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  1. He's never been shy about sharing his thoughts about Rap and Pop Culture, and now Boosie Badazz is weighing on Donald Trump's recent presidential pardons—aside from his criticisms about C-Murder not being included. We've reported on the last-minute pardons bestowed by the former president during his last day in office, and while Lil Wayne has received criticism for posing in photos with Trump at the time of the presidential election, Boosie now sees why Weezy made the moves he did. "We thought he was getting jumped like checkers and he was playing chess the whole time," Boosie told VladTV. "Wayne. That lil' motherf*cka smart." Vlad asked if Boosie would have made the same move and the rapper quickly said yes. "For not going to jail? Hell yeah... You'd have to be a stupid motherf*cka. Two to eight years of living like this to take a picture with him." They then turned their attention to Kodak Black, who also received a presidential pardon from Trump. Boosie said that he's cool with the Florida rapper but they don't communicate, before he and Vlad moved on to discussing Michael "Harry-O" Harris, the co-founder of Death Row Records who was also pardoned after serving 30 years behind bars. "That's the n*gga that gave Suge [Knight] the money, right?" asked Boosie. "Didn't the n*gga try to sh*t on J. Prince?... I ain't for sure, but I think that n*gga got down on old man." Vlad brought up that there were rumors that Harris claimed he owned a portion of Rap-A-Lot Records, J. Prince's label. Boosie still seemed unsure of what the gossip was, but he remembered hearing something negative and he wasn't in support of anyone who crossed Prince. "That's my OG." Watch the clip of Boosie on VladTV below. View the full article
  2. With a successful 30-year career under his belt, Treach is considered Hip Hop royalty. The Naughty By Nature legend has endured much throughout his career and now he has a few words of wisdom for rising generations of artists who may need some guidance along the way. Treach recently sat down with Sway in the Morning where he spoke about maintaining longevity in the entertainment industry while also dropping off a few Tupac Shakur memories. Earl Gibson III / Stringer / Getty Images "Before we even came out with a label deal, we was under an apprenticeship," Treach recalled. "So, we was learning the game and learning the steps... I hope a lot of the new artists out there has some type of person they can listen to, 'cause a lot of the youth ain't listenin' to the Old Heads or the ones that's been there 'cause they know it all like we knew it all. I'm not mad at them, I'm just letting them know it goes so quick, the years, and everything else. The time, just make it worth it." After dropping a few gems about how he's been able to survive a 30-year career by making smart business and investment moves, Treach shared a story about reading for the role of Bishop in the classic film, Juice. He auditioned at the same time a Tupac Shakur, who ended up getting the part, and recalled listening to Pac's spirited portrayal from another room. Treach said that he thought there was a fight going on inside and when Tupac was finished, he asked him what was up. When Pac said he was just auditioning, Treach admitted defeat and told him, "Oh yeah, you got that role. You had me believe, Bishop." Later, Tupac called Treach to share that he did get the part and told his friend to pack his bags to come live with him as they tried to get Treach a role in the film. "He had me in there, Ed Lover, Mopreme [Shakur], Big Stretch from Live Squad—rest in peace—like five, six of us," said Treach of their days in a hotel room. Tupac took Treach to set every day until he got a bit part as "the only Black dude in the Puerto Rican gang." Treach also shared that he "knew [Biggie] and Pac" before the riches and the fame. "We came up and we did it, so '96 was a wake-up call." He was referencing the year that Tupac was gunned down in Las Vegas. "You really did everything you can do. You beat the streets, you left the streets behind you, you following your dream, you come out here you rich and famous. And you can still get murdered." Watch his full interview with Sway in the Morning below. View the full article
  3. On Tuesday, Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to release the first official trailer for his upcoming sitcom Young Rock on NBC. The show follows The Rock's abnormal childhood, growing up as the son of former wrestler Rocky Johnson in Hawaii. On January 16th, The Rock also shared a clip on Instagram, expressing his desire to be able to show his late father the new show. "Maaaaan he would've been proud," Johnson said in the caption. On NBC's TCA Press Tour, Johnson spoke about the struggles he had trying to bring the show to life due to his complicated relationship with his father, who passed away on January 15th, 2020. Looking back on his relationship with his father, Johnson said "Growing up, and you know we specifically went with these timelines in my life that were very defining times at 10 years old, 15 and 18 … there’s a lot of things in between those years that took place … but it was complicated and the relationship that I had with my dad was incredibly complicated — that was fuelled by tough love." Rocky Johnson, Dwayne's father, will be played by actor Joseph Lee Anderson, who The Rock says did a "tremendous job playing my dad." Johnson added of his father, "He would have loved this, he would have loved this and he would have been so proud because for the first time, certainly in prime time, we are showcasing this world, that he and all of his brothers of the rings, so to speak, of those men in the ’70s and the ’80s that they gave their life to." The Rock will make appearances in every episode, while his former self will be played by three different actors. Adrian Groulx will play Johnson in his youth, Bradley Constant was cast as a 15-year-old Rock, and “Marco Polo” actor Uli Latukefu will play Johnson in his college years. Young Rock premieres on Feb. 16 on NBC. Will you be watching? View the full article
  4. There has been an increasing number of reports about celebrities having their rides stolen in recent months. Machine Gun Kelly's Aston Martin was found running with the keys still in the ignition, singer Sammie recently revealed his ride was stolen in Atlanta, Tyrese's car was taken right out of his driveway, and Ludacris's vehicle was nabbed while he reportedly left it running as he visited an ATM. The latest on the list of car theft victims is Bam Margera whose Bentley was reportedly destroyed after crashing during a high-speed chase with police. Francois Durand / Stringer / Getty Images According to TMZ, Bam claims that his Bentley was stolen yesterday (January 26) sometime in the evening. Around 1:30 a.m. this morning, the Bentley was spotted by San Diego officers as a group of men hopped in a drove off. A deputy pursued the vehicle before two men jumped out and fled. The driver of the Bentley once again gave chase and later, the vehicle was found crashed into the side of an unoccupied house. Bam shared his side of the story, telling authorities that he was on his way to his "shaman's house" when he stopped to get gas and charge his phone at a Target in Vista, Calif. When he looked out of the window, he claims he saw his car was gone and police cars making their way to the scene. Check out a video of Bam relaying the story to his friend about the debacle below, including how after he watched police chase down the car thief, he learned that an employee gave his charging phone to a stranger. [via] View the full article
  5. Kevin Hart has landed yet another movie role, expanding his already impressive catalog. Although details on the plot of the film are scarce, Borderlands is based on the 2009 role-playing shooter game. The game, which has produced highly successful sequels, takes place on the planet of Pandora. Creator of HBO miniseries Chernobyl, Craig Mazin, wrote the latest draft of the screenplay. Hart's character in the Lionsgate film, Roland, is a skilled ex-soldier-turned-mercenary. Eli Roth, the director of Death Wish and Knock Knock returns to the camera for this film. Roth praised Hart when speaking about the movie, saying, "I'm thrilled to be working with Kevin. Borderlands is a different kind of role for him, and we are excited to thrill audiences with a side of Kevin they’ve never seen before. He's going to be an amazing Roland." President of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, Nathan Kahane also spoke highly of Hart adding, "Kevin has been behind some of the world’s biggest blockbusters, and our source material is inspired by one of the world’s best-selling video games. We love the way our filmmaking team has adapted this story and we couldn’t be in better creative hands.” Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Hart recently finished filming Sony’s action-comedy The Man From Toronto, which also stars Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco. The A-list comedian looks to continue his domination of the box office after films, Fatherhood, Jumanji: The Next Level, The Secret Life of Pets 2, The Upside, and Night School. Including Ride Along and Central Intelligence, Hart has made over $4 billion worldwide in ticket sales. [Via] View the full article
  6. We're just weeks away from Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Recently, Mulatto has been slowly revealing that she's happily in love, causing a firestorm of speculation as to who locked down the Queen of Da Souf. There were rumors that she was romantically linked to 21 Savage, but he came in quick to shut down the gossip. Fans are more inclined to suspect Mulatto and Key Glock have something going on, but Mulatto nor the Memphis rapper have confirmed that they're in a relationship. On Wednesday (January 27), Mulatto returned to once again share that she's smitten with her mystery man. "On Godddd I be laid up w the love of my lifeeee," the rapper wrote over a meme she posted to her Instagram Story. "This the best thing coulda happened to me cause chile you not gone get a lil bo peep outta me no mo ion even be on the internet how I used to." "I'm happily distracted from all bullsh*t I LOVE IT HEREEEE." Fans expect Mulatto and her "love" will reveal their relationship on Valentine's Day, but it looks as if she's just fine keeping it under wraps for the time being. Check out her post below. Instagram View the full article
  7. Dizzy Wright is truly one of the most unpredictable rappers out right now. Though he's known as a fierce MC with a sharp pen, he's been dabbling outside of his comfort zone more and more lately and we definitely appreciate that. It's been even more apparent with his new weekly series called Still Movin. He's been dropping a new single every week and this week, things got a bit more groovy. The rapper came through with a brand new record this week titled, "Sexy Lady." A smooth, funky bassline leads the way on this record as Dizzy Wright flexes his singing chops a bit more on this one. However, he doesn't stray from coming through with bars. Check out the latest from Dizzy Wright below. Quotable Lyrics I can't be hesitating You should tell me 'bout your dreams and what you estimating Ain't trying to gas you up but we can go to better places By the same I'm talkin', you can tell that I'm infatuated View the full article
  8. SOB x RBE had one hell of a run over the past four years. Their unique strain of West Coast rap helped define a new era of hip-hop in the Bay Area but influenced its current sound heavily. As a group, they aren't as active but they do continue to drop new music as solo artists. Slimmy B, specifically, came through with a strong solo project in 2020 titled, Time 2 Shine. This week, he made it clear that he won't be slowing down in 2021 with the release of his latest project, The People's Champ. The West Coast rapper's new project is a short effort that includes eight tracks and features from YC Fame, AzChike, ShooterGang Kony, Daboii, and more. Check out the latest project from Slimmy B below. View the full article
  9. She's been on the scene making a name for herself as she's staking her claim as the next woman in rap to take over, and Asian Doll's fans can't get enough. The 24-year-old rapper has been making headlines over the last few months while she's publicly grieved the loss of King Von following the Chicago rapper's murder. Asian Doll became a topic of conversation during VladTV's interview with Boskoe100, and the two men discussed the progression of her career as well as her reportedly getting nipped and tucked. "She's kind of like an Instagram model now. She got a bunch of plastic surgery after our last interview," said Vlad. Boskoe100 agreed, adding that she looks different. "I talked to her one time when I was first blowing up and she was first starting to blow up and I said something to her. I was like, 'I love your little natural sexiness. Don't ever get your ass done or nothin','" recalled the rapper. He claims she told him she didn't plan on it. "Fast forward a few years now and I'm like damn, what the hell?" he continued. Vlad spoke about some of Doll's recent moves, like getting a lifelike portrait of King Von tattooed on her hand, while also dropping a few facts about her streaming numbers. "Music-wise, she's not as popular as just popularity-wise," said Vlad. "And you gotta sort of follow it up with some music at some point, or else...'Cause you're not really getting paid off of just being popular on Instagram. You gotta have a product to go along with it." Boskoe interjected that Asian Doll is a young artist who is figuring things out. "She a beautiful girl though," said Boskoe. "She got potential... I can see her doing something. She definitely got some star quality about her." Check out their chat about Asian Doll below and watch Boskoe100 explain why he "loves Cuban Doll." View the full article
  10. It felt like 2020 was a relatively quiet year for Young Thug, despite still releasing a ton of music. With the exception of Slime & B, Young Thug did not release a new album last year, even as he built anticipation for it. We can't entirely blame Thug for that, either. The pandemic made many artists push back releases so what better year than to take some time off from releasing new music? Especially with the YSL camp steadily going up. This week, the rapper returned with a bit of a teaser for fans when he dropped off some incredibly mysterious cover art. Fans believed that it could be a sign the sequel to Slime Language was well on its way, though no one necessarily confirmed this was true. Even as the Young Stoner Life Instagram page tagged sons of snake emojis to fuel the rumors, Thug kept mum on the matter and instead, offered a trailer for "GFU." It seems like it could be a single rather than a project but given that "Take It To Trial" closed out 2020, this could be yet another taste of what we can expect on Slime Language 2. The teaser also stated that there was a Jan. 29th release date attached to it. What do you think? Is Young Thug dropping Slime Language 2 on Friday or are we just getting a single? View the full article
  11. Memphis is standing strong. The home of Three 6 Mafia has spurred tons of new talent over the years. Young Dolph is slowly building up the Paper Route Empire with a few new additions who've already proven to be stars in their own right. Key Glock is obviously among those high-ranked in the Paper Route camp but Big Moochie Grape is also starting to bubble up. Today, Big Moochie Grape slid through with a brand new banger titled after Los Angeles Lakers center, Anthony Davis. The rapper carries tons of swagger and charisma with a muddy flow that runs through the bass-heavy production. The latest single from Big Moochie Grape serves as his first offering of the year. We're excited to hear what he has in store next. Quotable Lyrics Servin' them packs to my neighbor Remember them days a n***a wasn't able Now, I'm the one that bring food to the table View the full article
  12. It may be one of his most iconic roles, but Friday wasn't a cash cow for Chris Tucker when he signed up for the project. For decades, Friday has been a cultural staple as it's become a favorite "Hood Classic," but Chris Tucker, who portrayed the role of Smokey, told Shannon Sharpe that he was only paid $10,000. Tucker appeared on Sharpe's Club Shay Shay series and discussed what it's been like hearing people quote his beloved character all these years later. "It's one of those things—it was just a small movie," said Tucker. "We filmed it in 20 days. I got about $10,000 for it or whatever, I didn't care. I wanted the opportunity." Sharpe couldn't believe that Tucker's pay was so low, but the actor explained that the entire budget for the film was only between $2 million and $3 million. They were so regimented with finances that Tucker recalls actors were only allowed two takes for each scene and messing up wasn't an option or your part would be cut. "It was that small of a movie, but that was the beauty of it," Tucker added. "It allowed me to get into character. It wasn't no big distractions like big movie sets. You got light people and sound people and everybody wanna be a star. But that movie was just a camera and me and Cube on the porch. Magic came out of it, thank God." Check out the clip of Chris Tucker on Club Shay Shay to hear him share some fun Friday memories, including being on set with his best friend at the time, Faizon Love, who portrayed "Big Worm." View the full article
  13. Drake shared some incredibly upsetting news the other day when he revealed that his forthcoming album, Certified Lover Boy would not be coming this month as promised. The rapper's kept fans waiting for his project throughout 2020 before sliding through in the fall with a tentative January 2021 release date. He's still cooking up yet you might be wondering just how effective these studio sessions have been since he and his frequent collaborator, 40 have had to work through pandemic restrictions. During a recent appearance on Pensados Place, 40 explained how he and Drake have used Unity Connect to work with each other from separate studios without losing the essence of their collaborating powers. He said that he could move 64 tracks of audio between facilities without a problem. "I like Zoom because I can screen share him my ProTools screen to his laptop. So he opens up his laptop, he sees my Pro Tools screen and he sees me in the corner on Zoom... and then he's listening to the playback in realtime of what I'm playing and he's got his headphones plugged into his MacBook so he's got digital audio coming off his Mac converter. It sounds amazing," 40 explained, adding that he tweaks the setting in order to be able to speak to Drake directly into his headphones while he's recording his verses. "Honestly, if I was an artist, I'd be done going to the studio. Yo, set me up on Connect. I'll be in my hotel room," he joked. It seems as if this tool has become an asset to the recording industry, as well to engineers, during the pandemic. Check the clip out below. View the full article
  14. A Love & Hip Hop couple that has weathered their storms has been Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena. The two reality stars exchanged "I dos" in 2019, and they've been settling into the married and parental life nicely. They welcomed their daughter, Safire Majesty, into the world last year, and while Erica would love to continue growing their family, Safaree is more hesitant to move forward. This storyline was played out on a season of Love & Hip Hop New York, but they revisited the topic on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked. “But tell them why you don’t want another one,” Mena said to her husband. “Cause I got ‘too big’ during my pregnancy... You say it all the time. You mentioned my stomach afterwards. You said, ‘You got too big, I got too big. I don’t want to be fat, again.’ That’s what you said.” After some prodding from their co-stars, Safaree apologized to Erica and called her perfect, but she questioned why he doesn't want more children with her if she's everything he's ever wanted. Safaree answered that he's open to more kids, but they should "let someone else carry it." That wasn't what Mena wanted to hear. Check out the exchange below. View the full article
  15. Trey Songz appeared to have enjoyed his time at the Chiefs game, despite what went down. The rapper ended up getting arrested after an altercation with a police officer. There have been conflicting reports as to why the altercation erupted in the stands. Some have said it was because the singer refused to put his mask on while sources close to the singer believe that the officer had his eye on the singer the entire evening. TMZ obtained new footage of the singer's adventure to the Chiefs game last weekend that adds a bit more context to what happened. Trey did have his mask off during the game but it was only to chow down on some french fries. The stadium rules require people to wear a mask unless they're eating or drinking. Trey had the mask hanging off of his chin, though this was 10 to 15 minutes before the police pulled up with stadium security. Unshockingly, Trey was not the only individual in his area who didn't have a mask covering their mouth. The video reveals that many surrounding and filming the singer weren't fully masked, either. The video, unfortunately, doesn't negate the fact that Trey threw the first punch at the officer, but it does reveal an interesting double standard that was going on. Check the video out below. [Via] View the full article
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