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Charlie Sheen -- NO WAY Brooke Deals Drugs ... 'Cause I Pay Her a Fortune!!

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[b]Charlie Sheen[/b] says there's no way [b]Brooke Mueller[/b] could have been trying to sell coke in Aspen this weekend ... because he gives her all the cash she needs in child support!!!

Sheen says he spoke with Brooke Tuesday night ... and says she's doing great -- just days after she was arrested in Colorado for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

When asked about the charge ... Sheen said, "With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

TMZ broke the story ... Sheen forks over [b]$55,000 per month[/b] in support.

As for the kids, Sheen says he and Brooke have worked out a plan to share the work load -- saying, "We're interested in co-parenting ... the kids need two parents."

Sheen also took a shot at Aspen cops -- saying, "The cops in Aspen are Keystone on their finest day ... these are the clowns that let [Ted] Bundy go."

Shocking statement ... considering law enforcement officials in Aspen cut Charlie a huge break by not throwing the book at him when he was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to Brooke's throat back in 2009.

[url=""]Charlie Sheen -- NO WAY Brooke Deals Drugs ... 'Cause I Pay Her a Fortune!![/url]

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