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    I enjoy basketball, mainly streetball i follow nba as well, i like soccer and good food, my interests can be diverse
  1. Prime

    Let me Know

    [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='13 February 2011 - 11:21 PM' timestamp='1297639314' post='192675'] It's long, but well-written. I imagine you have a rap in mind and that you are going to read it very fast. Have you thought of recording it and seeing how it plays? [/quote] yeh for sure man, im going to record loads of stuff soon already made an album working on another one
  2. Let me know Let me know when your done, let me know when your done with your fucked up son, this shit can get better we both can be together, your always depressed your always obsessed, up set girl I feel you, but lets go out for a meal or see seal, lets talked shit over lets talk about the wise solver, I cant take the late nights, the bad fights, girl I love you you’re the one who I look for strength through, look I know you love me to, and I understand we both got to see this shit through, I know this shit we didn’t plan, but life can do this, we just got to see through this, I know wha
  3. anyone read my lyrics on rate my lyrics under prime

    1. DudeAsInCool


      Been really busy, will try and take a look. Thanks for asking

    2. Prime


      ah cool man

  4. hey dude u cool, u read any of my new stuff

  5. sick ryme bruv, i'm liking would like to see a full song
  6. Hey kj-52 your mind is stuck in high school, so your taking about all this religious bull shit hasn’t it acured to you that your sounding like a little as bitch, your writing to slim shady and in both you talk about his one and only baby, and you surprised when he doesn’t just open up and cry when all your doing taking the biggest human lie, look dude your all trying to be rude but it doesn’t work because you’re a faith man and this puts people minds somewhere beyond the faith fan, look ma message to you is get out of the rap game before you get made into the president puppet and get played wi
  7. Up or down. I was thrown out, cast out, until I puked and then I passed out, then society recognised me, recognised me of someone who I really wanted to be, when I was at school I told people that I loved rap, and what they came out with was complete crap, called me a wona be nigger, the word was a wigger, back then it was true, I loved to act hard and put on the trackies and have a go at the pakies, but then I looked at my self in the mirror, and decided this wasn’t me, all this was, was the image of my self pitty, and then I saw cage, on you tube this was a turning point in my life, this i
  8. Prime

    Dark Matter

    a darker one of the songs i've put up, part of my other album Two faced
  9. Dark Matter. I was miss lead, miss fed the wrong shit, until I went to bed, what I was fed, was the dark matter, the dark matter was like batter going into my arteries and then eventually they all separated just took different parties, back in the days when my parents argued, I use to cry my eyes out up in my room and waste away all my gloom, I blamed my self for what they both were doing to them self’s, I just didn’t understand because my eyes were always in sand, I could never see the whole picture of life and this is why after my 17th birthday I wanted to take my life, there was nothing i
  10. hey man, u read my rymes like proberly no worries if u havent?????

  11. (Dialogue below interpreted by Cage from the film "Clockwork Orange") *whispered in the background: "Smoke dust, shoot the cops Give out automatics to your friends on the block"* There was me, Alex.. and three of my mens All supposed to meet at Korova Milk Bar The Korova Milk Bar couldn't afford it's liquor license so it sold milkplus Drencrom, or Synthmesc It would sharpen you up for a bit of the ol' ultraviolence which plagued our minds for the evening And so kiddies... death for all, right right?! RIGHT RIGHT!! [Verse One: Cage] I'm Against the Machine like Rage; bitches say,
  12. Prime

    The Ending

    [quote name='Carlcaine' date='03 September 2010 - 10:30 AM' timestamp='1283509811' post='190685'] bin writing for like 4-5 months i recon [/quote] ive basicly just started writting, u know the artist cage u played like a huge part in me writting
  13. Prime

    The Ending

    [quote name='Carlcaine' date='02 September 2010 - 10:44 AM' timestamp='1283424284' post='190660'] 2012 is where it all ends, be youself dont follow a trend, or contend with others n hang with false friends, kick back n blaze a blend of spices, do u realy want people to dice with, live for a buzz, i mean a thrill, fuck the white n the pill, stay relaxed an chill, rep your fam till the earth stands still were all fam but we aint related, 2013 we'll all be outdated, fixated on frontin n getin highrated, i aint gonna debate it, stay true to fam, i know u can relate it, speak ur mind or spray it,
  14. [quote name='dirty_d_35' date='08 December 2005 - 08:05 PM' timestamp='1134072309' post='106260'] You niggas wanna real freetyle then hit me up and will battle. [/quote] yeh bruv lets do it
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