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  1. just saw him a couple of weeks ago in LA. awesome artist!
  2. cptracks

    The Greening

    Has anyone here heard of them before? I just found out that they are coming out with a new album. I'm so excited! here check them out > www.thegreening.com
  3. cptracks

    The Greening!

    Just came across this indie band The Greening on myspace recently. They're pretty good. They have that psychedelic pop/rock 60's-70's feel. Very Beatles-esque. You can download their music on their myspace and official site. :D Advantages of indie bands. http://www.myspace.com/thegreening http://www.thegreening.com/
  4. Ho. Ly. Crap. I think I just had an aneurysm. That was awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.
  5. Kind of glad I didn't buy it. It was pretty disappointing. :/
  6. cptracks


    Yeah! I saw her on Warped Tour! And I really like her new music video for Savior. I love the 'intergalactic electropop'. XD
  7. A new band called Humanlab. Great lyrics and vocals with a different sound. Find them at http://www.myspace.com/humanlab
  8. WOW!! she is really good. i cant wait to be sitting in traffic and listen to her new CD
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