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  1. This is such heartwarming news. I'm glad that they were able to reunite with their little friend again. Me and my wife bought our little Pomeranian a wifi dog fence, just so she wouldn't stray far from us when we're playing outdoors. It even eliminates the need for an actual fence, mind you, a great wifi connection is enough. :)
  2. Wow! And he has been with them for 27 years. He should have kept his head down.
  3. R. Kelly has fallen far from grace. I hope he can still jump start his career after this fiasco.
  4. I've heard many great things about this movie. I may have to check it out one of these days. :)
  5. TunedUpTurnip

    Katy Perry

    I guess she can be too artistic for her own good, sometimes.
  6. TunedUpTurnip

    Favorite Songs

    My Top 5 would be: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder Always - Atlantic Starr Especially For You - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham! Such great, unforgettable songs! :)
  7. It was a great season premiere, even made better with the cameo of our favorite Irish musician. :)
  8. Hmm, sounds interesting. I'll be listening to this later on. :)
  9. I have always been a fan of "Garbage." I'll surely be checking this out. :)
  10. This Malibu Media seems sketchy. This is a huge company scamming civilians, using porn downloads as an excuse. Man, what is the world turning into? :/
  11. Selena Gomez knows her stuff when it comes to music. I'm happy she's more outgoing when it comes to collaborations, it would greatly boost her career. :)
  12. That sounds interesting, Souldennis. I'll definitely check out your web radio program. :)
  13. This is a very interesting read, DudeAsInCool. Thank you very much for sharing. :)
  14. Hmm, I'd like to check this out. Looks interesting. I guess you can never go wrong with Techno. :)
  15. She is indeed a very talented woman and a remarkable person! Whatever happened to her these past few years? I think, she would still make a huge following if ever she comes back with a new album. :)
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