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  • Birthday 12/27/1990

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    Dizzee... the man from day!

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    Luton, England
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  1. Dodgee

    I'm bk...

    strange.. wer u from. if its not the uk then i undastand ur problem huni!
  2. Another set ov grime bars... doin wot i do best. This bits pulled from a tune i done, called it cheap talk. Show love or juss hate like last time, woteva the weatha.. i duzz dis! Who's got an issue? I ent selling magazines, can i ask y ur botherin me!? D.O.D since o3 Chat about me, talk sense, think logicalli! Still the gulliest quite nawtee unfortgetable like i'm carved in the flesh of your raw cheek Before ME, the stories appalling i was yawning, had 2 come back n i tore it! Not the tallest - 5"10 stil smell sweet, shape up and the gyaldem adore me mans try stop my status from rising surprise they slip n fall continue residing not that i care anymore anyways alot less than summa dem flys on the wall in o6 i told ya i won't fall piggy back done! lemme show u the door! "Get out, right now!!!" das wot i mean wen i say vacate bruv, get out the scene on this since mr muscle held sheen! Your name aint on the map trust cuz neva that mans countin down the clock till i leave Two double ohh nine, locked in my belt, beats in my head, tricks up my sleeve! Talk on road Far from belief 'I herd dis' yh reh reh reh 'he said, she said' reh teh teh Can i sit bk, chill, just wana breath! Wivout sum mook pushin me 2 do shit wen i dnt want 2 some nights are scarce ov sleep its a joke too Y cant i go 2 bed, close my eyes, to my surprise Drift off to a land i'm supposed to! But thats not allowed talk is cheap! stil isn't said to me! Spreaded in a circle, come on wots the need? juss wot i do yh!
  3. yh im lovin it... fresh 2 the grime scene. feels gd wen u xpress yaself lyricalli! stay on the site n keep ritin. i'v been grime since 02/03.. hitt me up!
  4. u chat air u cactus! duss man....
  5. bring some content... some1!!! jheeeez
  6. Dodgee

    Rap Site?

    i thought this was a rap site not a cartoon convention, real men rap here children please go that direction, use ur "energy force" or baby blanket as protection, but i swear it wont do shit aganist .45 wession, you should think good befor buttons start pressin, words in retalation but really ya lucks stressin, where's the real rap at my lyrics are like a blessin, you couldn sell ya raps at a ghetto ass intersection! Pre-ordained for rap to be brewed into my blood, versatilities the style, bringin yourself the goose bumps. Pass it to the cats you chill with, just call it chewing gum, The guy to stay away from + the lead that i cum. Flows ejaculate, sprayed with woteva might come, y did u raise an arm to use ur fingers and thumb, to type pointless mess, then read this n feel numb!? Dodgee the kid, from Luton wont find me in Sidnum. i could keep goin!
  7. i hit you with the 1 hitta quitta face splitta im the nigga to go to blowin niggas up cahmay hahmay ha whup ya ass just like goku i leave ya homies confused about what had just came thru you easy like shutes and latters im hard like sudoku look at this prik, he trys to talk the talk, i'm straight Majin like Vegeta! equivalent ov ur cahmay ha, Roshi, on his knees ready 2 bum ya! Kahme, musta lockd u in the time chamber 4 2 long, thinkin u could come slay son, Now i'm Trunks from the future, sendin the warnin, so warn yaself dnt muck around!
  8. the speed its delivered n the style its written is grime. Rhythm and speed play is was helps u understand it!
  9. thnks 4 teh feed back. confusin 2 read... confusin 2 read n learn! lol
  10. Nowdays i cant even b on road, without my name bein scribbled with a bad sentence. real talk, straight facts, hu's got evidence? I said wot? dont think that i did! Show me the proof fam, hu's got the Vid? "Yh, Dodge was there!Lick off abit." I dont appreciate hate from the snakes, stay low, unbate, no doubt your a snitch! and its appropriate to say that karmas a bitch! My tongue is a weapon, so right now im shooting... aim to hit, ill talk, ill shout, be loud... n spit! To portray the fact I'm on this ting! The air thats blown! Not taking shit. The talk that's spoken by some heads, i swear it flows like baby's shit, gets me down, makes me switch. past the limit you'll see me slip, make me tick, try this thing. Trust! Just look, I does this thing, jump on a riddim and abide by the strides while i jam in the lime light... run this thing These words are told, so close your eyes and compromise, with ease next time!
  11. My toungues unchained like the loose ov a dog, find me ready, waiting like the beep ov a microwave! The race is paved, to chase n shave, the work rate i've seemd to madly shape. I see the roads clear, dressed and made! Times spent low, kinda like the railroad, made by the slaves, whilst hibanation isn't my game but often necessary when a scene inflames. The heat, it's flames! But you could call bareface what i'm blatently saying! kwik lil fing stil. lemme no wa u fink!
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