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  1. hey mate dont know if u remember me but im bk and im gona lay down some stuff that u wont believe so stay tuned

  2. i wana tell u all a story a revelation that will make u adore me it was stormy the darkness fell apon me the heartless ask who was he he was a man taking a stand apon grief he was captured the wrong thief along with peace and strong beliefs he struggled muddled along he preached confuzed and lurking with anger searching for slander he worked for no manager he was his own team leader dreams became second nature we reckon he saved ya he wasent god or a savya he was just himself in his manger he said take me as i am take my swollen hand and walk with me so we can solve ure plans let us rearange the dammned if ure going to hell then so am i so slowly i sigh knowing i can only abide so much and so i touch the broken sky shards of light keep on seeping through i know im pure and true and so are you thats all for now take heed of what ive said cause one day we will all be dead
  3. [quote name='Prime' date='01 September 2010 - 05:21 PM' timestamp='1283383272' post='190646'] not bad as a little rym but keep the structure clear towards the potenial audiance [/quote like ure style uve got a good sense of humour and a quick tounge dont shy away from saying what is in ure heart thats how ive got to were i am now dont stop writing u need a voice to express how ure feeling safe mate sk8zy
  4. [quote name='messenger' date='26 April 2010 - 05:26 AM' timestamp='1272281210' post='188968'] i freestyled this in my head couldnt quite write as fast as i was thinking, but the perfomce of this is much better than just reading it, what i do vocally with this peice realy does make it very good, i dont play games, im takking names, as im taking aim, alot of people fronting but they aint game, so im hunting, u aint safe im holding a bloody sword, to persuade u too love me more, drug u whores with the date rape pills i just scored, kill cause im bored so kill more but still im bored knuckles are real soure, the sickest to ever spit it, killing u ill spiting midgets hitting triple digits, criple u little thickle bitches, pass my cell phone, call hell tell them im home, yell alone as i lunghe in, unhinged and one thing u underestimate, im blessed wit hate, patient and yes will wait, revenge ? i love waiting, pretend to be ur friend and then end u by suffocation, i suffer from obbsessive compulsive dissorder, aggressive, impulsive, and will slaughter ur daughter, for no reason, so u aughta walk her as i stalk her or order her to stay in, im in the the bushes wit a fake grin, lurking waiting, learned it from saiten, im sicker than hitler they aint a quicker riddler or sicker spitter, and this is a simpler form of phsycology, as i try to abolish the unpolished me, honestly my insanity isnt that bad its me, mr fuck you, walking tragedy is savagely showing why im the graetest, so fuck you, hate this, [/quote] u got talsent mate u just need to apply ure mind to ure lyrics the substance is good but the flow needs work so my advice is work on ure sillibles learn how to be creative with ure voice and stick to flowing feelings rather than shit u make up the best stuff comes from rewriting and from the heart sk8zy
  5. sk8zy

    im back

    this ones for free ive broken out of my cage waiting pationtly for my achin rage the day breaks and im saving my days raving on one and claiming the other in pay i may be saving my grace but latly im taking a stand making a mark on this world and engraving a tag on this land like graffitti im completly free of demands at the top of my game weavin my plans keeping a lid on sucsess and really easin in to the industry the music is a part of me the beats are flowing through me this is were i stop too much creativity has seen others drop lines that arent theres so heres just a few to keep the good and true following me and following you i love the way you sound
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