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  1. I was just reading the wikipedia on Muse and they have a live CD/DVD coming out on March 22nd. It's a taping of their concert in Wembley Park which was meant to be pretty mad. I think I'm going to pick it up because I've been a big Muse fan for a while but never seen them live. Are they good live?
  2. So do i. But i guess its good for these not-so-big bands playing at music festival events for those event-goers rather than actual fans, that way they actually get heard and are publicised. Gyroscope deserve more publicity cause i actually do reckon they rock and produce good music. Agree?
  3. hahaha these days it seems like no one buys the album anymore jsut download off bittorent eh
  4. I have a sharp 903sh, does anyone know how to unlock this type of phone?
  5. download or buy?? for me i still prefer to buy the cd as imo sounds much better...without compression
  6. b2o

    Any SOAD fans out there?

    actually it flopped really badly...did anyone here even buy the album?
  7. Hmm from hearing some of their older stuff i prefer their snakeskin type of materials. Maybe gonna check out their new album when it comes out. Is anyone going to download or buy their new album?
  8. b2o

    Any SOAD fans out there?

    you could of herad it ....on that website i think i had too bad it didnt do too well
  9. hmmm dats one of their older stuff right? for me i really like their new single snakeskin, duno if you have heard it but its on their myspace and it really rocks, well in my opinion anyway. good aussie rockers
  10. Well i guess, being signed to a major label gives you such luxuries in being able to produce perfect sounding albums. Its pretty awesome that they have such stage prescence and they dont suck live like the other popular bands...mainly pointing at FOB and panic (Gez they really suck live). I really enjoy this energy and form the mosh pit they had in the crowd, im pretty sure alot of people enjoyed it too. Which of the songs do you think its their signature sound?
  11. I heard the single Snakeskin at the BDO and on their myspace. What you guys think of it? The radio triple J likes it since it gave it 16th out of 100.
  12. b2o

    The Lynx Effect

    Them shower gels look awesome as well, Beats a bar of soap any day. Recently only raised interest in shower gels, only ones I've ever used is my sisters
  13. b2o

    The Lynx Effect

    What do u guys think of the new product range? I had a look at all of them here http://www.lynxeffect.com.au/ I noticed that they've changed the lids around? Why do u think they did this.. For the sake of change or what. That Lynx site is pretty awesome as well, Bom Chicka Wah Wah.
  14. Am i the only one thinking that shes miming?
  15. b2o

    Any SOAD fans out there?

    got the album today...its fkn awesome
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