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  1. now its driving me crazy..wth was the name of that whitesnake video? was it 'here I go again'?
  2. Tawny Kitaen was the girl..she knew O.J. in the biblical sense...and I agree that was one hot babe and video.
  3. np..this titles better anyway. :) also there was this one Billy Idol video...hehe...maybe i should delete this thread..i'd hate to think i'm the only one who ever... :P
  4. For me it was the Macarena...something about girls in purple wigs that just does something for me...i hope i'm not the only poster for this thread.
  5. Heard there's cool new gear out called potato-wear..anyone know where I can find this stuff at?
  6. lol..yes you're right..silly me :psychofun:
  7. Mine is "whatever will be will be" as sung by Doris Day in the alfred hitchcock movie 'The Man Who Knew Too Much".
  8. thank-you for the warm welcome..nice to see you all! :strumma:
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