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    trae bun-b paul wall chamillionair lil keke ice cube

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    houstone texas

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  1. aight then lets batttle then
  2. alright faget letsg ooooooo rolex.bmp
  3. freeze


    hey yall people gotta give and explanation on yall votes
  4. freeze


    nigga u make me laugh with ur flows/ they are nothing but trash/ dirty d is you shit no wonder u get rash/ so by the time you get blind from the flash/ homie you ran out of cash/ and bitch you aint real/ shit you cant even make dollar bills/ so you better chill before the freeze puts an end to your game/ and every time u spit flows they come out the same/ which that tells me your nothing but lame/ and bitch in this website for sure u aint getting fame/ and you say u seen everybodys flows saying they aint tight/ shit you better check again,bitch you cant even fight/ so when the freeze puts and end to you,you be out of this site/ and im off the chain/ when you flow the freeze i bring the pain/ and on ur name ill take the d on dirty/ and bitch ill make you my birdy,haha/ and dirty d you nothing but a fake/ and i make stuff that you cant even make/ my lyrics are dope/ and yours look like they got tide by the rope/ so nigga this is my diss/ and go back to your toliet and make yours flows piss/ so this is my riddle// when your flows come out they choke like skittles/haha
  5. im gonna have to give this one to dirty d both of the flows were tight but i we have to chose one peace
  6. freeze


    look my name is freeze u know, but u cant flow, ur nothing but a trash talking hoe u know i ride red ur just a guy who still has his beds wet, u cant clone me,ill freeze ur ass and leave u in my cooler, my dick is bigger then ur ruler i know u live in a ditch so i suggest u sip it before i make u my bitch, im done capping on your ass, ur done,next time bring a muthafucking gun
  7. freeze


    aight dirty d same rules first to five spit ur shit then im ready
  8. man i call out dirty d too just hit me whenever ur ready
  9. im from houston texas// and im riddin in my lexus i sippin on some 40// and im trippin like a birde// im creepin in my lowrider// in the car show im the show ryder// im jumping in my airbags// im spittin in other peoples gang rags// im switching lanes// breaking candy canes// and swinging chains// and you dont know about that// mess with me get hit by a bat// i represent eastside houston// you can call it screwston// when i freestyle i need my microphone// im drunk driving and still droping orange cones// but when u hear ringing bitch thats my phone// so im making this flow// cause the frezze is feeling really blow// :reallymad:
  10. freeze


    this really takes that long for one of us to win!
  11. look homie u aint a og u messing wit frezze a real g that brings alot brezze,im like a thunder storm i drop alot of trees,my flows are great and yours are late,when i spit my lyrics ill be chunking bricks,and when i start fighting i always throw the first licks,im the king of the east, u can call me the beast, when i win rap battles i get a big feast,im in my driveways,im sittin sideways,and eating bag lays,im feeling daze,cause when night hits i start to blaze,im sittin in my caddilac,sippin on some 40,i keep my wheels clean so you cant call me dirty,and im thumbing through ur block,while im slanging on some rock,and when u hear ticking thats my new clock,so im in the shoping mall getting up a escalater,so is ur turn partna until then i see u later, untitled.bmp
  12. freeze

    my flow

    im in my drive way sippin on some forty when im making up my flows they comin out dirty,yall rappers cant wreck on me even if yall flows are better that mine,cause homie i got more shine,so dont step up, cause u gonna cross the line, thats gonna cost you a fine,so u better rate it,homie you look like a pissed of rapper that never made it, so dont hate it,im calling out any rapper in here that never made it, so im ready,and spit ur shit,!!!!!
  13. wasup i challenge u for a rap battle :scratchin:
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