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  1. I played in a full symphony orchestra for about 6 years. Definitely one of the finer things I've done. The composing is genius, rarely if ever found in today's composers. I've also played in a heavy metal band and now listen to RnB, rap, and trance, so I think I've had a pretty good spectrum of exposure. Nothing can compete with the technicality, melodies, and development that classical music brings. And it soothes the soul. Maybe some of the "elite" at the symphony concerts are there for show, but I bet 90% then are trul classical music lovers with a good education on the history of the genre... If the CSO wasn't so damn expensive, I'd be there more often too...!
  2. cjules13

    SP 2

    I finally put SP2 on my old 1.3GHz 256MB machine with a full XP reinstall. Yeah, that new security center is beefy and prominent now... And I turned off the firewall as well, and then you have to turn off XP even "checking" for it, otherwise you get warnings. I basically found the button that says I want to disable the firewall and I don't want you to tell me that it's off either. Ever. And now we've been happy ever since. But - now I read your post and find that there are extra services enabled? Like what? I'll admit I only went through the services to make sure that the messenger was disabled, but didn't check for anything else... Otherwise though, everything seems good and even Bittorrent seems to be even faster. Without all of the false hype that SP2 limits your connections.
  3. NYC made it happen right? Or can you smoke in clubs that only serve liquor and no food?
  4. All of the finer things in life.... Well, there's a few more....:)
  5. Happy New Year y'all! Chi-town's gonna be painted red tonight! 57degF - the hottest NYE I can ever remember... At least I don't have to keep track of my mittens tonight... :bigsmile:
  6. With his level of suppossed confidence and from the tone of his quotes, I'm surprised he doesn't have the willpower to just kick it himself. I suppose the Vicodins got a hold of Favre too, and he did the voluntary rehab as well... Good luck Carlin!
  7. suicide in church eh? Somehow I think the big buy is going to frown on that...
  8. Today's update is that my favorite tracker got shut down this morning. :cry: And now my second favorite site gives me the page not found error. WOW are they working fast or what? And no, neither is suprnova.
  9. You'll be able to dry out and smoke my dead body and get high... Then my funeral parlor would get busted for having a casket full of pot, me!
  10. Man don't these guys realize that this type of shit never works? Has anyone successfully ever got their ransom demands AND got away? Well at least they let a couple more go... http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...e_bus_gunmen_dc
  11. I only got Utah wrong becuase it was the first state in that area and there no ocean borders to align with... Cartographer, damn, you found out my day job! :)
  12. Hey, that was more fun than it should've been.... nice one!
  13. Not to bump this one more time, but I just previewed the new Slim Thug album and was hoping for some more lyrics here. Seeing how pop this thread was let's see some stuff off of "Already Platinum"?
  14. My wife works at a school where a 5th grader brought a gun to show off at school last month. He got suspended for 2 weeks. That's it. The gun supposedly wasn't loaded but he had loose ammo in his bag too. Cartwheels, guns to school, in the same sentence as a suspension? Where's the consistency and why isn't this little brat expelled from my wife's school? Do you think it's different if a 5th grader brings a gun?
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