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  1. aight im back now been away for a while looks like ni\othings really happened since the last time im on what heappened to all the ppl \?? neways im ready who wants a battle? lets go just say the word
  2. real OG


    aight look i voted for dirty D it was betta then freeze it just caME OUT ON TOP and freeze once again fix your structure try and do it lyk me or dirty its much clearer then... keep it up.
  3. well that means its 1-3 dirty's way... so yeh shawn you should make it public poll so you can see who has voted by clicking show results and it comes up with all the ppl who voted...
  4. im sayin ya cnt just vote in the poll and not post a post in the thread coz thats not explainin it thats all im looking for...
  5. http://www.2pacboard.net/index.php?referrerid=1068 aight didnt know where to post this so i posted it here... its called 2pacboard.net and i am from there my name is lyrical myrical on there and if any of you Emcees wanna join click on the link above and it will take you there and it will give me referals.. lol.. peace y'all come join
  6. aight it was a tough decision but this one i gave to dirty d just though they were both really tight but dirty jus came out on top... peace
  7. hold on hold on theres 4 votes for dirty d and there is only 2explained so the other 2 dnt count because there NOT explained.... fair is fair and can the mods check who voted... plz im not being a sore loser or nothing jus wanna c who voted thats all and take 2 off his coz 2 are not explained... thats the rules
  8. yo fuck this intro shit/ ima bout to spit this shit/ kick this shit/ make this wannabe EAT MY SHIT/ see i always got a flow// im always on the go// always ready to put on a show// show this bitch how to do it/ coz this is a real fuckin spit/ me on my knees??// ha ill uppercut you into 2morro/ put you through all this fuckin sorrow/ ya ryhmes are weak/ ill knock you out if i even hear a peep/ wot u think your doin takin this site?// but you aint takin it with out a fight// win this battle then smoke a pipe// and when this is all said and done/ this battle right here is already won/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here's a quick one cldnt be botherd thinkin to much today brain aint workin to good... aight sum one put a poll on this and get the votes in... peace
  9. right here ill post it up now...
  10. yeh i am as soon as mine and freeze battle is finished
  11. real OG

    sum1 hook me up

    come on ppl need the lyrics
  12. dirty D when i finished with the battle between me and freeze ill battle you?? holla back
  13. aight cool well thats 3-3 keep tha votes comin and remember to EXPLAIN!!! peace
  14. 1-0 aight cool well uppin for more votes.... when you vote in the poll you have to explain aswell....
  15. it was cool what ya should do is make it a bit longer coz its kinda short and it just stops ya know?? good though it was cool
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