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  1. Been outa town bitch thats why you had to drop but now you messin wit da king and ya ass bout to flop i aint eva scared so get that through ya mind you beatin me please thats like 20/20 vision goin blind you crazy son if you think this gone be a closed casket i spit fire on the mic while you get butt fucked by faggots me bein on the mic is like you bein on ya knees both go together betta than a bitch doin striptease havent ya heard i'm the best there ever is my rap jump to the future and slap ya kids kids come on man i know you aint call wut you did spittin that shit was more borin
  2. First to 5 wins 3-0 is a KO Who you want to go first, it dont matter to me just pick.
  3. Who wants to try and take a crack at me. Just ay it and its on!!!
  4. aight dog u say your crushin weak ass rappas/ thats how us playas do while makin our pockets fatta/ i pull hoes and get crowds in my city of lene/ I represent TEXAS and all the cities in between/ cause i'm a lyrical king i spit lyrical raps/ thats why i dont need guns cuase my musics the gats/ when i get on the mic i let lead rain/ when you here me once youll remember my name/ youll get into my music and feel my love and pains/ then youll really know who be runnin the game/ i dont just spit for me but for anyone who down/ keep ya head up one day the sun will come back around/ as fo
  5. I'm a killa on the mic destroy reputations is my mission/ freeze gettin in my way but u aint no competition/ i dont write then spit dirty just simply spit/ it takes nuts to win a battle to bad u aint got a dick/ callin yourself freeze, yeah maybe cause u'd freeze on stage/ loose your opportunity and work makin minimum wage/ but i aint the type to freeze i'm the type to grab the mic/ and i'm the type u run away from when the time comes to a fight/ cause dirty wont ever back up keep thinkin u gone get slapped up/ i pull hoes everyday while u need to get your mak up/ so freeze will see
  6. you cant touch me i'm on another level lyrically/ i'm new to the site but nobody here real as me/ i keep loadin clips and keep bustin the lead/ start runnin your mouth and there will be a hollow tip in ur head/ cuase i'm the realest and i've come to take over/ so like lil flip you can go ahead and say ur game is over/ talkin bout you a real og/ only thing you real at is bein on ur knees/ so heres a big one for ya hope you dont choke/ dont see how you gonna talk when its all in ur throat/ i done seen yalls battles and aint none of em tight/ Ima bring some realness and make this the #
  7. Aight dog its time, same rules apply 3-0 KO First to 5 wins
  8. Yo, im thinkin real og won that one his style was little better.
  9. You niggas wanna real freetyle then hit me up and will battle.
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