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  1. FreeDB.org, which is a non-proprietary version of Gracenote's CDDB, has come into trouble due to infighting and the resigning of its staff members. The service allowed one to automatically get album information and submit album information from a CD after querying a database, based on the lengths of each track, giving a pattern that was unique to each CD. See: freedb.org Slashdot article
  2. It's been having trouble for months now. And the comments to it just affirmed what he said, that the software is outdated and the site is being used by spammers.
  3. Here's your link source There must be something screwy going on with the message editor that it put a break in the link. I didn't realize until afterwards that the song was from a synthesizer. He said that he had to use three to get a realistic sound. That's nice to see the notes going all over the place while the song plays.
  4. You have a lot of interesting calendar events. I don't know how easy it is to import calendar events in Invision Power Board, but in vBulletin they are considering a future option where calendar events can be imported that is an xml file, the way style/skins can be imported. Thanks to you I see that bring your child to work day is coming up soon. But actually you made a mistake because it is April 27th, not 28th. That must be from 2005, making your date is off. It is the fourth Thursday in April.
  5. Microsoft went after Lindows for their trademark, and Lindows countersued against the Windows trademark. Just when it looked like the Windows trademark would be dismissed, then Microsoft decided to settle with Lindows and bought their trademark for $20 million rather than risk having its own Windows trademark dismissed. I wish that someone else would continue the fight against the Windows trademark so that Microsoft would lose it. article
  6. masterbeat.org is available.
  7. A judge halted sales of Notorious B.I.G.’s breakthrough 1994 album Ready to Die after a jury decided the title song used part of an Ohio Players tune without permission. The jury decided that Bad Boy Entertainment and executive producer Sean (Diddy) Combs illegally used a part of the Ohio Players’ 1992 song ‘Singing in the Morning’. Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records, which owned the song rights, have filed hundreds of lawsuits over “sampling,” the practice of lifting parts of old music for new recordings. Most were settled out of court. full article
  8. Nice, and it looks better than before.
  9. So how did this happen; was the server or the forum hacked by an outsider?
  10. Maybe it's related to topic or forum subscriptions.
  11. I've noticed going through the subforums that there are many pinned (stickied) topics (threads) that have been pinned for more than a year. Personally I think that topics shouldn't be pinned for more than a few months.
  12. I like that poem and I found a song John Vanderslice - Radiant With Terror.mp3 that uses it in its lyrics. But I think the music and singing in the song is too fast, and I prefer the poem without the music. A version with music that is more solemn would be good. I think if it were to be sung in a similar manner to Syd Barrett's "Opel", the poem would sound good in a song. Here is Syd's song: Syd Barrett - Opel.mp3
  13. I live in Brooklyn. I'm surprised this is the deepest amount of snowfall. It is big but doesn't seem as big as other ones that I recall. It is actually depressing to me that it is a record snowfall, because since it is not that impressive that means all the other ones will be even lamer.
  14. So Bob Marley is exactly 60 years older than my daughter Leilani. picture
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