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  1. When Savana Redding was just 13 years old, she was strip-searched by school officials for allegedly possessing prescription-strength ibuprofen. This traumatizing search was based solely on the false and uncorroborated accusation of a classmate who was caught with similar pills. Overzealous school officials violated Savana's rights and called into question basic constitutional protections for all students in schools across America. Currently the Supreme Court is hearing arguments.
  2. Spoiled little brat. Back in my day, if it was smoky, performers said thank you, may I have another. Also usually performers were responsible for the smoke. :D
  3. Wait isn't Run DMC a rap/hip hop act. Well they did have that one collaboration with Aerosmith. They should just change it to the music hall of fame.
  4. BoooHooo. That movie is still gonna rake in the money at the theatre. The leaked copy doesn't have all the CGI stuff either.
  5. I wouldn't call 'em Pop artists. Pop music is popular, as in mainstream, in my opinion. DJ's are still a niche group. They are popular in their crowd, but hardly mainstream. I checked out the DJ Timbo track. It's alright, but it just doesn't really grab my attention. Nothing unique about it.
  6. The only album I own of Thicke is 'A Beautiful World' and there are only a few tracks off of that album I really like. I downloaded this new song, 'Dream World' when you posted it this morning. It is slower than the other tunes I like of his, but it is a decent song.
  7. Why is weed illegal in Nigeria? Countries shouldn't follow the example of the USA in dealing with drugs. It's been a horrible mess and a waste of time and money.
  8. What the hell?!?!?! Now there is someone with a warped sense of reality. Computers don't make people gay. Richard Simmons does. Jeeez!
  9. Sometimes I think us Americans need to get over ourselves. It's a frikin ice cream ad.
  10. I'll check it out after work.
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