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  1. SHUP HERES MY BEST BARS COME ON WERES YURS WEN U LAY YURS C WHO GETS THE MOST VOTES ON THESE BARS START VOTIN THEN COME ON BRUV GIVE IT YA BEST OH NO DESE GUYZ WANNA HATE ME FUCK DAT I KNOW DAT U RATE ME NEVER MISPLACE THIS FACE OR MISTAKE ME CUZ ARE YOU DUMB DONT TRY TAKE ME IM DA TUFF NUT YOU CANT HANDLE HEADBUTT UPPERCUT IM A HANDFUL YOUR RESPECT GOING ON A DOWNFUL CORRECT MY FLOW VERY SOUND FULL LOOK ITS BEST FOR YOU TO RETIRE CHEK DA BARS I PROVIDE WHEN I FIRE LOOK GYELS REALISE ITS ONE GIRL IN MY EYES I DECIDE TO ADMIRE DESE YOUTS I NEED TO INSPIRE SAY IM HATER CUZ YOU’RE A LIAR YOU CHAT SHIT LIKE STICKS AND CLIPS COME TO THE BITZ SWITCH BLADE AND FLICK NOT A SOFT BOY MAN IM HARD LIKE A PEBAL DON’T SHOT GREEN TO DA TEAM LIKE A REBEL DON’T PUSH WHITE LIKE A PUSH BIKE SEE BLUE LIGHTS START PUSHING DA PEDALSMentally ive lost it now thts a cost of coke, U wanna rob my phone then hope u can outrun a rope, That slices ur neck when the noose round ur throat, How u gonna spit lyrics when all u can do is choke, So rewind back bitch hit a track then ill clap u, The only midget i witness is u in a tracksuit, Running round ur business saying how u chasing fast routes, Please, ur chasing a train thts gone right past u See i caught tht train coz my brain's lyrically balling, U play catch up in ur car but its always stallin, I put my all in, keep brawling, n ima never be calling, Out peeps t battle when u cant handle it wen u falling. so im sik wiv tha hits tha twist n blare ur shit wiv tha bits tha dont compare kick and share tht lyrics that flare so quit chatin skils when therz no skills there some call me dizzy other by ma name wateva i do idont just ma fame big in tha im big in tha game They call me a lyrical time bomb ratin me as they see me as an icon never have time off always got time on never get beat prove dat wen i rhyme on run out of ink sumhow gotta rite on rite with the lite off rite with the lite on spit wida mic offf spit wida mic on bars got width now gotta put height on when i was yunga cudnt sleep widout lite on i was scared of the dark but now i'll tear u apart if man try 2 hype on war wid me den wait till ur times gone shoot a 16 at u den dats ur life gone im hittin da mark ur rite off im rite on bars so deep wonderin where the lites gone everyday im pushin up know dat i fite on Ill Merk Tempa, Tempa ive got a bad Temper. Ima Badman for you, Blud dnt you Remember. You aint a Contender, more like a Pretender. Ur not Guyfolks, but ur be gone till November. Ima big Spender. Dnt Jack my Barz Temp, Im notta Lender. Im the Grime Clash Sender, Ur Lyrics wont Defend ya. Id hit a little Harder But I think ur too Tender. Dnt beef me cos Ima true Eastender. Shottin on the Roads, More Coke than a Vendor. Ur a likkle Bender. I grab u by the Throat Temp, then I mite Bend ya. Remind me of ur Gender! Bit confused so Ill just call u Brenda. Im sendin again Bren What is the Agenda?. Ur Swag and cnt Flow. Show me ur Barz, and I can be the Mender. Face it then Brenda, its time you Surrender. And blast off rhymes, within a matter of time I'm like a leader of organized crime Destroy within a matter of time Cuz im an mc that lives with grime and Your a MC who get too hyped From a ten word rhyme it took ya hours to type That's not MCing, that’s just being weak on his words and never thinkin bout freeing the lyrical thoughts that I let come out I'm The Genius of this, I know what it's about UR A wack MC who claims to be better than No way I'm frankly more clever than all of you, each and every one, my son Pay close attention I take your brain to another dimension Hold it, mold it, shape it You got a knife, yes I wannaUve got 'bare' bars like nothing is in em, Im religious to the streets, so i guess ur forgiven, My rhythm is rhyme riddled, listen, im giving u some, Hitting none, ur a joker, bitch ur as weak as they come, U aint clashin many men, u aint packing lines, Ur flashing men in pen hoping theyll suck ur sack dry, Stop acting invincible, even Pac died, Ur a pissed off cunt who will never get signed, So huff n puff n keep spitting ur shit, I'll leave u shitting bricks im bang on with a script, Ur nothing but a newbie with his head in the clouds, Come slew me u true G leave me dead on the ground, Stop fucking around, k-Ryder ur a creep, I lay u flat out in a permanent sleep Im deep in the streets n faggot ive got the latest, Ur faking the real thing, like a cock of latex. rearrange it
  2. COME BATTLE ME ANY ONE ?????????? THESE MY BARS SO UR TURN im a mad man lyrical mc, derz no lot of tingz i cant b, got a lot of haterz hatin on me, but i don watch dem it don phase me, im gona slew u now, slew u now make ur boiz say wow, donno wat u tlkin u clown, chat air in face i put u down, ill slew waste ma lyk u 4 less dan a pound, slew me how, u beta stand ur ground, not gonna say much ill catch u around, onli online no need 2 frown bruv you going down im not a star, jus watch for wen i got u locked inside da optic. RAR haha, its likely u didnt even understand arthur my shit fuk it il jus carve ur heart to halfs wiv darts n part ur cartilage im heavily steppin n flexin pona harder tip, but blast bitch u asked for it her nasty ass charge a glass to sip to suck fuck n anyting after it i make this ape look halfa dis. grab a zoot n blaze it rapin sluts mate i dont giv a fuk i take it so dont step u broke sket, ya bound to get ya nose wet i flow best, u no test once i toke da smoka j.o blessssssssssssssssssFinite u dont wanna see my flip man i'll take u out like a sharpshot hitman gotta watch out for the showlin kick man Finite ur gonna get bit man i'm so quick i'm faster than a monk from china I go so quick i cud rip ur hoes vagina cos i eat em like a weekly meal at a dinah cos rads legs cudnt look finah ( :P:P ) wats up finite u gonna choke? cos i've got a force grip on ya neck which is stronger than oak make one move ya gonna get broke cos i'm skilled like jedi slayin them droid folk u aint been in a situation where u got a neck in ya left hand a blade in the right cos belive me blud me and u aint alike me with me i'll ride ya whore like the neighbourhood bike cos u cant beat me cos every lines like an airstrike
  3. fam i wrote this wile shagin my brid bruv and still fucked u over bruv one one yh lets c who win ur juts ganna get merked bruv got no time for u wastmen go on spit your best bars and il spit my best one game on fam ur goin dwn
  4. bruv im a soul surviver the flame of ur lighter yh im a born and bred fighter this is gana be over tdai soon as i slit you throat bruv u ant even rockin my boat i ant going dwn im like a float bruv u cant handle my bars lets c who wins this vote in a 123 im ganna let u c who the top man is yes man its me im ganna slap u silly im coming at u right left up down with diferent sounds and plenty of pounds love me or hate me your girls rating me ur the only one hating me but i dont give a fuck ur face is like a back end of a duck your making me chuck im laufing so bad i dont give a fuck i got the pistals the muther fucking crystals every one wants your head my phones ringing 24/7 fam looks like ur dead ur a gd lil boy ur of to heaven i gota warm ak 47 i ant of to no heaven im goin to hell yes fam ring that bell im allways up never fell ur lifes ganna be hell i bet u wish u was a lil girl bruv i can brake any spell im to fast to be put in a cell im only being honest i spit on the mic just like i promised bruv i come at u like sonice to fast for u to get on it bruv u live in a pit
  5. it ant over soo shup bruv its a ite atm and naw its my turn ganna ave to waite tho mug ur only getin on a hype cus ur ganna loose you
  6. Why do u use words u dont even mean Think ur a topman dont rep 4 da scene I got a few thing to say first of all Dont use lyrics that r personal Second of all u dont get gash So stop tlkin about havin a bash Ur barz might be fit for the king of the gutters Better walk out the scene coz u just stutter If u want 2 speak put ur hand up In hyde park i prefer to stand up Cant test me or else u'll get hurt I'll make u sit down in the dirt Ur Like disbale ur forest gump Shut ur mouth u'll get blown liek a pump u fink ur gud but ur not that nice ill heat u up like herbs n spice i heard u went 2 ur manz 4 advice nex time ill follow u like a trackin device bruv i didnt say i was nice u step up to me im ganna roll u around like a dice u wont even tink bout tryin it twice ill come to ya yard thru ya back yard fam u ant fucking hard your meltin on me like lard bruv count to 3 then come back to me then spit it in 3 then tell me that ur at the top of a tree bruv stop fucking aroudn your in the wrong town make one bad move ur be under the ground my bois make me proud takin dwn a chump like cus people like u an t got the slightis clue fuck u and your bois to bruv u chat wet like winnie the pohhh dont go cry ur eyes out cus im about u beter wach over your shoulder cus bruv wen i c u its over liek a 4 leaf clover 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot naw ur on the spot 123456 i got all the muther fucking tricks so suck your own dick u lil prick naw im ganan leave u to tap back wid ur grap keep voting peps
  7. dont even waste my time u ant even prepared them rhymes be4 u evern start spitin them lines times up i shud shoot u right inbtween the eyes u told me a lie u sed u can spit bars and rhymes me and my boys run the grime scene im to big for this scene ur cmin at me like runy beans youve no ive already won this dont u its daniels im cmin at u like swine flu im jst ganna sweep right bye u 1st il tell u how i run my crew then ill tell u how im ganna run u so fuck you!! but every one noes they cant stop me they need me im like a muny tree muny here muny there fuck it my monys every were you wanna gun fuck it ur probly shoot ya self in the phum cus ur so fucking dum bruv this ant no sweet ting u look up to the page its beatking this ant no lil fling soon ill be the beat fucking king im like jackie chan u throw a punch at me ill brake ya arm fam dont try put on the charm ill stick the scorching borer in ya arm then ill ring the muther fucking alarm be 4 go il slap u wid the side of my parm hers my numb 075 shit u ant even ganna be alive your bar ant even on the survive so give me five fuck u you ant even ganna be alive you a dead man walkin bruv u ant ganna beat me u might aswell well delete me u keepin cmin at me wid them shit lines i keep cming at u wid the badist rhymes theres to many of us dieing bruv y the fuck u crying ill leave ur braine in a mes i dont give a fuck im noan by the press c i chat the facts u chat wack ill stab u in the back wat bruv u want some crack fuck u cus im back wiid this badist track your just like a dove to much in love im like a black bird no love but i kil that fucking dove bruv im from up above ive got the golden glove i ant never ganna die im to flie i got to many eyes for u fucking flies gota go bruv peps wanna lsiten to my bars im the muther fucking star uve pushed me to far you on my to do list trust bruv u ant ganna get thru dis look down my gun your wastid youve just bin done your so dum u wud been alive if u didnt get on a hype
  8. sick of you fakes tink u can step up to me u ant got the degree ive got the amo it ganna take out ur fucking famo im a gangster fam ur dreamin if u tink u got the bars from above fuck u ill always be higher than u you say 32 bars stop lickin my fucking arss u say to me safe man shup ill take u to ya fucking grave fam i ant no waste man time is tickin fam ur ganna be in your box ill put my ak to you head ur ganna be fucking dead fam u ant got the iq of a tree man and u tink u can take on me man fuck u fuck ur boys ill make chedar out of use u ant got a fuckin clue brrrrrrrraaaaapppp cme bk wen u is readyyy fam
  9. wat is this mine and ur batle yh bruv ???????
  10. this is jst lil biut more cary oin from that one just put on Who the fuck want beef with Joe Crack Make your body fold back Lift his soul with the chrome mack I don't chat on the phone, 'cuz the phone tapped You heard theres money on the block we control that I got the work in the pot where that stove at Cook it up 'til its wack, get my dough back You niggas so wack, tryin'a compete I blind you with heat, I'm the reason crime on the street I die for my peeps, keep an open eye when I sleep Let you slide when I coulda put five in your Jeep Who's liver than me? I ain't know you really want it I'm like Christ, niggas beg for they life when they see me comin Ain't nodoby gonna stop my shine, you out'cho mind Don't make me have to cock my nine, pop ya spine Neva did believe in the Don's since ninety-two I've been proving that y'all niggas was wrong
  11. no no its not really that long you could have a mixtape 20 tracks strong im a come through with 24 bars and tell an mc put any track on man dont wanna clash, ready thats long, me i got a flow with many cats on no what ther not doing it right so i will eliminate any thats rong your like a hippy cuz you love pippy never skip it aint night time you slime .you drive me insane o wait ill refrain that ryme some time so in the meantime its wartime ill thrown a bomb and kill you like a wigwam ill speak up on a intercom i wont even speak clam ill be like Mj and slam dunk you stupid punk you small like funk and BO every one else knows watch the water flow you look like gumbo fuck you got ears like dumbo go play some more water polo......Aiyyo its on, I see how niggas didn't learn You is wrong, thought the fire didn't burn Its on, me and Pun ain't from the Bronx You's wrong, nigga we can get it on guns we toss 'em, and bodies we auction To his family we tell 'em he owed us a fortune Gimme forty-thou, you can have yo' child, you don't know What I had to go through, to clap this clown, check my background The last nigga to see you bleed, the last nigga to see you breath The last nigga you wish you shoulda believed And Drag move quick, blend right into a wall like a brick The only thing you see before I blow off ya shit is my wrist 'Cuz my hand the gun is covered in Not this range, when I pump this pistol, its very rare I miss it Damn it on ya lips Y'all keep talkin like y'all teflon with no weap-ons Nigga I'm pumpin my four, I ain't throwin no more Nowadays niggas run upstairs, open they drawer My circumstance, you ain't got that chance mines in my draw, you get it? Thats means y'all walks for two dicks, so don't be stupid and make me use one unless you ?that bitch? I told these niggas, that I was the sickest bitch And everytime you spit, I'ma spit some sicker shit Ridicoulous, I reminise when I blaze the track Tight shit, make a nigga wanna play ya back I'm hatin that, but I'ma make 'em all believers Fuck hot, I'ma come and straight drop a fever Cop a heater, turn around and pop your leader And for the followers, I'ma leave their heads hollower Make your wig twisted as if I was Oliver Layin in a hospital, hooked up the monitors Thats for the game, y'all lames just came to first 'Cuz I ain't neva heard a bitch straight flame a verse I blame the church, how God let you lie like that Who scribed you for, 'cuz you ain't neva rhymed like that How the fuck you gon' tell me that chick is tight She ain't 'aight 'cuz she don't write, you wrong you turn :)
  12. Get it right, ya bitch is just a waste of my time throw ya brain away,It's a waste of ya mind think you can spit, I'm spittin ya spine resporator won't be zig zags it'll be be a flat line i'm tellin you what to do when i step in this place the doctor's can't help they got to leave the bullets stuck in ya face. Illest spit cause see i keep niffin up snot cause if talk then ya moms will find ya dead in a box open casket look i got the gadget that transform right in ya face and melt ya skin like plastic ya bitch my gun will make ya chest burn smoothly when i draw it out it'll look like a western movie try me now, I bet i can make you wet the bed shot gun with the shells that cover ya egg head feds is lookin for me , But i'm a little to fast rob ya set with a gage and a president mask look,i might hit you, ya brain tissue wit a sword as deadly as army missles
  13. I'm thugged out enough to beat your fucking ass right now I'll make your best rap wack with a rap right now Cuz I'm the jacka the calidod pack the yay sacker Tell your bitch to shut the fuck up for I slap her Yea the jacka the spectacular my hold makes me Look like dacula plus the young mob nigga that's smother shit For the scrill my real niggas noting know who it feels Bitch open your eyes and realize that you cry on ya Cover your head and duck when bullets flying on ya When that ak spits you can't save shit you on your way To your grave bitch
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