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  1. mr.flow


    now that im BaCk i finally can rap, i cant at my home cause my parents are mad wack, fresh with the flow they call me a tic tac, when im done, i just sit and relax, i sit BaCk and listen how i haunt the damn track, fall BaCk for several months wake up and relapse, i spittin truth apparently spittin these damn facts, my bars create a new style i call it the rip rap, stand BaCk and just watch how im fresh when i come BaCk.
  2. i liked it long but i liked it. i want to hear you with beef with someone, i think you would do very well
  3. mr.flow


    i liked it the only thing is i got bored around the middle. its rate my rhymes, not songs. Not meaning this in a bad way.
  4. my flow is so sick it will clean your pampas my rhymes make mean niggas happy campas when i walk through my school and i get dapped up my girls say nice spit and hugs get me rapped up im trapped up in this world called hip hop but i was never at the bottom i was always at the top how can these dumb niggas try to stop the sickness it dont spread so stop thinkin you could get this ya thick head cant stop the speeding led one shot to the head never miss now your dead nigga i come from the gutta man you dont even know m to the ista and dont forget the flow lemme skidaddle man i gotta go hold on to your hats ima bout to blow.
  5. got em on a fuckin reply oh shit!!!!!!!!!
  6. mr.flow

    oh god

    yo theres this cat tha realest man holy shit in a quick little spit shut up got em fixed woodman why did you do it man why did you try this nigga took ya ass out, on a fuckin reply how does that make you feel pretty dumb i bet why was you hatin, now ya ass is upset tha realist got it made you stuck in the dust got put up shelf quick for causin a fus well you just mad cause his style is better his bars sliced you up you went thru the shredder im sick with the flow, why you think the call me mister f to the low, tear ya ass up like you been outside in a twister ay yo woodman, im fuckin sister then i kick her ass out, act like im gonna miss her shakin the ground i guess im like fissure i cut woodman down with a rhyme and som scissors TIMBER!!!
  7. what the fuck are you saying this dude just through his life on the table and your gonna say it was "ight". nigga what the fuck is wrong with you that shit rhymed and everything, told a good story, nigga its betta than your shit. enouph said.
  8. mr.flow


    nobody can spit it how i spit it so fast watch me get it, im swattin these niggas away robbin there homeruns when they hit it, i dont care what yall niggas is thinkin but when i flip it, you cant stop you cant knock it ya body ill flop it ill just straight drop it, who want it ill load it and cock it then pop it at ya who can stop it, my money i stack to my ceilin got gwaup i take vacations in the tropics, you niggas betta watch it ill switch ill swap it i got the game in my pocket, so tell me what ya thinkin while my mind will stay trippin got my 9's churpin like crickets, so while im trickin you niggas will be thinkin about how i rip it like hulkamnaia and his t shirts, watch how i kick it ill sick it ill tip it you trippin im flippin you thinkin im spittin im hittin you missin i spit the straight truth these niggas is bullshittin.
  9. i hit em' with a 1, 2, 3 and even a 4 now ya ass deceased not talkin anymore dirty up ya carpet with ya blood stained on the floor you soft i go hard like mike's hard lemonade i am the british and your just napoleans blockade hit ya make ya do the michael jordan fade away now every g has a gun and every kill begins with k
  10. i hit you with the 1 hitta quitta face splitta im the nigga to go to blowin niggas up cahmay hahmay ha whup ya ass just like goku i leave ya homies confused about what had just came thru you easy like shutes and latters im hard like sudoku
  11. oh my god "stay on the run like a RB in madden" that shit was tight!!
  12. here it comes im the thunder and the lightning my tips keep firing my loose bolts i am tightening im like go go power ranger inspector gadget on dat ass 6 feet underground ya new homes unda the grass my rhymes is a drunk driver bitch causin a car crash storm thru ya hood so quick its like my name is flash im crazy im loco im folle for dat cash leavin hataz hurt after my hurricanistic path rich boyz money clean yo my money need a bath ill go straight fuckin pikachu on you i guess my name is ash ya bars like 2 mph mines are going so fast im just like twister for ya sister when i leave ya wit a blister yeah u kissed her now u wished her never came wit the hitster im a hitman your a felon i shot ya homie now ya tellin now im relaxin and im thinkin while ya girl cookin in da kitchen
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