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    music,art hanging out with friends with a nice bottle of wine.

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  1. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/electric2640x564.jpg[/IMG] I did this mix for fun just to mix some of these tunes that I would normally not play out. I hope you all enjoy it and comments are welcome. 2hrs 30 mins [url="http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7688"]Electric 320kbps Direct Download Link[/url] Tocadisco & Nadia Ali - Better Run (Afrojack Remix) Suzanne Palmer - Big Love (Yves Murasca & Ezzy Safaris) The House Keepers Feat. Camille Jones - Better Forget (Dj Umile Remode) Superball & Yanter - Music Is Pumping (The Nycer Remix) Starkillers & Dmitri Ko - Big Disco (Original Mix) Avicii & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You (Original Mix) Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Club Edit) Groove Chasers - Airplanes (Discobastardz Electro Mix) C2001 - Disco Popp Shit (Original Mix) Disco Deejays - Upside Down (Electro Gold Remix) Global Disco Rockerz Feat. Carlos Chavez - Latin Lover (Global Elektro Mix) Miami Inc - Bop Bop (Club Revolt Club Remix) Enur - Calabria (Quintin Remix) Christian Vila, Cosme Martin, Lee Stark - Breakdown (Matteo Sala Sexy Mix) Walker And Daniels - Chicano (Sam And Bucca Remix) The In - Crowd - Groove Is In The Heart (Club Mix) The Freshguys Feat. The Black Widow - Delirious (Kevin Andrews Mix) Taio Cruz Feat. Kesha - Dirty Picture (Dave Aude Club Mix) Bizzey - Down (Cablejuice Spring Remix Dub Instrumental) Sgt Slick - Everyday (Digital Lab Summer Re-Edit) Sandro Silva - Only You (East And Young Remix) Scotty - God Is A Dj (Living Cat Club Mix) Phil Green Vs Yvan And Dan Daniel - Naboo (Original Mix) Platinum Deejayz Feat Slinkee Minx - Another Night (Kcb Mix) Robson Vidal & Blond - Ish-Miss You (Feat Coco Hayek - Criss Wave Mix) Rui Da Silva Ft. Ben Onono - On My Mind (Jeff Bennet Rmx V2) Russell G & Steve Haines - Twisted (Original Mix) Russell G - Idera (Manuel De La Mare Mash) Sandro Silva - Yearbook (Original Mix) Santiago Nino - Believe (Max Graham's Sidechained Remix) Estelle - Fall In Love (Seamus Haji Remix) Agulo Feat David Berkeley - Fire Sign (Steve Brians Original Mix) Paul Oakenfold Feat Matt Goss - Firefly (Loverush Uk! Remix) [url="http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7688"]Electric 320kbps Direct Download Link[/url]
  2. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/WalkII.jpg[/IMG] Here is the follow up to [url=http://filesa-10tb.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/Walk.mp3]Walk[/url]. This time we flirt with aspects of Trance and tick the tempo and vibe up a notch while still maintaining a Melodic state. Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome. Much Peace and Love to us all. Charles Bells & Ortin Cam - The March Glenn Morrison - Triangle & Strings (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) Josh Gabriel - Entanglement (Original Mix) Julius Beat & Eddy Karmona - Pure Love (Pure Butt3rfly Remix) Kobana - The First Attempt (Basil O'Glue remix) Lange - Harmonic Motion (Marcus Schossow Trouse Remix) Rod Debyser & Math Delekian - Flat Out (League Of Noize Remix) Romain Curtis - Paris 15 Phonic Funk Feat. The Bleachworks - Save This City (Instrumental) Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Extended Mix) Underbase - Feedback (Kike Molina Dub Remix) Max Deejay - Boys Of Summer 2k10 (Original Mix) George Acosta - Beautiful (Feat. Fisher)(Robbie Rivera Juicy Miami Mix) Alex Kunnari & Heikki L Feat Max C - Brand New Day Uwe Worlitzer - My Love (Original Mix) Ad Brown & Matt Lange Feat Kerry Leva - As The Rain Falls (Intercoastal Rework) [url=http://filesf.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/walkii.mp3]Walk II 320kbps DDL[/url] Quick side note: All my mixes are located on my [url=http://djsysense.blogspot.com/]Blog[/url] and all are 320kbps Mp3.
  3. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/ND640x451.jpg[/IMG] Here is a new mix of some Progressive Tunes that I put together for my very Beautiful Wife To Be Marlene. I hope you like this little mix and comments welcome. Sebastian Cariaga - Lifelike (Seb Digs Deeper Mix) Doruk Ozlen Feat. Racquel Dwyer - I Love You (Jose Carretas Remix) Green, Falkner - Satisfaction (Neuroxyde Remix) Dr. Kucho! - Mogambos 2010 (Original Mix) Jason Rivas - Ritmo Gordako (Phonic Lounge High On Life Remix) Karta - Natural Groove Yves Larock & Shermanology - I Don't Know (Vince Moogin Remix) Jerk House Connection Feat. Akram Sedkaoui - Each And Every Day (Life Goes On) (Rocco Deeper Mix) Ananda Project - Beautiful Searching (Rasmus Faber Remix) Jedset - Elegance (Original Mix) Studio Apartment Feat. Miho Fukuhara - Brand New Start (Grant Nelson Remix) Andrea Carissimi Feat. Kaysee - Salvation (Ac Deep Groove Mix) [url=http://filesf.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/newdaydedicatedtobeautifulmarlene.mp3]New Day (Dedicated to Beautiful Marlene)[/url] Right click and save as.
  4. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/im.jpg[/IMG] Here are 2 new Dark Progressive House mixes for your listening ears to indulge in. I hope you enjoy them and comments are welcome as always. Merry Christmas to all. Inner Motion 1 Lank - Starting Point Alec Troniq - Passengers (Coma Waxme Trainpassing Remix) Blackisbeautiful - Pergamon (Henson's Return To Pergamon Mix) Tiago Fragateiro - Face (My Favorite Robot Remix) Dawid M - Tripping Man (Original Mix) Blanali - Transposiciones (Original) Let's Go Outside - Blood (Original Mix) Marbert Rocel - Wide Awake (Lila Bungalow Remix) Dani Junquera - Never Ending Happiness (Original Mix) Koen - Fearless (Original Mix) Laufmasche - Palaoa Lazar - And This Is Her Smile (C-Rock Remix) Marc Moan - Warm Soul (Original Mix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7560]Inner Motion 1 DDL 320kbps[/url] Inner Motion 2 Dj Bia - Deep More Deep (Original Mix) Guido Sava & Federico Monachesi - Dusk (Original Mix) Darko Esser - Balans (Andre Lodemann Remix) Aka Aka, Thalstroem - Meiler (Dudu Nahas Remix) Come T And Fusion F - Green Housing Estate Not Okay - Third Floor (Original Mix) Riley Warren-Lost (Accentbuster Remix) Dudu Nahas - La La La (Victor A Remix) Kyn Kynatix - Out Of Sight (Tripperman Remix) Vansam - New Devide (Original Mix) Yura Popov-Hope(Idteque Remix) Idrop - Silent Heal Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia - In The Dark (Original Mix) Yamil Farag - Underworld (Speed Mix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7561]Inner Motion 2 DDL 320kbps[/url]
  5. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/VIBE.jpg[/IMG] This mix travels down the Deep House highway. It is deep and laid back tunage that will put your mind into a groove. Have a listen and tell me what you think. Track list Soul Mind Project - Escape (Original Mix) Mzee - Zvinosiririsa (Frabizio Ortella Lyon's Treatment) Rancido - Traveling (Spirits Mix) Satoshi Fumi - Java (Nacho Marco Remix) Deepo Feat. Black Man Soul - Rhodes Experience (Instrumental) Deepo Feat. Black Man Soul - Rhodes Experience (Original) Crescendo - Ode to Muzik (DJ Buzzard Power Chute Mix) Alex Millet - Feel Good (Soulbeat Mix) Willy & Reloaded - Heaven (Euan Mitchell Presidente Mix) Black Powder Feat. Adeola Shyllon - One Chance (Original Vocal Mix) John Crockett Feat. Natalie - Your Gravity (John Crockett Main Mix) Raoul Kahn - Go To The Moon (Vincent Kwok's Lunar Mix) Shonky - Le Velour Halifax Project - Feelings (Mike L Remix) Amir - La Ple [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7481]Vibe 320kbps Direct Download[/url]
  6. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/dt2.jpg[/IMG] Here is the next installment of Deep Travels. Deep Progressive House at is finest. If you missed the first mix here is the link [url=http://filese.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/deeptravels.mp3]Deep Travels 1[/url]. Please enjoy the music and comments are welcome. Track Listing Andrew Salsano & Jf Sebastian Feat. Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire Bas Amro - Accepted Mango - Forever July (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) Abakus - Glamour Erogene Zone - Sarajevo (Marko Baljkas Dub Mix) Yvel & Tristan - Legacy (Original Mix) 123xyz - All 4 U Andrez - Based On A True Story (Daycott Remix) Ariel Curtis - Stolen (Santiago Deep Hard Remix) Barry Devlin - Lanzend Buermann - Reflektor (Steinmuller Remix) Capstar - Let Me Be (Miguel Osyrah Epic Remix) Channel One - Angel Butter & Parsley - Soft Street Chris Domingo feat Michelle Elise - Organica [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7458]Deep Travels 2 320kbps Direct Download Link[/url]
  7. Thanks dude. It is still a work in progress but I like what I have so far.
  8. Check out my new original track called Space Sax and tell me what you think of it. [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7372]Space Sax Download[/url]
  9. Hey all I will be going live in about 3 mins if any of you all would like to tune in here is the link http://icy.mixaddicts.com:3000/listen.pls. Will be playing some tech house tonight so see u all there.
  10. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/MINDFABRICATIONS.jpg[/IMG] Mind Fabrications - will be a dark Downtempo journey done live tomorrow from 3pm CDT till finished at [url=http://mixaddicts.com/index2.php]This link[/url]. Please tune if you have time.
  11. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/MassiveMixday.png[/IMG] Here is the mix I did live last night for Mixaddicts.com. Give it a listen and I hope you all enjoy it. 1.Usura - Open Your Mind (Whoosh Remix) 2.Dj Energy - Step Into The Arena (Extended) 3.Lisa Pin-Up - Baddest Mutha (Original Mix) 4.Dj Destiny Vs Organ Donors - What's Up! (Organ Donors Hardstyle Vocal Mix) 5.Steve Hill Vs Technikal - Theme From Html (Brk3 Remix) 6.Alternative Control - Take No Hook 7.Tronix Dj - Alone In The Darkness (Mizz Camela Remix) 8.Fj Project - Ex Pulse (Hard Mix 2) 9.GrooveChasers - Airplanes (Kris Mctwain Remix) 10.Mercurial Virus - I Virus (Original Remake) 11.Julie Thompson - Shine (Pyramid's Drop The Bass Remix) 12.Jeckyll & Hyde - Freefall (Jumpfreakz Remix) 13.Venus Jones - All The Lovers (Damn-R Remix) 14.Splatterhouse - Jackin' Underground 15.Re-Frain - When The Bass Get (Elois Van Borg Remix) 16.Jason Born - Hey Soul Sister (Kritikal Mass Club Mix) 17.Dj Basik - Basik Principles 18.Tek-Nik Meets Vandall - Dusk Till Dawn 19.Joe-E & Vandall - Euphoria 20.Kneeball - End Effect 21.Freerange Djs - Drop That Beat (Lethalness Remix) 22.Organ Donors - 99.9 (Original Mix) 23.Organ Donors - New Era (Kamui Remix) 24.Robbie Magura - Love Music (A.S.Y.S. Hybrid Mix I) 25.Hard Comics - Basta Man 26.Squizzers - Hurt Me 27.Dj Mystery - Fresh Stoff 28.Cally & Juice - Blurred (Juices Blurry Remix) [url=http://filese.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/massivemixday10-10-10.mp3]Massive Mixday Download Link 320kbps[/url]
  12. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/TRIBALSOUNDSII.jpg[/IMG] Here is the second installment of Tribal Sounds.The tracks we all have heard before so I tried to vary the mixing to change them up a little. I hope that you enjoy the music and if you want the first mix here is the link [url=http://filesc.house-mixes.com/djmixes/11/tribalsounds.mp3]Tribal Sounds [/url]. Peace. Datar - B (Tarrentella & Redanka's Nysc Mix) Jamez - Sick Kc Flightt Vs Funky Junction - Voices (Medway Remix) Cevin Fisher - We're The Lucky One's (CF's NYC Dub) Rui Da Silva Feat. Cassandra - Touch Me (Peace Division Higher Dub) Chiapet - Tick Tock (War Of The Worlds Mix) Brothers Love Dubs - 1-800 Ming (Rui Da Silva Mix) Pqm - The Flying Song Feat. Ciara (Renaissance Remix) Medway - The Baseline Track Datar - U (Dub Mix) Hydrogen Rockers - Musica (Hr's 2002 Dub) Space Manoeuvres-Stage one (Dark Soul Project Underground Remix) Tarrentella - Karma (Fiord Remix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7315]Tribal Sounds II Download Link. 320kbps.[/url]
  13. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/SoulAurora.jpg[/IMG] A new Deep Progressive DJ set for your ears. Masque - Feelin (Original Mix) Masque - Wilted Petal (Original Mix) Yuriy From Russia & Ange - Do You Want To Be Mine Ricky Ryan & Max Cagliero - Lezama Park Metadeko - In Between (Original Mix) Adultnapper - Gold And Forgetting Invisible Sounds & Faruk Sabanci Feat. Debbie Digital - In The Summer (Shiftone Remix) Phobos Moon - Snowflake M&D Substance - Diet (Original Mix) Ryan Davis - Opus (Dual Shaman Remix) dpen & Nick Varon - In Pain (Original Mix) Marsbeing - Look My Dream (Original Mix) Narel - Endsky (Facade Remix) Soulfinder - Colour Of Love (Derek Howell Remix) Monaque - Butterfly (Sei A Remix) Ian O'Donovan - Aurora Borealis (Original Mix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7311]320 kbps Download Here[/url]
  14. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/HD.jpg[/IMG] Well here is my new Hard Trance mix that I just put together in a spare minute I had. I don't do these types of mixes anymore but I thought it would be fun to put one out. Hope you enjoy it. Ayashii - Gun Smoke Kuruption - Scary Shit Costa Pantazis - Child Of The Gullotine (Act 1)(Liam Howells Remix) Last Men Standing Feat Born In Ibiza - Spun Brain Lobotomyz - Critical Level Sunray & Valle - Fantasy (Original Mix) Venus Jones - All The Lovers (Bounce Enforcerz Dance Mix) Miss Anna Toxic - Set Me Free (Hardcharger Remix) Groove_Chasers - Airplanes (Damn-R Vs. Slam Down! Remix) Pyro & Nurogl - Abstraction Criostasis - Prepare For Maximum Overload John Geary And Base Grafitti - Rock Lobster (Original Mix) Other Ego - Love The Way You Lie (Km Hands Up Remix) Venus Jones - Te Amo (Damn-R Remix) Olly P & Sinclair - The Venue Dimo Van Kos - Don't Look Back (Original Mix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7291]Hard Drive 320 Direct Download[/url]
  15. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/sysense/flesh1.jpg[/IMG] Flesh is a vocal Trance mix that dips heavly into the emotional vibes and sounds of the genre. It is in no way perfect and if it was I would have to give up DJing cause I would have nothing left to work for. Please enjoy the sounds and vibe of the set and much Love and Peace to you all. Track Listing Cosmic Gate - London Rain (Suspect 44 Remix) Torin Schmitt feat. Ryan Merchant - Follow (Kenneth Thomas Remix) Dash Berlin feat. Rowald Steyn & Nina Deli - End Of Silence (Josh Gabriel Remix) Dash Berlin with Cerf,Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Nic Chagall Remix) Bt - Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix) Ross Anderson & Shaun Gregory - Foundation (Maor Levi Weekend Mix) Sasha Virus Feat Dilara - I Still Fall (Sterojackers Rmx) Tritonal Ft Cristina Soto - Forgive Me Forget You (Air Up There Mix) Jonas Steur Feat Julie Thompson - Side By Side (Orjan Nilsen Remix) Marcel Woods - Tomorrow Maor Levi Feat Ashley Tomberlin - Chasing Love (Maor Levi's Club Mix) Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Mercy (Andy Duguid Remix) [url=http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=814&song_id=7290]320 DDL[/url]
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