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  1. Any other good networks for music other than YouTube? I like the Pluto.TV app. It is an online TV network and Android app made up of over 100 channels of internet content of all kinds, set up in a "channels and shows" format. It's basically like a whole TV network in an app: http://pluto.tv/ There are over a dozen music channels including some very obscure stuff. I'm enjoying the Weird Al channel atm. :)
  2. I feel like Pluto.tv does a good job of making it seem like you’re still watching TV - but it’s internet content, and there's an app, and it's free. For some strange reason, I really like the concept of channels and shows, even if it is, ultimately, on demand internet content. There's a pretty decent EDM channel: http://pluto.tv/#!&channel=edm
  3. seriously, is there a way I can print out that video frame by frame and ship it to them with my bill...
  4. I dunno, but if it was it was pretty funny. Funny anyway. That kid is indeed a brat! I've had so much trouble with Comcast lately though that if my kid did that, I don't know whether I'd punish him or buy him a new TV
  5. He nailed him in his cable package!
  6. porky

    Dance War

    Great vid!!! Thanks! Oh I'm so sad Alyssa and Charity are gone now. And next week is the last week. I didn't realize that I thought that it had a few more weeks to go and they would get the teams down further. There's a Dance War Facebook Page too.
  7. porky

    Dance War

    Is anyone else into this show. I'm a true fan. I watched all the episodes so far, very excited about tonight because the cast of the High School Musical road show is supposed to be on. I like variety shows and talent shows in general, televised ones even better. If you are watching, who are you voting for? I voted for Bruno this week but mostly I think Team Carrie Ann is better.
  8. *throws but misses* No! These are the best! I have not seen Grindhouse...I'm hoping the trailers just made it look horrible, but actually it's brilliant. I just am too creeped out by the chick with the gun for the leg. Too far.
  9. Oh sweet, that's cool. I apparently could use some launching into the new century myself. Anything beyond basic text baffles me. I started using computers so long ago that graphics and attachments are still a problem for me. Maybe I need Oovoo and jitterbug too. Actually, I'm good with cell phones... weird that.
  10. Yeah, these patterns are funny. As if all celebs aren't driving drunk and drugged all the time. It's just a matter of who they want to make news.
  11. Yeah, my dad (who is really good at computers because he is a mathematician, and he's 68) explained to me that the simple skills we take for granted, like pointing and clicking - weren't common knowledge before the days of the computer. Just the idea that an icon on the screen can stand for something else isn't something that every older person understands. Those of you with technophobic/elder folks I suggest two things: Oovoo is great for chat because it's really easy to use and all the buttons are big and you can do video chat if you have a webcam which older people really like (at least my mom does). Also I got my mom that Jitterbug cell phone which is cool cuz it has big buttons and a 24 hour hotline so she can call them instead of me if she has a problem using it. :)
  12. Who else thinks this guy is gonna end up at Nintendo after a respectable break?
  13. D'oh! I hate that! I don't have a Mac but I always forget and try using it with Firefox and that doesn't work either. I already wrote OffSpot an e-mail telling them they need to fix it. I wanna make money! But thanks for your interest. :)
  14. I can't wait to see this but I'm still going to skip opening weekend. With numbers like that I know it'll be too crowded to be fun.
  15. My mom just got her first computer a month ago. She’s pretty good at the point and click thing. She wants to learn Photoshop. It’s pretty cute to see this little 70-year-old lady on the internet. We both got an easy video chat app (Oovoo ) so that we can have conversations without her having to type. I also put voice recognition on her computer, but she prefers typing because she used to be a receptionist and hasn’t used those skills in a while. She is pretty into Neopets too, which I think is funny. Anyone else have tech-savvy parents?
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