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  1. When Wendy Willams returned to her self-titled talk-show after being on a hiatus due to health concerns, she discussed how she was a Hot Topic since reports of her husband cheating on her were swirling around. "Marriages have ebbs and flows, marriage isn’t easy. And don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone," she told the audience, pointing to her wedding ring. Wendy has recently been spotted leaving her sober living facility and she was clearly not wearing her wedding ring. According to Page Six, Wendy put a ring back on to film her talk-show but sources say it's not her wedding ring from Kevin, leading us to believe that Wendy and her husband are trying their best to not have their personal marriage issues be discussed in the media. Bruce Glikas/Getty Images Wendy's friend Paul Porter has previously discussed the mental state of the talk-show host detailing how he's worried about her health and something needs to be done since her husband is a “control freak” and “a terror.” “They went to counseling. For some reason, she can’t break away," he explained. Today's taping of The Wendy Williams Show show may see her talking about herself in the Hot Topics portion since Wendy's husband reportedly just welcomed a child with his mistress. View the full article
  2. As Dwyane Wade makes his farewell tour throughout arenas around the NBA, many fans have been keeping their eyes on another aging veteran in Dirk Nowitzki. The Dallas Mavericks legend is in his 21st season in the NBA and it seems as though everyone is assuming that he will retire at the end of the season. Dirk has never really confirmed this news so it's interesting to see so many assumptions being made. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant also finds these assumptions peculiar. The Mavericks routed the Warriors 126-91 on Saturday as Dirk scored a season-high 21 points. After the game, Durant was asked about Dirk's retirement, although he didn't seem too amused by the question. "Has Dirk retired yet? I feel like everybody’s pushing him out the league," Durant said according to Complex. "So, I'll wait til he makes his official announcement to really comment on that." Just a few weeks ago, Nowitzki spoke about how he hopes to have the strength to go at least one more season before retiring. "I think I'm going to make that decision later on, but I think the future's bright," Nowitzki told ESPN. "I'd love to be there for the young guys one more year, but I think it depends on how the body feels. I've had some issues, obviously, this year. I had some knee swelling here the last few weeks, actually before the All-Star break, so it's not all great. But like I said, I am feeling better. I am feeling a little stronger." With a record of 29-44, the Mavericks are 14th in the Western Conference. View the full article
  3. On his 31st birthday, Big Sean took to Instagram to post three videos about his struggles with emotional health. The brief clips talked about overcoming his battles by trying out new things that encouraged him to love himself. He also hinted at new music coming soon. View the full article
  4. Soulja Boy's rate of consistency hasn't really changed over the years. He continues to flood the streets on damn-near a weekly basis with new music and videos. Suffice to say, he's steadily grinding in the studio. Although he has an album dropping this summer, the rapper came through with a little something to hold his fans over until then. Soulja Boy returns with a short project titled, Tell Ya, The rapper's latest project is a three-track effort and serves as his first project since King in October. The three track effort is currently available on his Soundcloud page. Aside from the release of Tell Ya, the rapper recently appeared in Higher Brothers video for "Top." He also collaborated with Ray J in the video for "Rich N Whippin." Keep your eyes peeled for new music from Soulja Boy. View the full article
  5. Atlanta Hawks rookie point guard Trae Young has been on an absolute tear since the All-Star break, and several NBA stars are now campaigning for him to earn Rookie of the Year honors. On Saturday, Young posted 34 points (including the game-winner) to go along with 11 assists and six rebounds as he led the Hawks to a 129-127 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. After the game, Donovan Mitchell, Kyle Kuzma and Blake Griffin all endorsed Young as this year's ROY. Of course, Young has some stiff competition in the Dallas Mavericks' Luka Doncic. Though Young has been sensational for the Hawks, averaging 18.7 points to go along with 7.9 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game, Doncic has been the favorite for ROY since the season began. In 68 games this season, Luka is averaging 21 points, 7.6 rebounds and 5.8 assists per night. Remember, the Hawks acquired Young and a first-round pick from the Mavs in exchange for Doncic on draft night last year, so it's fitting that the two are going head-to-head for ROY honors. Both players will return to the court on Tuesday night. Trae Young and the Hawks (26-48) will take on the Pelicans in New Orleans, while Doncic and the Mavs (29-44) are set to host the Sacramento Kings. View the full article
  6. This summer will be a busy one for Kevin Durant as he has to decide which team he wants to sign with. The superstar is up for a max contract and will most likely be moving on from the Golden State Warriors. While the New York Knicks have been one of the front runners to land the two-time NBA Champion, Brooklyn Nets player Caris LeVert believes Durant would be better suited for a different New York team. In a new interview with the New York Post, LeVert explained that the Nets have all the pieces necessary to compliment a player like Durant. “I don’t think superstars, especially Kevin, want to be the one who has to carry the whole team, the full load on his own. He’s in his 30s now, so he definitely wants to go to a team that has a good core, has a good culture, has good guys on the team, and we fit all those categories,” LeVert said. With players like D'Angelo Russell playing at an elite level, LeVert believes Durant wouldn't have to carry a huge load and could play his game with confidence knowing his teammates around him can carry their own weight. Streeter Lecka/Getty Images “[Russell’s] played at an All-Star level. Everybody wants to play with a great point guard, a great floor general, and he’s put himself in that conversation for sure. That lessens the load for a guy like Kevin Durant or another superstar who wants to come play with us," LeVert explained. "They don’t want to be the only one on the team, so that’s very attractive that D’Angelo has elevated himself to that level to play with.” The Nets are currently having a surprisingly good season as they are ranked 6th in the Eastern Conference and seem to be well on their way to the playoffs. View the full article
  7. Jordan Peele's second film Us is absolutely dominating the box-office, pulling in a weekend haul of $70 million dollars (and a Jay-Z co-sign to boot). In celebration of the film's premiere, star Lupita N'yongo took to Instagram to showcase an impressive case of familial unity, which may or may not have been a Peele-sanctioned rehearsal process. Together with fellow co-stars Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex, Lupita once again picks up the mic as her hip-hop alter ego "Troublemaker," carrying a tradition once kicked off during the Black Panther promotional rollout. Kicking it off is the family's youngest spitter Evan Alex, who portrays the mask-donning Jason. Next up is Wright-Joseph, who plays the family's track-running daughter Zora. She proceeds to pass the mic to Troublemaker/Lupita, who also plays double duty as the ad-lib provider, while Duke slides through with some closing bars. The track, which features lyrics by Robyn Hood and music by Chris Herbie Holland, appears to have been shot en route to the New York City premiere, as evidenced by their attire. What do you think? Do the Us cast have bars? View the full article
  8. Every time there's an Apple event, you know that people will be tuning in. The massive company always holds gatherings for press and fans to announce their new projects and it looks like today will be another big day for Tim Cook & Co. After tons of speculation that Apple will announce a brand new streaming service, today may be the day where it's finally unveiled. The event is already underway and this is how you can tune in. Apple has conveniently added a live stream to its own website, which makes it easy to tune in. Click here to be able to watch everything that goes down. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Already during the event, Tim Cook has announced some major additions to their product offering. Adding to the success of Apple Pay, Cook has revealed that Apple Card will be the newest product. It can be used worldwide from the Wallet app, revolutionizing credit card use and taking the next step in Apple's takeover. The biggest rumor surrounding this event is that a content streaming service will be announced to combat Netflix, Hulu, and others. The company already has Apple TV; this would be the latest move as Apple infiltrates most technology departments. View the full article
  9. Although Gucci has announced a new initiative that will promote inclusion and diversity within the company after their foolish mistake of releasing clothes that resembled Blackface, the announcement isn't enough to avert their controversial move for some people like Soulja Boy. The "Crank That" rapper was performing at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, California when his track "Gucci Bandana" cued up next. After rapping the first line, Soulja stopped his performance and let it be known that the Italian fashion house is canceled. "I almost forgot Gucci racist as fuck. Man ya'll got me fucked up Gucci put out all that racist ass shit with that Blackface shit, ni**a fuck Gucci," he told the crowd. "I spent over a million dollars on Gucci in the last ten years they can suck my dick with that racist shit," he added before telling his DJ to cue up the next track. When Gucci was at the height of the backlash, Dapper Dan made a vow to lead the fashion company in the right direction for the future, meeting with the CEO and President Marco Bizzarri to ensure this never happens again. "As a partner, I am proud to work with Gucci and other community leaders to help guide programs that will create meaningful impact for the Black community and fashion as a whole," Dapper stated of the company's new initiatives. "It is imperative that we have a seat at the table to say how we should be represented and reimagined. Through our work together, Gucci is in a position to lead the overall industry toward becoming a better more inclusive one." View the full article
  10. It's unsure if we'll ever end up getting Lil Uzi Vert's sophomore album. For over a year at this point, the rapper's continuously expressed his frustrations with his record label, DJ Drama and Don Cannon's Generation Now, claiming that they've been holding him back from releasing Eternal ATake. Ultimately, this frustration caused Uzi to announce his retirement but it looks like he's back in the booth now with a bit of help from Roc Nation. Lil Uzi Vert is back in the studio after DJ Drama and Don Cannon gave him the green light to release his highly anticipated album, Eternal Atake. The rapper took to Instagram to share a short clip of himself back in the booth. Keeping up the "Free Uzi" movement, the rapper wrote, "Back in the studio," adding, "Thank you @rocnation." It's unsure what this means in terms of Uzi's contractual obligations but it's a promising sign that new music is on the way. Prior to getting back in the studio, Uzi responded to DJ Drama announcing that he could release the project whenever he wants. In a slew of posts on his Instagram Story, the rapper threw shade at Drama, saying, "If you want your album 2 drop Number One Rule don't hang with the boss girlfriend." Hopefully, with Uzi back in the studio, the rapper drops Eternal Atake ASAP. View the full article
  11. One of the biggest movies to release this year has been the Jordan Peele-directed Us. The horror film is Peele's directorial follow up to Get Out which was released back in 2017. So far the film has been experiencing rave reviews, particularly for the performances of the film's two main actors Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. Both Duke and Nyong'o made their way to Stadium Goods in New York City to go sneaker shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma. The show began with La Puma asking Duke about his aspirations of getting into fashion design. Meanwhile, Nyong'o explained that she has a very fashionable mother and that that's how she got into the sneaker world although admittedly doesn't know too much about it. Duke explained that being able to buy the sneakers he used to dream about as a kid is a great indicator of success for him. Nyong'o followed that up with a story about how she wore a pair of the Kendrick Lamar Nike Cortex around director Ryan Coogler who was left in awe of her kicks. The episode ended with the two buying some sneakers. Nyong'o copped a pair of Swarovski Air Max 97's and the latest Aleali May Jordan 1, while Duke got a pair of Off-White Chuck Taylor's and Air Max 90, as well as the Atmos Air Max 1 in leopard print. View the full article
  12. Kanye West's Sunday Services have become somewhat of a weekly staple, bringing together a vast collection of those seeking a) spiritual enlightenment, and b) a rambunctious, grand old time. Following last week's DMX-led sermon, this week's edition Sunday Service ultimately proved too live for the neighbors, who decided to summon the long arm of the law to interfere. A report indicates that Yeezy was in a great mood prior to the LAPD's arrival. Unfortunately, as is the case with any party from the upscale to the standard house-held bash, police presence prompted many of the celebrity guests to bail. As it's written, the gospel choir and accompanying band were the sources of the noise, which likely rang loud and true in the still Los Angeles air. Prior to the ultimate buzzkill, Kanye's service was joined by Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Tyler, The Creator, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Courtney Love, as well as Kim Kardashian and the kids. It's difficult to say what this means for the future of Sunday Service, which has been ongoing since early January. Perhaps Kanye oughta invite the neighbors, and make converts outta them for the good of the cause. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images View the full article
  13. The Hart Foundation, one of the most formidable professional wrestling tag teams of all-time, will be immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6. As first announced by Yahoo Sports, Bret "The Hitman" Hart and the late Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart will be inducted as part of the 2019 Hall of Fame Class along with D-Generation X, Harlem Heat, Torrie Wilson and The Honky Tonk Man. “It was very emotional for me,” Hart, who will become a two-time inductee, told Yahoo Sports. “It really means a lot to me and I think it would mean a lot to my late tag partner, who would be really honored to be in the Hall of Fame. I think we both were really proud of our work as a team. I had hoped for years that we would get inducted together and get to go on stage together, but that’s not going to happen now. Emotionally, I feel really proud and I’m glad to get a chance to speak for Jim and I know he’ll be listening.” According to WWE, the real life brother-in-laws entered the tag team division in 1985 guided by “The Mouth of The South” Jimmy Hart, and they went on to win the Tag Team titles on three separate occasions. The duo captured championship gold for the first time in 1987 by defeating The British Bulldogs, comprised of Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid. The Hart Foundation later split with Jimmy Hart, which resulted in years long feud with their former mouthpiece. Per WWE: "By 1990, “Hit Man” & “The Anvil” had fought off Jimmy Hart’s attempts to tear them down, and turned their attention back to WWE’s top tag team prize. After bulldozing over The Bolsheviks in seconds at WrestleMania VI, The Hart Foundation made it clear they were coming for the World Tag Team Titles. It would take a few months, but at SummerSlam 1990, Hart & Neidhart defeated Demolition in a grueling 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to claim their second World Tag Team Championship." "Though they split up by the summer of 1991, The Hart Foundation left an indelible mark on WWE’s tag team division and created many lasting memories for the WWE Universe. That’s why there’s no greater honor for this legendary tag team than induction into the WWE Hall of Fame." View the full article
  14. Jordan Peele is no rookie when it comes to making cameos in his own award-winning films. In 2017's Get Out Jordan showcased his dying animal voice that was heard from the deer found in the woods by Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya. As for his latest box-office dominating movie, Us, Jordan revealed to Fandango that he's the voice of a dying rabbit. "I've made cameos in both of my films," Jordan told the interviewer after she asked him if he would place himself in his movies. "Mhmm, in Get Out I was the voice of the deer," Jordan added, acting out the voice, as for Us: "I am a dying rabbit," he added, showcasing his acting voice. As posted earlier, Us absolutley dominated the box office this weekend for the film's opening. The Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke lead film pulled in $70.2 million by Saturday. In comparison, Get Out earned $33.3 million during its two day opening weekend. “Simply put, Jordan Peele is a genius, and we’re thrilled he put his signature touch to the genre,” stated Universal domestic distribution boss Jim Orr. “Folks come out of the movie and they have to talk about. It’s really a topic of conversation, how people are interpreting the movie. That’s a great sign for legs.” View the full article
  15. Last May, sneaker enthusiasts across the world voted for six of their favorite shoe designs out of 18 international finalists in the annual "Nike: On Air" contest. The "Nike: On Air" sneaker design program was a call to arms for six major cities around the world to imagine an Air Max inspired by its community’s unique cultural fingerprint, as designed by the locals who know it best. The six winning sneaker designs, listed below, will now be headed to retailers in April. NYC: Air Max 98 La Mezcla by Gabrielle Serrano Seoul: Nike Air Max 97 “Neon” by Gwang Shin Tokyo: Nike Air Max 1 “Tokyo Maze” by Yuta Takuman London: Air Max 97 “London Summer” by Jasmine Lasode Shanghai: Nike Air Max 97 “Kaleidoscope” by Cash Ru Paris: Vapormax Plus “Works In Progress” by Lou Matheron Scroll down for a closer look at each of the winning designs, and stay tuned for additional release details. (Air Max 97 “London Summer”: Image Via Nike) (Air Max 97 “Neon Seoul”: Image Via Nike) (Air Max 97 “Shanghai Kaleidoscope”: Image Via Nike) (Air Max 98 “La Mezcla”: Image Via Nike) (Vapormax Plus "Works In Progress": Image Via Nike) (Air Max 1 "Tokyo Maze": Image Via Nike) View the full article
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