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  1. Katy Perry

    Love love love Katy! She is so lovely and talented and funny! [url=""]Firework[/url] [url=""]E.T[/url] [url=""]Last Friday Night[/url]
  2. On the floor all summer

    I really Love [url=""]On The Floor[/url] And I also like [url=""]I'm Into You[/url] and [url=""]Papi[/url]
  3. Rihanna's new album, Loud! Chart topper??

    Well, Rihanna is always a winner! And [url=""]Only Girl[/url] Is really cool! I also like [url=""]Man Down[/url] [url=""]California King Bed[/url]
  4. I really like J.Lo She's cute and fun, and her new album is just that. A few songs I like in it are: [url=""]I'm Into You[/url] [url=""]On The Floor[/url] [url=""]What Is Love[/url] [url=""]Papi[/url]
  5. Beyonce's New Album - 4

    Hey guys, I just heard Beyonce's new album - 4, and I must say i'm a bit dissapointed... Only 2 song on this album are worth listening to: Run The World [url=""][/url] 1+1 [url=""][/url]