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  1. boy u chat wet like ure swimming in a river keep spitin line that u no u cant deliver u no i spit truth so dont call me a fibber lines so cold make ure whole body shivver so boy betta go get ure jacket y u lookin away isit coz u cant hack it or is it coz i got talent n u no that u lack it reppin m34 yes u no dat i bak it u cant ever say im unknown coz i got a big crew im never alone n i only used one thing to get known n it aint no wepon its a microphone thers 10 year old boys carryin a nife cuz thay fink is rite cuz thay got olda brovas with nifes this shit ant rite u don
  2. yhh man u kno the name ull kno who i am i dont float like a butterfly or sting like a bee ill hit u so hard ull end up at the ever side of the sea u think that ur sick but bruv i disagree have u on the floor countdown 1,2,3 ill make sure ur girlz on 1 knee ive heard ur cocks the size of a pee bruv wait when she sees the size of me come on bruv ur not no badman u c on t.v ull c me raping ur girl on the news bbc ill b eatin ur girls clit like im eatin chicken from kfc she dont want u kno more uve gt h.i.v ill have ur girlz in handcuffs like im the la.p.d u kno it aint long
  3. who wont a battle 32 barz
  4. i ant no badman i ant no sad man im on this hype fing cuz i got merked my sum batty man well ges wot u getin merked bk by me tha badman wanabe as you say but i fink yh tha wannabe g playin with fake straps sayin yh gona blow of ma nees haha il get yh girl 2 blow me of so hard il explode like a nucula bomb she will be neeling tha floor like sum low life scum
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