow" in a Blueface-assisted remix while also giving fans a part two, and in the spirit of maintaining that momentum, the Memphis emcee is back with "Shotta Flow 3." Per usual, the new track is attached to an energetic music video that finds Choppa posted with a hefty set as he and his crew execute myriad of moves, even upping the ante to hitting the "Woah" mid-air before belly-flopping into a pool. Quotable Lyrics My niggas they vicious, bitch I am a menace Let's have a shootout like I'm in a scrimmage Catch up in the lab, like I was a chemist Shot him in the teeth, they call me a dentist View the full article
  7. As he continues the campaign that leads toward his forthcoming independent Bury Me With Dead Roses album, Phora has returned with a new track in his latest "The Dream' offering. As has been his Modus Operandi with his mot recent drops, the California native shares a new clip to attach to the single. In it, Phora delivers on a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle as he and director 6th Element enter an alternate universe in which Phora does not survive the near-fatal freeway shooting that left him injured back in 2015. The video "is a reminder to critics as wells as fans alike to celebrate the people you value today because tomorrow isn't promised," writes a press release. Bury Me With Dead Roses arrives in a week. Until then, get into "The Dream." Quotable Lyrics And before you judge someone take a look in the mirror Because at any moment anything can happen Nothing is ever promised, but you can just imagine how It would be So I give the type of love I want for me Cuz one day it'll be my last and it won't just be a dream I mean View the full article
  8. Last weekend we reported the case of the crooked Florida cop who had taken to planting meth in random driver's cars after pretending to search their vehicle. Right after that, news came in that an LAPD offcier had been charged with the rape of not just one, but two women, after results from a cold hit DNA test matched him. It seems as though cops out here are really trying their hardest to give substance to the term "f*ck the police." In news which is less serious than the past two stories, but still quite distressing, a police officer serving with London's Metropolitan Police Service, admitted to buying pornography whilst in the home of a recently grieving family, as reported by CNN. The family had been mourning the sudden death of their child, when 44-year-old Police constable, Avi Maharaj, took to buying himself some porn. He wasted absolutely no time, as he was actually even at their home, waiting for the undertaker to arrive when he made the purchase. Maharaj tried to cover his act when he falsified his attendance log, after an investigation was launched when the grieving family filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police Service. He eventually had to come clean though, as he was clearly the only person on the property at the time, and he admitted to using their cable TV account to , spending an equivalent of $32 on the NSFW channels. In a statement of the incident, the Independent Police Complaints Commission's regional director Sal Naseem said: "PC Maharaj's behavior was shocking and even more so given he was guarding the property in the absence of the homeowner. Not only were his actions deceitful but he caused considerable distress for the family involved who were dealing with the sudden death of a family member." Maharaj is set to be sentenced for fraud (for trying to falsify his attendance log) in August, and will also face the music by being slapped with charges of gross misconduct. View the full article
  9. At the start of the month, a video of a woman licking the top of a tub of Bluebell Icecream, then putting it back in the freezer as she laughed and made her exit, went viral. After the video surfaced, and authorities caught notice, and proceeded to turn it into a legal case, citing that they did not take "food tampering" as a joke. It seems as though the bizarre incident sparked a trend of copycats, as just under a week later, news spread of a Florida woman taking her own interpretation one step further, by proceeding to urinate in a bucket that's used to churn ice cream, and spitting into containers of ice cream in a Florida store ... tf? Anyway, now, it seems as though copycats are getting creative, as one Texas teen has taken to conducting his own version of the unsanitary trend, as CBS7 has reported an incident whereby he took to spitting in a bottle of Arizona tea and returning it to the shelf. At about 10 p.m. on Monday, Odessa police officers responded to United Family - the Albertson’s grocery store - after a security officer at the store reported that a 15-year-old boy "grabbed the drink, put his lips on it and returned it to the shelf." After the officer questioned the boy, he admitted to spitting in the bottle. Odessa police watched surveillance video of, what looked like, the teenager taking the Arizona Tea, before apparently taking a sip and then returning it to the shelf. Though the teen admitted to spitting in the drink to the officer before the cops arrived, he told police only that he had tasted the tea, but “then put it back because it was gross.” As stated by the affidavit, The 15-year-old was arrested, charged and transported to the Ector County Youth Center. View the full article
  10. At one point during the year, it almost seemed as though we would never hear the end of popular children's song "Baby Shark." The incessant track was playing absolutely EVERYWHERE, from celebrity kid's birthday parties to the clubs (they played the song in the freaking club), to no end. Whenever things start to die down just a little bit, we are once again reminded that this track exists, and that it's probably going to pop back up every now and then, and well, we're just going to have to accept it. Even just recently, Ciara took to posting a video of her milly rocking to a remix of the tune, and while Ciara can make most anything look good, we have to admit it was pretty cheesy - maybe I'm just saying that because I still have the song in my head. Despite its tediousness though, the song admittedly continues to bring a smile to children all around the globe - so we can't complain toooo much - but now, news has arrived that for the first time ever it will be used for a bad cause. Officials in West Palm Beach are hoping that if they play the track on a continuous loop, it's going to help prevent homeless people from sleeping on the patio of a city-owned rental banquet facility. For this reason, they've taken to playing the tune throughout the night at the recreational area. Additionally to playing "Baby Shark," the loop also features another popular kid's song: "Raining Tacos." Intended as just a temporary fix, the evil plan will just be put in place while the city works on formalizing hours for the facility, which they hope in turn, will help make trespassing laws enforceable. View the full article
  11. Soulful singer/songwriter, Leon Bridges, has followed his 2018 album by returning to what he knows best, releasing a new single, “That Was Yesterday.” The single arrives as Bridges' first preview of new music since his second album in 2018, Good Thing. Whilst he took on a groovier, RnB and funk sound on that album, he reverts to the sound he originally debuted on his first album, the critically acclaimed Coming Home. In fact, it was even revealed that the track had actually been written around the time that Coming Home was, something which makes sense as its vibe coincides with that of his hit single, the acoustic "River." On this track, Bridges goes back to his OG, more genuine acoustic, and old-timey sound, as he takes a nostalgiac trip back to his humble beginnings, pondering on how drastically his life has changed since achieving fame, and how he hopes to stay true to his roots as he steers through life. “That Was Yesterday” is “a lil song from archives I wrote with my good friend Dan Wilson after the whirlwind that was the Coming Home album and touring cycle,” Bridges said about the song in a statement. The impossibly beautiful song absolutely drips with soul and melancholy - but the type that doesn't get you feeling sad afterwards, only contemplative on your own memories and life. Bridges' delivers his version of "I'm still Jenny from the block," with his lyrics, reminding us to stay humble ourselves, despite the successes we may one day face. Quotable Lyrics: No matter how far I come Still know where I'm from, oh Never let it slip away Still trying to figure out What the game is all about, oh So I take it day by day by day View the full article
  12. Westworld is hands down the best show on HBO now that Game Of Thrones is over. The cast of Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and James Marsden is magnificent. The show is based on an old school movie of the same name, but there are major difference between the updated HBO series and the film from 1973. It's hard to dive into the plot without revealing any spoilers, but if you know, you know. The basic plot of the show revolves around an amusement park filled with life-like robots who do not know they are robots. Wealthy clients come and play in the amusement park by killing, having sex with, and going on adventures with the robots. Of course, things quickly spiral downhill. San Diego Comic-Con is currently going down, and HBO released a debut trailer for Westworld season 3 during the celebrations. The trailer brings the main characters out into the real world, something that has only been shown briefly in previous seasons. Now that the robots have made it to the real world, it looks like a plan is unfolding to remain hidden while more devious plots unravel. Check out the trailer for season 3 below. View the full article
  13. Disney doesn't have much in the way of official offerings at San Diego, but it did come to dance. View the full article
  14. It's been known for quite some time that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were set to reunite in Paramount's Coming To America 2. Nothing was set in stone though, much like the years-long rumors of Bad Boys 3 coming together. It looks like things worked out for both franchises though. As reported by Deadline, Arsenio Hall has officially signed on to reprise his role as Semmi in the sequel to one of Eddie Murphy's most iconic films. At the time of Coming To America's release, 1988, there were little to no original powerful and rich black figures being portrayed in films. Murphy is looking to recreate that feeling in today's post-Black Panther climate, where audiences are pushing for more diversity. Deadline reports that Murphy will return as the spoiled prince of Zamunda, Prince Akeem. Akeem becomes bored with potential marriage partners that are complacent and travels to Queens, New York to find a strong-willed woman to wed. In the sequel, Akeem learns about a long-lost son and must return to America to meet the potential heir to the throne of Zamunda. Craig Brewer is directing while Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is writing the screenplay. A theatrical release is slated for December 2020. View the full article
  15. The NBA 2K20 soundtrack was unveiled this afternoon at ComplexCon in Chicago, Illinois. In actuality, the tracklisting is only 30/50 songs deep, the remaining 20 spots subject to a talent search orchestrated by Steve Stoute's UnitedMasters consortium. In speaking with Billboard about the initiative, Stoute labeled this particular unveiling "a centerpiece of culture and sports for the gaming community," to which he stands proudly, the project's main architect, curator. Boasting a ton fan favorites such as JID's "Skrawberries," EarthGang's "Proud Of U" and Nipsey Hussle's "Grinding All My Life," the proto soundtrack for NBA 2K20 has been made available on Spotify in its current order of sequence, 1-through-30. NBA 2K20's Preliminary Soundtrack Skrawberries - JID, BJ The Chicago Kid Hear Me Calling - Juice WRLD Proud of U - Earth Gang, Young Thug Mansa Musa - Cardi B Legacy - Offset, Travis Scott, 21 Savage I Can't Get Enough - Benny Blanco, Selena Gomez, J Balvin Whoa - XXXTENTACION 200 MpH - Bad Bunny, Diplo, Nitti Gritti Run it Down - Jay Prince Big Shot - Gunna Dribble2Much - Dribble2Much, Problem MC's Act Like They Don't Know - KRS One Swishhh - Dribble2Much Down - Run the Jewels Butterfly - Cousin Stizz Sandra's Rose - Drake Play With Ya - Deezy Audio - Sia Win - Q Da Fool, Kenny Beats My Boi - TroyBoi Remix - Billie Eilish, TroyBoi 11 Minutes - Yungblud, Halsey, Travis Barker We Did It - 1K Phew, WHATUPRG Wow. Remix - Post Malone, Tyga, Roddy Ricch Beautiful Smile - Saba, IDK I Don't Need No Help - NLE Choppa I'm Dope - Tobe Nwigwe, David Michael Wyatt Grinding All My Life - Nipsey Hussle Maintain - Belly, NAV Uptown Vibes - Meek Mill, Fabulous, Anuel AA Goat Talk - T-Pain, Lil Wayne 365 Remix - Zedd, Katy Perry, Kuuro Superfly - Blessed Control - Aaron Taos Ran Off - Deniro Farrar Monopoly - Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet Live Wire - Motely Crue Giant - Calvin Harris, Rag'n'Bone Man How Did I Get Here - Offset, J.Cole Digital - IDK Superhuman - Campfire, Shane Eli 16 Hours - Higher Brothers Something To Believe In - Jane Holiday We Came to Win - Kairo, Sha'Ki Rodman - Pardison Fontaine So Sorry - Ray Moon Back Up - The Siege [Via] View the full article
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