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  1. Wendy Williams and Charlamagne Tha God have been at odds for over a decade but their feud came to a screeching halt after the Breakfast Club host reached out to his former mentor on the phone after filing for divorce. Wendy has been having a rough go at things over the last few months. She checked herself into a sober living house after relapsing on alcohol, filed for divorce from her longtime husband, and suffered a hairline fracture in her shoulder. The talk show host ended up leaving her show on hiatus but she's officially back and she's spilling all the tea. One night this week, she kept getting distracted by her phone, telling her audience that DJ Boof and Charlamagne Tha God pestered her with date requests. She'll be going out with both of them but according to Charlamagne, she'll be the one footing the bill. Ray Tamarra/Getty Images If Boof and Charlamagne were trying to come off as gentlemen, they probably would have offered to cover the cost of her dinner. However, with the amount of money that Wendy Williams makes, Charla explained that it's probably more appropriate if she covers the charges. Speaking with his co-hosts this morning, he noted that they spent a long time on the phone together. In fact, over four hours were spent on the phone before they decided to call it a night. After such a long time away from each other, you can imagine that Charla and Wendy had a lot to catch up on. On the radio show this AM, Charlamagne seemed annoyed that the phone call was even mentioned, saying "It's not a date at all." He continued by showing support for Wendy but shooting down any romantic speculation. "For me, someone that used to work with Wendy, having a front row seat to a lot of the abuse I saw her endure, I'm just happy that she's finally free," he said. Watch his full explanation below. View the full article
  2. If there were any questions about the legitimacy of Ronda Rousey's "severely broken" hand, new images of the former WWE Raw Women's champion should put any doubt to rest. As seen in photos shared by TMZ, Rousey is now sporting a cast on her right hand, following reports that Rousey underwent surgery on Tuesday. She is expected to miss a significant amount of time, and there's a chance she won't be back in the ring until 2020. Rousey injured her hand during the Triple Threat title match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania 35 on April 7. The UFC Hall of Famer dropped her title to Lynch that night and has not appeared on WWE programming since. In the lead-up to Wrestlemania, reports surfaced that Rousey planned to take time away from WWE after the PPV event in order to start a family with her husband, Travis Browne. Rousey seemingly confirmed those rumors early this week when she shared a photo of her and Brown kissing, along with the caption "ImpregnationVacation." While Rousey takes some time off, WWE Women's champion Becky Lynch has already planted the seeds to keep their feud alive for whenever Rousey is cleared for action again. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, "The Man" took some more jabs at Ronda, including how the UFC Hall of Famer "couldn't hack" the WWE schedule. Lynch tells SI: “Only four months after having a part-time schedule, after making her debut at WrestleMania - having been on the cover of everything, just handed everything, she was crying in her kitchen about how she couldn’t make her husband breakfast. She couldn’t hack our schedule. Yet we do this every single night, 52 weeks a year, yet she couldn’t handle it for four months.” View the full article
  3. Aaron Rodgers is a proud member of the Green Bay Packers so it only makes sense that he would also be a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are currently in their first-round matchup against the Detroit Pistons and so far the Bucks have been dominant. They are now up 2-0 in the series after a 120-99 win last night. Rodgers was in attendance for the game and as you can tell by the image above, he was almost taken out by Bucks shooting guard Pat Connaughton. Luckily, Rodgers put his hand out and escaped any danger. The Packers can't afford to lose their star quarterback as his contract is worth $134 million in total. The quarterback has also come under fire the last few weeks because of a report that claimed he isn't a good teammate. Rodgers ended up replying to the article where he completely trashed the writer and the story's contents. "This was a smear attack by a writer looking to advance his career talking with mostly irrelevant, bitter players who all have an agenda whether they’re advancing their own careers or just trying to stir old stuff up," Rodgers said. "If it’s not an article about me, do you ever hear their names anywhere else? … You talk about me being sensitive and petty, at what point do you move on or stop telling the same stories?" Rodgers will have a chance to lead the Packers to the playoffs this year after missing the postseason two straight years. View the full article
  4. 30-year old television personality Blac Chyna was shopping in a Los Angeles mall yesterday. The mother-of-two set the streets on fire while strutting in a snake skin ensemble tightly enveloping her hourglass shaped body. And apart from the alluring body suit, all eyes were immediately set on Chyna's itty bitty waist. Indeed, Rob Kardashian's old flame may just have revealed the secret to a year-long snatched waist. The former exotic dancer was recently mentioned in the news following a filed lawsuit launched by her prior landlord. The hefty sum of $48k resulted from the star breaking her lease five months early and not paying the remaining rent. The Studio City-based property consisted of a 6-bedroom, 5-bathroom house priced at $4.5 million dollar on the market. Blac Chyna's contract was set to end in March of this year, but the starlet moved out in November 2018. According to TMZ, property owner Michael Kremerman subtracted the $25k deposit from the amount owing, but reclaims an additional $18k in damages due to missing furnishings. The suit succeeds an amicable agreement between Chyna and ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, where the two sorted out a custody agreement. The latter freed Kardashian of the $20,000 monthly child support previously required. [Via] View the full article
  5. Claressa Shields is the undisputed Middleweight champion in women's boxing and has been dominating opponents in the ring. Her most recent win was against undefeated fighter Christina Hammer, who she defeated in a unanimous decision. With Shields dominating the sport of boxing, she's confident she could win against some of the most prominent men in the sport. In an interview with TMZ, Shields made her case as to why she could be a champion in the men's division. "I spar with men. I drop men. I bust [men's noses]. I beat men up all the time," Shields said. "I think I can beat up Keith Thurman ... I really do." Shields then explained how she could beat someone like Gennady Golovkin. While she agrees those fighters have more hitting power, she believes her boxing ability is superior in every other facet. "They may be stronger than me, but their boxing ability isn't like mine. GGG, he's older now, but I could give GGG a run for his money," Shields said. "Power for power isn't a question because what is boxing? Boxing is the sweet science. It's not about strength ... because people were saying Christina Hammer was stronger than me. They were saying all these girls were stronger than me, but did you not see the head movement that I had during the fight? See the defense? The offense? The traps I set!?" A fight with Thurman or GGG won't happen anytime soon although her statements will surely cause quite a stir and a debate. What do you think about what she said? View the full article
  6. Last night, Kodak Black failed to show up for a scheduled concert in Boston, prompting fans to wonder about the rapper's whereabouts. Despite early speculation that Kodak had "gone missing," as several of his own team were equally confused, TMZ has issued some clarification on the situation. As it turns out, Kodak was reportedly taken into police custody while attempting to cross the United States border. He and three others were arrested on both drug and weapons charges after U.S. Customs Agents inspected the vehicle, a Cadillac Escalade. Mike Coppola/Getty Images Apparently, Kodak was hit with a criminal charge for weapon possession, and a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession. A Porsche that was traveling with Kodak's entourage was also stopped, and the driver was revealed to be carrying several loaded handguns. On that note, some of TMZ's sources allege that Kodak was carrying two guns, and while he surprisingly made it into Canada without a hitch, his return into the States are far more problematic. As of now, Kodak remains in custody, being held on either a $20,000 cash bond or a $40,000 bond. The arrest is likely to bode ill for young Kodak, who continues to find himself in increasingly hot water, legally speaking. Perhaps a small collective of unruly fans is truly the least of his worries. Nor is T.I., with whom he continues to engage in a war of words. Is Kodak simply doomed to be the orchestrator of his own demise? View the full article
  7. The 2019 NFL schedule was officially revealed last night, and some of the 32 NFL teams took to social media with creative video packages detailing their 17-week slate. For instance, the Atlanta Falcons took inspiration from the Game Of Thrones' opening credit scene as they revealed their opponents for Weeks 1 thru 17. At the :40 mark in the video posted above, you'll notice a group of Saints marching towards Mercedes-Benz Stadium for their divisional showdown against the Falcons on November 28. You'll also notice a rogue Ram running roughshod over one of the Saints, followed by a referee running in to rule the play incomplete. Of course, this is the Falcons' way of rubbing salt in the wound stemming from the Saints' devastating loss in the NFC Championship Game, in which Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman trucked Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis well before the third-down pass arrived. No flags were thrown for pass interference and the Saints were forced to kick a field goal, allowing the Rams time to march down the field and send the game into overtime. As we know, the Rams went on to win the NFC title game, and the NFL later implemented a rule change that will allow officials to review pass interference calls, including non-calls. But the pain still lingers, and the Falcons did a great job of reminding their hated division rivals. View the full article
  8. Rob Gronkowski is known as being a huge party animal and someone that likes to have fun no matter what the circumstance. That's why fans were disappointed when Gronk announced his retirement from football after just nine seasons. At 29 years old, Gronk could still be an effective tight end, although his various injuries throughout his career have made him not want to continue with the game of football. This past season, Gronkowski helped win the team's sixth Lombardi trophy which was also his third as a member of the team. The Patriots posted a video of the team when they went to Boston for the Red Sox home opener and brought the trophy along. Gronkowski being the jokester that he is, asked Julian Edelman to throw a pitch at him. While using the Lombardi trophy as a bat, Gronk hit the ball and ended up leaving a dent in the prestigious trophy. According to ESPN, Patriots executive vice president of media relations, Stacey James says they will not be fixing the dent anytime soon as they want to "keep the dent and tell the story." Gronk got to leave his mark on the city one last time and he did it the only way he knows how. Really brings a tear to your eye. View the full article
  9. Kevin Abstract has shared a new ep, 'Ghettobaby' just days after releasing a three-track project, 'ARIZONA baby.' It features three new tracks in addition to the just-released ones last week. There are also plans for something else to be shared on April 25. Could it be an album? View the full article
  10. The first weekend of Coachella brought a number of performances from rising stars including 24-year-old R&B singer Ella Mai. Her breakout hit "Boo'd Up" put her on the map, earning her a platinum record, but lately, it's been her single "Trip" that's been making its way through headlines. She recently caught a little heat for allegedly throwing a bit of shade toward fellow singer Jacquees who has capitalized off of her single by covering the song with a version of his own, but Ella Mai's recent focus was on performing in the California desert for thousands of screaming fans. She recently spoke with Vibe about her Coachella performance, saying that he favorite part of being on stage "would have to be when I performed 'Naked' and because it was dark, and I performed when the sun went down, I couldn't see how far the crowd actually went back. But during 'Naked,' it was such an intimate moment I asked everyone to put their lights up (phones) and when I saw how far it went back I was like, 'Whoa.' That moment sealed it for me." She added. "Even there were two people in the audience, I still would've done my best," she added. "But just to see the crowd be so engaged, even if they didn't know the music, was a really good feeling. I had so much fun." Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Ella has recently moved to Los Angeles, and when she was asked about her opinion on the emotional temperature of the city following Nipsey Hussle's murder, she said that while people are mourning his death, they are also feeling inspired by his life. "I feel like the energy shift went both ways; everyone was really sad, grieving and mourning but everyone feels more inspired by what he was doing that they want to go out and do something and change in their community." "It's still a very touchy subject in L.A., especially the people that I'm around since they were very close to him," she said. "I think everyone is super inspired to do better and try to be more like him, which is great to see. YG's whole set at Coachella was dedicated to him, I know Khalid had a dedication to Mac Miller. Everyone is super aware of what Nipsey was trying to do and how he wanted to change the world." View the full article
  11. It's all about fancy furs, expensive jewelry, bands of cash, and luxury vehicles in Troy Ave's "More Money More Problems" visual. The is the title track from his November 2018 release of the same name and another music video in a string of visuals he's put out since the album dropped. The video follows Dope Boy Troy as he tries on furs, crocs, coats, and jewelry while rapping about his bank account and fancy homes. There's even a quick cameo in there of 50 Cent who's wrapping up stacks of cash as Troy shops around Konstantine Furs in New York. Troy previously sat down with XXL and talked about his 10-track More Money More Problems project and how he came up with the concept of the album. "I always got the money," he said. "And you know that comes with jealousy: a sense of entitlement and envy. It just comes with problems, but at this point in my life, it’s the most money I’ve had and the most problems ever. Hopefully, there’s nothing on my plate that I can’t eat up. I wake up every day and pray God don’t put anything in front of me that I feel like I can’t handle. I don’t pray for wealth and all of that other stuff. I just pray that he don’t put anything in front of me that I can’t handle. So if these are the issues that come with success, then I’ll take them." View the full article
  12. CupcakKe gives Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" a gleefully raunchy remix. View the full article
  13. It was a huge weekend for Childish Gambino. He concluded weekend one of Coachella 2019 where he served as a headliner for the opening night. Following his set, his long-awaited film, Guava Island starring Rihanna, debuted on YouTube's Coachella stream as well as Amazon Prime. The film was met with positive reception from fans and critics alike, proving to be another successful artistic endeavor for Gambino. Now, Rihanna's taken to Instagram to thank the Atlanta rapper, as well as her fans, for supporting the film. Caroline McCredie/Getty Images If you haven't seen Guava Island, you should definitely check it out when you have the chance. Rihanna shared a clip from the film of Childish Gambino's character singing to her on a beach and penned a heartfelt thank you to everyone who watched it as well as Gambino and the film's staff for welcoming her with open arms. "wow! the response to #GuavaIsland has been quite overwhelming," she wrote. "So happy you guys felt the beauty in this film! @childishgambino you are a true gem to the culture. I’m so proud of you and the work you put into making this film. I felt how close this was to you and your entire team! Thank you for trusting me with this role! It was the greatest experience being in Cuba, phones off, present with life and art! It was humbling! I loved watching every second of it!" Peep her post below. View the full article
  14. Nipsey Hussle continues to make moves on the Billboard charts following his untimely death. The last single he released while he was alive, "Racks In The Middle," has secured a spot in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs, according to Billboard. The single, which features Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy, marks Nipsey's first song to enter the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart. The song jumped six positions from #15 to #9. Vivien Killilea/Getty Images "Racks In The Middle" marked the last single Nipsey released while he was living. Its leap on the chart is largely due to streaming numbers which increased by 44% this week. Additionally, it jumped from 14 to 7 on the Rap Streaming Songs chart. What's even more impressive is that "Racks" has leaped into the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is currently sitting at #26 after sitting at #44. It's also in the top 10 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs. While the song's been doing well on the charts, his debut studio album, Victory Lap has maintained a position in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. The rapper's album is currently sitting at #3 after moving 63K units that week. Following the rapper's death, Victory Lap re-entered the Billboard 200 at #2 while four other projects of his -- Slauson Boy, Crenshaw, The Marathon, and Mailbox Money -- made their way on the chart for the first time ever. View the full article
  15. Chris Webby is back with his #WebbyWednesday series just in time for the 10 year anniversary of his The White Noise LP. The rapper's been steadily releasing music over the years including December's Next Wednesday as well as Webster's Laboratory. With 4/20 a days away, he comes through with an appropriate track for the holiday. Chris Webby is back alongside Alandon and Dizzy Wright for his latest track, "High Grade." With a reggae-sample driving the instrumental, Chris Webby serves up hazy track while flexing his lyrical prowess with Dizzy Wright. Alandon holds down the hook on the song while Webby enlists JP On Da Track and Nox Beatz for the production. Quotable Lyrics Spliff on the tip of me tongue Marijuana smoke fill up my lungs Water bubble the chalice I bun Cali farm ah carry a ton View the full article
  16. Following the death of XXXTENTACION, his mother revealed that he left one last surprise. The rapper was expecting a son before his death with his girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez. Although she, nor X's mother, have tried to contest that the late rapper is the father, she's reportedly requesting DNA samples to prove that XXXTENTACION is indeed the father. Bennett Raglin/Getty Images Jenesis gave birth to Gekyume Onfroy in January 26th. According to The Blast, she's filed a petition to confirm that XXXTENTACION is the father of Gekyume. Jenesis explained that she and XXXTENTACION lived together, having “sexual relations during the time that Gekyume was conceived from February 19 through June 18, 2018, the day of the Decedent’s death.” She simply wants to prove that XXXTENTACION is the father of her child since they weren't married. She said that nobody has refuted claims that X is the dad but she wants concrete evidence. She's requested that the court allow her to obtain biological samples of XXXTENTACION in order to move forward with scientific testing and establish that the rapper is legally the father of Gekyume. She asked the court to demand that the Office of the Broward County Medical Examiner and Trauma Services supply DNA samples of X to the scientific testing lab. In other XXX-related news, the rapper landed himself 10 Billboard Music Award nominations including Top Male Artist and Top Billboard 200 artist. View the full article
  17. Lil B has an extensive discography that consists of dozens of mixtapes, albums, and compilation albums. Between 2010 and 2015, the rapper released atleast three projects a year before slowing down a bit. In 2018, he blessed fans with Platinum Flame and Options. Since then, he hasn't dropped a whole lot of music but now, he's compensated for his absence with a brand new 42-track project. There's a lot that's gone on in the world in the past few months alone that seemed to spark creative inspiration for The Based God. The rapper's new project, 28 Wit A Ladder consists of 42 songs that reference some of the biggest headlines of the year. Lil B references the R. Kelly, Gayle King, as well as Serge Ibaka. He also pays homage to Nipsey Hussle on the second track, "RIP Nipsey." Lil B also rides the "country-trap" wave on "Cowboy Riding Horses In Illinois." Peep his new project below. View the full article
  18. Brooklyn native Jay Critch teases the oncoming vibes of summer time in his newly released track "Something Special." The song offers a mellow setting reminiscent of the hot and relaxing tropics through its uptempo and subtle backdrop bass. Jay Critch is currently signed to Rich The Kid's Forever label and has since proven himself a noteworthy artist. The rapper garnered a large social media following since arriving on the scene. The latter includes a 168k-strong supporter base on Soundcloud and a whooping one million followers on Instagram. Previous notable song releases by the artist include "Did It Again" featuring Rich The Kid, "Okay Fine" with PnB Rock and Genius-certified solo effort "Fashion." Industry talks have lead some to say Jay Critch is heading towards becoming the next big thing from New York City. The best way to gauge this would be to listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts. View the full article
  19. According to MUSO, a data firm that analyzes that specializes in web-based private eye work, Game of Throne's premiere was pirated a whopping 54 million times within 24 hours of its original airing. MUSO also lists the viewership "Winterfell" in the 17 million range. When you account for the successive airings that ensued after its 10 pm start time, the total easily eclipsed the 1 billion mark in total views. Based on their findings, the highest piracy rates were reported in China and India. MUSO believes the Chinese GOT fanbase was mad with envy over the government 's censorship plan that saw a 6-minute sex scene omitted from the Mandarin-Cantonese regional broadcasts - so planned around the wall. “Despite considerable global efforts to tackle piracy over the past couple of years, this data shows that consumers are still being driven to unlicensed sources to find content,” MUSO chairman Andy Chatterley wrote in a statement. “It’s imperative that rights holders understand that piracy audiences are some of their most dedicated fans, which, above all else, presents a vast commercial opportunity.” As a consequence of the big hype job leading into Season 8, many GOT fans resorted to streaming/torrenting the first 7 Seasons in the months that preceded Sunday's unveiling. MUSO says Game of Thrones content occupies just about every spot in the field surveys they've employed in the past month or so. Interestingly enough, streaming partners like Amazon and Hulu were not counted among the 54 mill they found in the ballot box. [Via] View the full article
  20. Missy Elliott has been pretty low key as of late, except for her milestone moments of accepting some pretty prestigious awards such as the doctorate from Berklee College of Music. A few weeks back, however, she and Lizzo teamed up for a fire track dubbed "Tempo" that simply begs to be repeated before heading out for a night. The latest on the "Lose Control" music maker is that she's finished working on a project of her own that she's been working on "since last year." In the clip below, you can see Missy vibing out to Soul II Soul's "Keep On Movin'" clearly feeling all kinds of excited about the unnamed project. "I just finished a long project I been working on since last year & this my mood “Keep On Movin” I’m bout to show yall I’m on some next ish🥶," she captioned the image. We're ready when you are, Missy. Before the new year, Missy was nominated for a spot in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, while she didn't end up winning, she did speak on the importance of her nomination. "I hope it opens the door so people will be able to see that they [female songwriters and producers] do exist out there. I was talking to Queen Latifah the other day, saying it’s so crazy how people don’t know that there was a Patrice Rushen, who did a lot of her own stuff; an Angela Winbush … so many before me that people aren’t aware of," she said. "If I [win], I’ll have the biggest party. And if I don’t, I’ll still have a big party because I’m just grateful, and it sparks the conversation for someone that comes after me." View the full article
  21. First it was PUMA, then it was New Balance, and now Converse is getting back into the basketball space. For the first time since 2012, Converse and Nike today introduced an all-new basketball sneaker - the Converse All Star Pro BB. Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike According to Nike, the upper is constructed using a single layer of Nike Quadifit mesh (which is like a modern canvas) and provides exceptional lockdown by distributing the load of the foot and mitigating friction. Beneath the build sits a drop-in Nike React foam core that is lightweight, durable and responsive, allowing for quick cuts, smooth lift-off and sustained play. The kicks come equipped with a minimalistic All Star patch and the Star Chevron logo, reminiscent of some classic Converse basketball sneakers of old. The All Star Pro BB will release in May. To learn more visit converse.com/basketball. Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike Converse All Star Pro BB/Nike View the full article
  22. After filming a video in bed telling fans that they would be Seahawks for life after Russell Wilson signed a $140 million contract extension, Ciara and her husband got the whole world talking. Because of the location they decided to shoot the announcement in, many assumed that they had just finished celebrating as a couple before letting the world know. While Ciara chooses not to disclose what happened before they filmed the contract reveal, she maintains the fact that they went to sleep directly after publicizing it on social media. James Devaney/Getty Images Russell Wilson told the world about his incredible new contract extension with Seattle, announcing that he would be with the team for the long-run, becoming the highest-paid player in the NFL with his massive $140 million contract. The quarterback and his pop star wife have been in the media spotlight for quite some time and many expected that they had just finished some special activities before filming the announcement clip. During an appearance on Andy Cohen's show, Ciara declined to comment on what happened before the video but she says that directly after they shared it, they went right to bed. She also joked that her first big purchase will be an Hermes bag, which she could definitely have afforded before Russ signed the deal. Although Future and Ciara haven't been together for years now, people have still been wondering what could be going through Hendrix' mind after this development. Check out the funniest reactions and memes for that here. [via] View the full article
  23. Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" was once a wholesome family affair, give or take a few PG-rated bars. Such is most certainly not the case for CupcakKe's bawdy rendition, which skews closer to X on the rating spectrum. CupcakKe has long made an artform out of lyrical pornography, never sparing a single detail where he sexcapades are concerned. Today, it would appear she saw an opportunity and seized it like only she can. And like that, "Old Town Road" became "Old Town Hoe," the likes of which the wild west has never seen. In an interesting twist of fate enough, CupcakKe has her work cut out for her on this go-around. Lil Nas X's lyrics and melodic flow lend themselves well to a hyper-sexualized variant, beginning with the title's own wordplay. "Once he paid my rent, we been fu*kin' ever since," she croons. "When he finger me, he gotta wear an oven mitt." Should such fantasies be up your alley, allow yourself room to indulge in CupcakKe's Westworldian vision. Quotable Lyrics Once he paid my rent, we been fu*kin' ever since When he finger me, he gotta wear an oven mitt View the full article
  24. Jordan Brand has had one of their best years in recent memory and it's only April. It's safe to say this because of all the great releases we've seen so far. These drops include OG rereleases of the Air Jordan 6 and some incredible new colorways of the Jordan 1 and other hyped Jumpman silhouettes. JB will be continuing the "Bred" trend this year with the Air Jordan 11 in December and the Air Jordan 1 on Black Friday. Before all of that though, the Air Jordan 4 will be returning in its OG "Bred" form on May 4th. Fans of Jordan Brand know all about these beauties and what they look like. An all-black leather upper with red and cement grey highlights executes the Chicago Bulls color scheme flawlessly. These are a classic sneaker in the Jordan Brand library and fans are extremely excited to see it return. Now, we have some on-foot images of the shoe courtesy of Hypebeast. The shoe is looking pretty incredible so far and pays homage to the original perfectly. With Nike Air branding on the back, these are a must cop for OG sneakerheads. Will you be trying to get these or are you waiting for something that fits your style more? View the full article
  25. Last month, the ill-timed death of actor Kristoff St. John left fans and family in a state of shock. The 52-year old actor was found lifeless in his California home February following sudden heart failure. Kristoff's filmography contains numerous cameos in an array of television series such as Roots: The Next Generations and The Cosby Show. However, the late actor was most recognized for his recurring role on the soap opera classic The Young and the Restless where he played the fictional character Neil Winters. The role made way for a Daytime Emmy Award as an Outstanding Younger Actor in Drama Series back in 1992. Since the actor's death, the family has been struggling to cope with the loss while also battling over the distribution of assets. To make matters more complicated, American Express is now reportedly sueing St. John's estate over unresolved debt. According to legal sources, the filed claim cites an owing sum of $33,007.30. The lawsuit was filed two months following the actor's death. As St. John has not left a will behind, both his father and daughter have filed legal motions to acquire administrator status over the estate. With this new hefty bill underway for immediate payment, things are sure to get trickier. [Via] View the full article
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