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  1. [b][color=#000000][u]A Whole lot of Electro Vol 2-Lot49[/u][/color][/b] [img]http://geo-media.beatport.com/image_size/212x212/4551725.jpg[/img] With A Whole lot of Breaks Vol 2 recently released to a rapture of applause and all 26 tracks charting the highly popular Beatport Chart, 'The Whole Lot Of' series steam rolls on with another 26 peak time lot49 classics. This time it's our Electro tracks that are repackaged into this genre specific unmixed comp. Vol 1 was one of our most successful release's to date and with the calibre of artists featured on Vol 2, there is no reason why this compilation will not be competing its predecessor. We have label bosses Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie appearing along side Lot49 favourites Vandal, Lee combs & Kid Blue, and we are also treated to some of the finest up and coming talent out there right now in the shape of Utku.s, Misk & Neon Stereo. This is a 'must have' for any self respecting Electro Fan & DJ [b]Coming soon... A whole lot of techno V2 A whole lot of Tech-house V1[/b] [b][color=#000000]Listen to and purchase "A whole lot of Electro"on[/color] [/b] [img]https://www.beatport.com/image/open_graph_site_logo.jpg[/img] [url=http://www.beatport.com/release/whole-lot-of-electro-2/821072]Whole Lot Of Electro 2 [LOT49] :: Beatport[/url] [img]http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n317/puppyboy_01/lot49small.jpg[/img]
  2. [b]Meat katie 'BIZARRE IS BEAUTIFULL' Lot49 (Out Now)[/b] [img]http://i1.soundcloud.com/artworks-000004502628-pii80q-t300x300.jpg?c1f0ed[/img] Meat Katie is back and armed with his latest single 'Bizarre is Beautiful'. This is his first Breaks single in sometime, and what a single it is. A chunky grinding Bass-line, underpins this late night growler coupled with his infectious heavy percussion and all the Techy over tones you would expect from this Tech-Funk Pioneer. Relentless in its approach, Bizarre Is Beautiful has seen action on dance floors from Hong kong to Kiev, by some of the worlds biggest DJ's showing there is room for cool, credible, stripped back breaks in nearly any kind of set. [b]Listen to Bizarre is Beautiful[/b] http://soundcloud.com/lot49/meat-katie-bizarre-is-beautiful-lot49-out-now Remix comes courtesy US Technorist Lightknife who turns in a slamming and chaotic remix that effortlessly builds to an almighty climax, expect to be hearing a lot more from LightKnife on Lot49 in the near future. [b]Listen to Lightknife remix[/b] http://soundcloud.com/lot49/meat-katie-bizzare-is-beautiful-lightknife-remix-lot49-out-now [b]Direct Link to buy; Meat Katie 'Bizarre Is Beautiful' [/b] http://www.facebook.com/l/55acflejeS9fcJma8t-AM_YmY8A;https%3A%2F%2Fwww.beatport.com%2Fen-US%2Fhtml%2Fcontent%2Frelease%2Fdetail%2F328806%2FBizarre%2520Is%2520Beautiful Mark, (Meat katie) has been busy in the the studio and has a great run of singles & remixes in the pipeline for the next few months, not to mention the Seven Year Itch Compilation which he has Compiled and mixed to mark seven years of Lot49 (which he is co owner of alongside Dylan Rhymes) which contains no less than 16 Exclusive unreleased tracks. Tours of Australia / Far East are confirmed for Late March/April and a USA in May. [b]Dylan Rhymes 'FILTH BAG' out now on Lot 49 Records[/b] [img]http://i1.soundcloud.com/artworks-000004843538-k25iga-t300x300.jpg?c1f0ed[/img] Lot49 Co-owner Dylan Rhymes is back in the game with his first release of 2011 and it's another peak time dirty banger aptly titled 'Filth Bag'. Never one to disappoint Rhymes delivers more of his signature style, crafted production, saturated with unrelenting synths, basslines and infectious grooves that should satisfy even the most finicky of electro connoisseurs. UK Breaks Kings 'Ways & Means' have been assigned for remix duties turning in a gritty, growling slab of Tech Funk while Australia's 'Neon Stereo' injects his hefty Electro adrenalin all up in it! [b]LISTEN TO FILTHBAG[/b] http://soundcloud.com/dylanrhymes/dylan-rhymes-filth-bag [b]Purchase 'Filthbag' now on Beatport[/b] https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/331491/Filth%20Bag More dancefloor slammers from Dylan Rhymes forthcoming on [b]LOT 49: TAKE MIAMI compilation![/b]
  3. [url=http://beatport.com/s/r1hZEf][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/uaa44600.jpg[/img][/url] [b]Elite Force - Final Revamps 2010 [UAA044][/b] [b][url=http://beatport.com/s/r1hZEf]EXCLUSIVE at BEATPORT NOW[/url][/b] [i]"We really have Elite Force to thank for being the flag bearer for all that's brilliant in the world of refixes. The man can't go wrong, and these three bangers are proof of his versatility. 10/10." [b][InTheMix Magazine][/b][/i] It's been a great year for me from start to finish. [b]'Revamped'[/b] dropped in March & held 14 positions in the [b]overall Top 50 on Beatport[/b], and went on to smash the breaks chart holding numbers 1-12 for well over two weeks, and throughout the summer I was fortunate enough to play some killer Festival shows all over the world, including [b]Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, Shambhala, Wickerman[/b] and the big daddy, [b]Burning Man[/b]. Throughout I've tried to strike a balance between free Revamped downloads (there have been at least 6 this year - check [url=http://www.eliteforcemusic.com]www.eliteforcemusic.com[/url] ) and official label releases, with this 3-tracker being the last of those this year. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you three [b]XXL[/b], tried & tested floor-killers that I hope you'll pick up to keep the fires burning this winter! [b][url=http://beatport.com/s/r1hZEf]GET THE RELEASE HERE[/url][/b] [url=http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://beatport.com/s/r1hZEf][img]http://www.uaarecs.com/fbsh.png[/img][/url] "Loving the Chew Lips - played it twice on the Remix already" [b][Eddy Temple-Morris, XFM][/b] "The Dubstep refixes are Dope!! 5/5" [b][Datsik (Rottun Recordings)][/b] "This release is sooo strong! I love the diversity! Support will be forceful and unyielding. 5/5" [b][The Crystal Method, USA][/b] [b]SOUNDCLOUD PREVIEWS[/b] [url=http://snd.sc/dZ6h33]Chew Lips - Rising Tide (Elite Force Revamp)[/url] [url=http://snd.sc/bHiabs]Crissy Cris & Youngman - Kick Snare VIP (Elite Force Revamp)[/url] [url=http://snd.sc/a6mcuA]Chasing Shadows - Amirah (Elite Force Revamp)[/url] [url=http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://snd.sc/emFsXK][img]http://www.uaarecs.com/fbsh.png[/img][/url] [b]VIDEOS[/b] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPRpeDTAl0s]Chew Lips - Rising Tide (Elite Force Revamp)[/url] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAWecmwCfj4]Chasing Shadows - Amirah (Elite Force Revamp)[/url] [url=http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://www.youtube.com/user/djeliteforce][img]http://www.uaarecs.com/fbsh.png[/img][/url] Can't wait for 2011! sHack [b][url=HTTP://WWW.ELITEFORCEMUSIC.COM]WWW.ELITEFORCEMUSIC.COM[/url][/b]
  4. [img]http://www.uaarecs.com/mailbanhulme6.jpg[/img] Now's your chance to get featured on U&A Recordings as part of a remix package including chart-toppers Elite Force, Hedflux and The Loops of Fury, no to mention a chance to get your hands on some amazing remix parts from modular synth wizz [b]Mike Hulme[/b]. [b][url="http://www.uaarecs.com/mixcomp.htm"]FULL DETAILS, REMIX PARTS (44Mb of MODULAR SYNTHESIS!)[/url][/b] [url="http://snd.sc/aX5B09"]PREVIEW THE TRACK ON SOUNDCLOUD[/url] <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value="http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F6358048&secret_url=false"></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param> <embed allowscriptaccess="always" height="81" src="http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F6358048&secret_url=false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"></embed> </object> <span><a href="http://soundcloud.com/mike-hulme/mike-hulme-sweet-inspiration-128kbps-taster">Mike Hulme - 'Sweet Inspiration' *REMIX COMP* (128kbps TASTER)</a> by <a href="http://soundcloud.com/mike-hulme">Mike Hulme</a></span> [url="http://t.opsp.in/LN8u"]DOWNLOAD REMIX PARTS[/url] Deadline is [b]22nd November[/b], and full instructions are on the website [b][url="http://www.uaarecs.com/mixcomp.htm"]HERE[/url][/b]. Can't wait to hear your very finest work & by all means help us spread the word on Facebook by [b][url="http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://www.uaarecs.com/mixcomp.htm"]CLICKING TO POST ON YOUR WALL[/url][/b]. Much respect, sHack
  5. [b]Bitrok - Push The Envelope (Remixes)[/b] [b]UAA042 [U&A Recordings] [/b] QUICK LINK > [b][url=http://beatport.com/s/r1d01f]http://beatport.com/s/r1d01f[/url][/b] FEATURING STELLAR REMIXES FROM ... [b]Elite Force & The Loops of Fury[/b] [img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/pushe.jpg[/img] [b]AUDIO PREVIEWS / PUBLIC PROMO & POST - RELEASE FEEDBACK[/b] [url=http://soundcloud.com/u-a-recordings/bitrok-push-the-envelope-128k-taster][b]Original Mix[/b][/url][b] [url=http://soundcloud.com/elite-force/bitrok-push-the-envelope-elite-force-mix-taster]Elite Force Mix[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/u-a-recordings/bitrok-closest-strangers-loops-of-fury-club-mix-128k-taster]The Loops of Fury Mix[/url][/b] Aussie duo Bitrok make their debut on U&A with a smokin' starter of electro acid pie, followed with some main course peaktime breakbeat tweakery from label boss Elite Force and a delicious desert from tech- head destroyers, The Loops of Fury. Something for everyone on the menu this week with one of the strongest 3-courses you'll see all year from three Master Chefs, all at the top of their game. Enough of the food analogy. It's making me hungry. [b]GET THE RELEASE HERE & SATISFY YO GREEDY ASS > http://beatport.com/s/r1d01f [/b] [b]SELECTED DINERS RESPONSES[/b] “Excellent Elite Force Mix” [b][Plump DJs (Grand Hotel)][/b] “Love this entire release. The EF remix is my favorite but you can count on us to support all three.” [b][Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method)][/b] “Great package & mixes. Does the trick with some old & new skool flavas!” [b][Krafty Kuts (Various)][/b] “Strong all around. Excellent progressive on the original, an acid breaks remix from Elite Force, and some proper new skool electro from Loops Of Fury."[b] [XLR8R Magazine (Canada)][/b] “Really Really rocks! 5/5” [b][Annie Nightingale (BBC Radio One)][/b] “Bitrok is BACK! An excellent debut on U&A, their new album is going to be absolutely stellar, just like this single.” [b][InTheMix Magazine][/b] “Corr wish i got one of these through the post every day, all the mixes work for me. 5/5” [b][Dub Pistols][/b] Many thanks for the support, s [url=http://beatport.com/s/r1d01f][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/beatpp.jpg[/img][/url] [b]//LINKS[/b] [url=http://www.uaarecs.com]http://www.uaarecs.com[/url] [url=http://www.bitrok.com]http://www.bitrok.com[/url] [url=http://www.eliteforcemusic.com]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com[/url] [url=http://www.theloopsoffury.com]http://www.theloopsoffury.com[/url]
  6. [b]The Loops of Fury - Rack Em / Pump Up [UAA039][/b] [img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/rackem.jpg[/img] [b]BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE - 28th July 2010 [/b] CLICK HERE TO SAMPLE/BUY > http://bit.ly/rackem ALL OTHER STORES - 9th August 2010 [url=http://bit.ly/rackem][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/beatpp.jpg[/img][/url] Brisbane's Loops of Fury burst onto the scene last summer with their massive anthem [b]'Flick The Switch[/b]'. Since then their sound's developed, and their [b]'BattleWeapon Techno'[/b] (as they like to describe it) has been winning fans across the board, from James Zabiela to Plump DJs. On this brand new single, we have two tracks for you. The first, [b]'Rack'Em[/b]' is a low-slung, compulsive slice of electro-techno, hooky but never too obvious, and a perfect choice for those dark & dirty backrooms. When [b]Sacha [/b]received this he was instantly in touch giving it a 5/5 rating and demanding a WAV for the weekend's sets. [url=http://www.soundcloud.com/u-a-recordings/the-loops-of-fury-rack-em-taster]AUDIO : Rack Em[/url] Second track 'Pump Up' is much more of a bruising affair ... heading more in the direction of Boyz Noise & the french school of punk-electro, this is [b]a peaktime banger[/b] sure to kick your face off. [url=http://www.soundcloud.com/u-a-recordings/the-loops-of-fury-pump-up-taster]AUDIO : Pump Up[/url] Responses have been great & in keeping with the Loops's inexorable rise to the top ... "Brisbane's Loop of Fury return on Elite Force's evergreen U&A. Rack Em carries a low slung underground techno feel to it, but with it' big beats will see big plays across the board. Pump Up, takes a different route and smacks of rough electro sound of the likes of Boy Noize. Strong sound system music that takes no prisoners! 8/10" [b][i-DJ Magazine][/b] "Whoa - hold the phone. This isn't the Chemical Brothers? Right gotcha. It's the Loops and it gets better than that. This is hot shit electro techno fused with gorgeous lasers, wobbles and most importantly POWER! Love it!" [b][InTheMix Magazine][/b] "Wicked release guys - 5/5 - please send the WAV!" [b][Sacha (Worldwide)][/b] "Wicked Bug Out Sounds. Quality tracks! In the Box"[b] [DJ Believe (EQ Magazine)][/b] "Excellent stuff - Loops of Fury do it again! 5/5" [b][Christopher Lawrence (Various Worldwide / Rush Hour Radio)][/b] "Looove the Loops & rack Em's the one for my sets" [b][Meat Katie (Lot49)][/b] "I am feeling this Shit!" [b][Donald Glaude (Everywhere)][/b] "Great stuff, loving this style." [b][Far Too Loud (Funkatech)][/b] "Massive release. Will be caining these." [b][Vandal (Lot49 / Benefit)][/b] "Very nice tracks" [b][Electric Soulside][/b] "Awesome stuff 5/5" [b][Calvertron (Various)][/b] "Love it! Loops of Fury are fast becoming one of my favourite new acts in dance music right now. Full support." [b][Dom Smart (Neurodriver / Broken Robot)][/b] "Pump Up's the one for me 5/5"[b] [Lee Coombs (Lot49 / Thrust)][/b] "Another MONSTER release 5/5"[b] [Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method)][/b] "Another strong release from the L.O.F." [b][Orde Meikle (Slam)][/b] "Two big big tunes.. loving the vibe on 'Rack Em' will be playing this at the festys for sure"[b] [Ben & Lex (SWU Radio / Beats & Bobz)][/b] "Big in the game peaktime bangers from the Loops. Supporting!" [b][Dylan Rhymes (Lot49)][/b] "Sweet sounds of Rack em - yer baby!" [b][Justin Rushmore (Soul of Man)][/b] "Rack Em for me - big piece of techno madness with an electro twist" [b][Maelstrom (Expressillon / Katorza)][/b] "Gimme some of that pump up.. Nice!" [b][Peo de Pitte (Flatline)][/b] "Rack Em is for my floors" [b][Broombeck (Various)][/b] "Cool tracks" [b][DJ Bam Bam (Chicago)][/b] "Both tracks are rock solid, emphasis upon rock and i'm loving it." [b][DJ JELO (Toronto)][/b] [url=http://bit.ly/rackem][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/beatpp.jpg[/img][/url] Many thanks for the continued lurve for the U&A, [b]sHack[/b]
  7. [b]July 2010 :: KID BLUE "BASS REFLECTION" [/b] [i]with remixes from Meat Katie and DeadbeatFM [/i] [img]http://www.lot49.co.uk/newsletter/BASSREFLECTIONPACKSHOTforwe.jpg[/img] [b]Kid Blue is back![/b] "Bass Reflection" is a late night low slung offering which follows on nicely from his Speakfreak EP which we released to critical acclaim last year, it also comes with a couple of slamming remixes by label boss Meat Katie & South African Techno upstarts Deadbeat FM. BIG Support on this one - check it out [b]Laurent Garnier[/b] Meat Katie Rmx Fat dancefloor monster- will play [b]Mason[/b] A bunch of thumbs up here 5/5 [b]Wehbba[/b] MK's remix has a different and original vibe to it, really cool track [b]Kid Massive[/b] Deadbeat FM mix is my pick [b]Circuit Freq[/b] solid release having a hard time picking my favorite [b]Lee Coombs[/b] Great release 5/5 [b]Mateo Murphy[/b] Really liking the two remixes [b]Maelstrom[/b] Deadbeat Fm mix for me - killer techno joint! [b]Elite Force[/b] Deadbeat FM is the one [b]Lys [/b]heavy! I like it [b]Mr Henry Von[/b] Like the Meat Katie mix the best! Thanks :)) [b]Far Too Loud [/b]Another stonking Kid Blue track. Love both the remixes too. [b]Uberzone [/b]Love the bump n grind. :) [b]The Micronauts[/b] The Deadbeat FM Remix is the one for me [b]Vandal [/b]Solid release LISTEN & BUY KID BLUE'S "BASS REFLECTION" HERE [url]https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/1247/lot49[/url] ALSO Kid Blue has kindly put together a mini-mix (tracklist below). 1) Harry Axt - Stopp - Schlachthof 2) Dan Marshall - Plus One (Beckers Remix) - Twisted Frequency 3) Zoo Brazil - Fancy (Popof Remix) - Tasted Music 4) Vandal - Life (Ant Brooks Remix) - Lot49 5) Sebastien Leger - Silicone Carne - Mistakes Music 6) Proxy - Vibrate (Noob Remix 2) - Turbo 7) Reset Robot - V3 - Sprout 8) Kid Blue - Bass Reflection (Deadbeat FM Remix) - Lot49 9) Subfractal - Nice Guy - Killing Machine [b]AND as if one free mix isn't enough label boss Meat Katie has put this together for you too.[/b] 1. Sander Kleinenberg 'T.I.O.N' (5K Remix) Little Mountain Recordings 2. Herve & Fatboy slim 'Machines can do the work' (Herve Remix) Skint 3. Lee Coombs 'Italo Disco' (Maelstron remix) LOT49 4. Kid Blue 'Bass Reflection' (Meat Katie remix) LOT49 5. Various 'Alright' (Meat Katie & Elite Force BM mashup) CDR 6. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes 'Only You' (Echo Vacio Remix) LOT49 7. Kele 'Tenderoni' (XXXChange DUB) Polydor 8. Elite Force 'Law of Life' (Loops of Fury Remix) U&A 9. Ant Brooks 'Bieber' LOT49 10. Unknown 'Back up' (Meat Katie re-rub) CDR 11. Zoo Brazil 'Fancy' (Popof Remix- Mk Re-edit) Craft Music 12. Swen Weber 'Bass Club Edit' Tiger Records 13. Far Too loud 'Bass Association' Funkatech 14. Redux 'Acid Bomb' (Butter Party Remix) Trickery Collective 15. Spektra 'Casting Shadows without light' (UMEK remix) Respekt 16. Shadenfreude 'The Road leads East' (Meat Katie Remix) Yoshitoshi [b]You can grab your FREE DOWNLOADS from[/b] [url]http://www.lot49.co.uk/LOT49PromoPortal.html[/url]
  8. [b]Elite Force - Law of Life Remixes #2 [UAA038][/b] [Nom De Strip, The Loops of Fury, Access Denied] [img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/revamp23.jpg[/img] [b]BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE - 5th July 2010 [/b] [url=http://bit.ly/a5VLkp]CLICK HERE TO SAMPLE/BUY[/url] ALL OTHER STORES - 19th July 2010 Elite Force's huge [b]'Revamped'[/b] project dropped [b]15 massive bombs[/b] on the world back in March, and went on to dominate the Beatport charts in an unprecedented manner, holding all of the [b]the Top 12 places in the breaks chart[/b] for close to a month &amp; at one point [b]all of the album tracks were in the Top 50 overall chart[/b]. This second package of remixes of 'The Law of Life' goes out to the electro-heads and features some cracking re-works. First up the [b]ex-Stupid Fresh[/b] man and superstar in his own right, [b]Nom de Strip[/b], who smacks up a HUGE wobbling peaktime bit of bidniz with a side order of WHOMP. The second mix comes from [b]The Loops of Fury[/b], fresh from remixing for the [b]Plumps[/b]' new label, and they come in HARD with an epic [b]Boyz-Noise-meets-Chemical-Battle-Weapons[/b] mix that is already an anthem in Elite Force's current sets. Last but by no means least is an amazing mix that goes out to the beat-lovers and features a cracking re-working from Belarussian breaks-king [b]Access Denied[/b], fresh from his own chart-topping exploits with his recent singles. [url=http://bit.ly/a5VLkp][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/beatpp.jpg[/img][/url] [b]InTheMix Magazine Review[/b] "Two ridiculously hugeroom remixes of a splendid original. Nom de Strip fires a deep and aggressive bass and a delicious breakdown; and the Loops once again show that they are mastering the art of proper electro with a grind-tastic take. Sure fire gold!" 5/5 [b]i-DJ Magazine Review[/b] Elite Force - Law of Live (Nom De Strip / Loops of Fury Remix) [U&A Recordings] "More lairy than my Uncle Pete after a day on the cider. Glad to see Nom De Strip picking up where he left off in Stupid Fresh and taking it to 'the next level' (Whatever that is...)" 10/10 [b]Laif Magazine Review[/b] Elite Force - Law of Life (Remixes) [U&amp;A Recordings] "Massive remix from Access Denied! This is their best production to date." 5/5 [b]EQ Magazine Review[/b] "Huge tunes love the nasty nasty vibes in both and those basslines are just proper!" 5/5 "Love the Law of Loops!" [b][Annie Nightingale (Radio One)] [/b] "Oh yeah, the NDS mix will be banged with a vengeance!"[b] [TJR (Potty Mouth)][/b] "Love the Access Denied mix" [b][Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)][/b] "Nom De Strip mix is DIRTY!" 5/5 [b][Santiago &amp; Bushido (Potty Mouth / Various)][/b] "F*ck! They're all really good! Will play." 5/5 [b][The Bulgarian (Feta / Jack Union)][/b] "Nom De Strip smashes it!" [b][Tod (Stupid Fresh)][/b] "Access Denied Mix makes me dizzy... is like a great drug!!! BEAST" [b][J Mekka (iBreaks)][/b] "Another set of classy rockers!" [b][Krafty Kuts (Various)][/b] "Access Denied mix is bananananananas!" 5/5[b] [Nick Thayer (Passenger / Various)][/b] "Two of the hottest remixers on the block. Never fail to impress" 5/5 [b][Aniki (Various)][/b] "Will be playing this LOUD" 5/5 [b][DJ Zinc (Various)][/b] "Access Denied Mix is HEAVY. Will be playing this for sure" [b][Pete Jordan (iDJ)][/b] "Steady on my speakers just fell of my wall from the bass of the Access mix, I will be having words at the Wickerman. Huge tunes love the nasty nasty vibes in both and those basslines are just propper!!"[b] [DJ Believe (EQ Magazine)][/b] "Another massive release! Access Denied will find their way into rotation for sure." [b][Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method)][/b] "The Access Denied remix especially is just nasty!" [b][Dom Smart (Broken Robot / Neurodriver)][/b] "I'm sucker for the crazy bass-lines! Nice work...congrats! 5/5" [b][Simply Jeff (Magnetech)][/b] "I can see more Beatport domination on the cards!" [b][Vandal (Lot49)][/b] [url=http://bit.ly/a5VLkp][img]http://www.eliteforcemusic.com/beatpp.jpg[/img][/url] Many thanks for the continued lurve for the U&A [b]s[/b]
  9. [img]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/italodiscofinalforweb.jpg[/img] Up next is a single from the mighty Lee Coombs' Light and Dark album called "Italo Disco". The original gets the remix action by Lot49 newcomers Les Architects who throw things into the deep tech bowl. Maelstrom turns in what can only be described as floor smashing Techno Disco for those peak time sets. Dancefloor tested and certified! Dubfire 5/5 Lucien Fort Fuk me! 5/5 Timo Maas Good H-NRG track 4/5 Elite Force Maelstrom remix is wicked 4/5 Far Too loud Loving the Maelstrom remix 4/5 Drumattic Twins You cant go wrong 4/5 Peo De Pitte Mealstrom all the way! 5/5 MC Flipside Really feeling the original 4/5 General Midi peaktime for sure 4/5 Dada life 4/5 Mealstrom Remix Matteo Esse Liking the original 4/5 Dopamine Les Architects mix is wicked 5/5 AudioJack 4/5 Matteo Murphy Original is great 4/5 [b] LISTEN & BUY 'ITALO DISCO' [/b] [url]https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/1247/lot49[/url]
  10. [img]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/ONLYYOUFLYERweb.jpg[/img] Considering these guys share a studio in leafy suburban town of Kingston, its a rare occasion that you get to hear them on the same record, the last being 'Role player/Long Acre' last year. This time around they have drafted in the vocal talents of Ashley Slater & Kristian Booth under their 'Iconical' moniker 'Only You' is a brooding slab of melting electro trash! The rising bass-line is relentless and glorious in its peaks while it carries with it a classic acid house type feel (think Renegade Soundwave, Nitzer Ebb, Fini Tribe + Meat Beat Manifesto) As our boy Lee Coombs puts it... 'Its the Future Sound of Retro" Three upcoming producers have been drafted in. Brighton based Echo Vacio strip the whole track back and deliver a slamming peak-time Techno workout. Germany's new young hopefuls Switchbox give an atmospheric tech-house interpretation that maintain s the mood of the original and last but not least Stockholm's Haggstrom funk it up and add some bounce to the proceedings. Another diverse package from Lot49 - Enjoy! Laurent Garnier Faaaaat will play 4/5 D-Nox loud and rocking as always. peak time techno! will need it! 4/5 Plump DJ's Haggstrom Remix is in my box 4/5 Tom Stephan Switchbox is doing it for me! 4/5 Freqnasty Kool Vibes 5/5 Far Too loud Wicked stuff 4/5 Lee Coombs Love the dark twisted bassline 5/5 Jamie Stevens (Infusion) Switchbox do it again 5/5 Circuit Freq will definitely be playing in my sets 4/5 Mateo Murphy FAAAAAAT 5/5 MC Flipside I am feeling the Big room vibe Haggstrom 4/5 Elite Force YAy 4/5 Matteo Esse Solid tech Groover 4/5 Richard Dinsdale Haggstrom remix is great 4/5 Dopamine Really like the Echo Vacio remix 5/5 Peo De Pitte All the mixes are insane b-b-b-b-b- bangers 5/5 Onionz Echo Vacio sounds banging 5/5 Audiojack 5/5 Mark Dynamix Evil driving Bassline 4/5 Jesse Voorn Haggstrom remix is cool 4/5 Reid Speed Definitely for the late night hardcore crew 4/5 IDJ Best Lot49 release for a while 5/5 Mixmag Great set of tunes 4/5 Neural Magazine, Italy Dangerous tune!!! Only You is gold!! 5/5 OUT NOW on [b]Beatport[/b] [url]http://bit.ly/cHEJiq[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/lot49/01-only-you-original-mix-mastered-128]LOT49 - Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "ONLY YOU" (ORIGINAL MIX) OUT NOW - SoundCloud[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/lot49/02-only-you-dub-mastered-128]LOT49 - Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "ONLY YOU" (DUB) OUT NOW - SoundCloud[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/lot49/03-only-you-echo-vacio-remix-mastered-128]LOT49 - Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "ONLY YOU" (ECHO VACIO REMIX) OUT NOW - SoundCloud[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/lot49/04-only-you-swtichbox-remix-mastered-128]LOT49 - Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "ONLY YOU" (SWTICHBOX REMIX) OUT NOW - SoundCloud[/url] [url=http://soundcloud.com/lot49/05-only-you-haggstrom-remix-mastered-128]LOT49 - Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "ONLY YOU" (HAGGSTROM REMIX) OUT NOW - SoundCloud[/url]
  11. [b]LOT49 RELEASE NEWSLETTER - April 2010[/b] [img]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/vandalweb2.jpg[/img] Lot49's latest sonic adventure sees label stalwart Vandal return to the fore with this monstrous Thrasher EP. Vandal's previous releases such as "Mad as Hell", "Obey", "Idiots" and last year's "Captain Magic" have gained him a reputation for producing no nonsense, energy fuelled floorfillers and this EP is no exception. Here Vandal has crafted 3 genre transcending club bangers that have been part of our armoury for the last 6 months, tearing up floors around the globe from Berlin to Istanbul, Moscow to Sheffield. Enjoy!! Plump Djs "really into Smell the glove Excellent Production" Elite Force "Solid Tech Breaks" MC Flipside "Rough & Tough" Mason There "Here.... Sounds like a beat" General Midi "Lovely stuff" Donald Glaude "FCKIN INSANE" CTLZ "Very Very Cool" Mark Dynamix "These Are Evil 4/5" Jamie Stevens "Finally! A track using 'Smell The Glove' 4/5" LISTEN to "Vandal - Thrasher EP" [url]http://soundcloud.com/lot49/sets/vandal-thransher[/url] BUY VANDAL "Thrasher EP" from Beatport [url]https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/236367/Thrasher%20EP[/url]
  12. [img]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs436.ash1/24075_10150181762465111_900400110_11965345_494493_n.jpg[/img] [b]U&A Recordings Presents... [/b] [b]Rektchordz – Speaker Bump[/b] (Featuring Remixes by The Loops of Fury, Vaski & Pete Jordan) U&A stalwart [b]Rektchordz[/b] (aka Jamie Smithson) is back & firing on all cylinders with his latest bomb from the tech-funk trenches. [b]'Speaker Bump'[/b] is prime time techy tackle for electro-heads with a familiar vocal hook and a whole world of whomp, we expect this to appeal to many of his previous supporters, including [b]Laurent Garnier[/b], [b]James Zabiela[/b], [b]Meat Katie[/b], [b]Nick Warren[/b], [b]Slam[/b] and [b]Will Bailey[/b] amongst many others. On remix duty, fresh from remixing the debut single on the Plump DJs new label, [b]The Loops of Fury[/b] come correct with their Battleweapon techno-take. We then have mixes from two very different but equally exciting emerging production talents ... first up, Beatport-topping dubstep superstar -in-waiting [b]'Vaski'[/b] smacks the living daylights out of it with a seismic rumbler, whilst Spectum legend [b]'Pete Jordan's[/b] reworking is a massive wonky classic to keep the warehouse kids more than happy. As a bonus ball - check out [b]Calvin Harris[/b] - Stars Come Out (Rektchordz Re-Fix) which is up for free download right now from his newly unveiled webspace [b][url=http://rektchordz.com]http://rektchordz.com[/url][/b] [b]Sample/Buy now on Beatport[/b] [url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/235169/Speaker%20Bump]Click Here [/url] [b]FEEEEEDBACK ....[/b] “I F*CKIN SEX THIS CHOON. ORIGINAL IS UNSURPASSABLE SICK DIRT. BEEN RINSING IN KISS AND BEYOND.” [b][The Loose Cannons (KissFM)][/b] “So THAT'S where Rektchordz has been! Producing pulsating peak time electro greatness deliciously served with a side of zip-tastic electro from The Loops, massive bass from Vaski and warehouse vibes from Pete Jordan. You Beauty!” [b][InTheMix Magazine][/b] “I always reach for U&Atracks whenever I need to bring more uncouth 'flavaz' to a discotheque, and this will be heading straight to the front of the wallet. Pete Jordan's groover is my pick o' the bunch.” [b][Kristian Dando (i-DJ)][/b] “Liking the Original mix - radio play & support from me!”[b] [Annie Nightingale (Radio One)][/b] “Liking the Original mix” [b][Laurent Garnier (Everywhere)][/b] “I won't lie, I've had the original for a while and I drop it every set. BIG tune. F*cking love it. This one sounds better if it's any consolation :)” [b][Stupid Fresh (Various)][/b] “Good good goooooood 5/5”[b] [Popof (Heretik / Various)][/b] “Support for the Vaski Mix from us!” [b][The Bloody Beetroots][/b] “Funky track - will definitely play out” [b][Orde Meikle - Slam (Soma)][/b] “Original is for me but I like the Vaski Mix too!” [b][Hatiras (Hatrax)][/b] “Killer Package” [b][Meat Katie][/b] “Always have a lot of time for U&Areleases. The original definitely works for me.” [b][Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse Music)][/b] “Pete Jordan can't go wrong.... Thanks!!!!! Great stuff!” [b][Peo de Pitte (Various)][/b] “All mixes are badass, the original is my fav of the lot!” [b][Aniki (Various)][/b] “The Loops of Fury Mix is sick!” [b][Electric Soulside (Plasmapool / Various)][/b] “Loops of Fury mix is the one for me.” [b][Vandal (Lot 49)][/b] “The original is a solid thumper. The Loops mix is, as always with their mixes, completely mesmerizing. The dark, crispy dub-stop mix by Vaski with be haunting the more experimental dancefloors for sure. Quite the package!” [b][Rabbit in the Moon][/b] “Original is sick but really feeling the Loops of Fury mix” [b][Micky Slim (Godskitchen)][/b] “It's a rumbling affair. not sure which mix to use as all are rocking it for me. great package!” [b][JELO (The Love Bug)][/b] “Rolli Polli Bass, dynamite!” [b][TJR (Potty Mouth, Jack Union)][/b] “The Loops Of Fury Mix is hands down awesome!!” [b][Ben & Lex (Beatz & Bobz)][/b] “Pete Jordan and Original mix for me!” [b][The Bulgarian (Potty Mouth / Various)][/b] “Very cool electro number 5/5” [b][fRew (Vacation)][/b] “Original is awesome.. nice peak time electro flavours!” [b][Sharooz (Worldwide)][/b] [b]Sample/Buy now on Beatport[/b] [url=https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/235169/Speaker%20Bump]Click Here [/url] [url=http://www.uaarecs.com]www.uaarecs.com[/url] [url=http://www.rektchordz.com]www.rektchordz.com[/url]
  13. [size=10pt][b]LOT49 RELEASE NEWS UPDATE[/b][/size] [b]LOT49058 FUSSY BOY "JONNI" + ROBOSAPIENS REMIX[/b] [img]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/FussyBoyLogoforweb.jpg[/img] Straight off the back of his epic remix of Dylan Rhymes' and Tom Real's "Godzilla", Fussy Boy returns to the scene with his first killer single - "Jonni" This rocket of a tune starts with an unassuming Tech groove and cascades into a searing synth frenzy that has the early signs of becoming Fussy Boy's trademark sound. Showing partiality towards fierce peak time numbers, as demonstrated here with "Jonni" it's easy to see why Fussy Boy has already gained the support of Mstrkrft, Boys Noize, D.I.M. and the like and looks set to make a heavy mark on the Indie Dance/Nu Disco (or electro house if you are beatport) scene this year. On the flip - Robosapians step up to the remix duties, putting their very own techy spin on the lead track with a techno re-rub. A darker and more driving take on the original, focusing on rolling bass grooves and a tripped out melody that slowly builds into something more relentless. This track is pure late night filth in the way that Lot49 does it best. A solid first single from Fussy Boy and another Lot49 classic in the making. Expect to be hearing both of these throughout clubland for the foreseeable future. [color=red]James Zabiela 'Original mix is cool' Tom Stephan 'WOW' Phil Hartnol 'LOVE IT 5/5' Elite Force 'I really like this track' Donald Glaude 'A floor destroyer' Peo De Pitte 'Top stuff from the swede' Mc Flipside 'More please 4/5'[/color] [b]Listen Here[/b] [url]http://soundcloud.com/lot49/sets/fussy-boy-jonni[/url] Grab it from [b]BEATPORT[/b] here [url]https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/226903/Jonni[/url] [b] FUSSY BOY DJ MIX - FREE DOWNLOAD[/b] [url]http://qa1.topspin.net/fbshare/LOT49/1680/E14652/?fv=highlightColor-0x00A1FF&w=300&h=250[/url] [b]Tracklist[/b] Spenza - Silver NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin (Beataucue remix) Dolby anol - Callin Colin Genuine Guy - Chang n Chai Etienne de Crecy - Fuck Vitalic - Flashmob Vandal - Big Dog (Fussy Boy remix) Maral Salmassi - Let's Rock the Party (Fukkk Offf remix)<br> G.E.R.M - Glitterball (G.E.R.M remix) Electrocker - ESD (Da boogieboys remix) Modek - Copperhead Dylan Rhymes & Tom Real - Godzilla (Fussy Boy remix) Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Verdis remix) [size=10pt][b]LOT49059 LEE COOMBS "PUNJI" + ZODIAC CARTEL & THE OMEGA MEN REMIXES[/b][/size] [img]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/LeeCoombsBeatportChartPic.jpg[/img] This release follows up from the awesome single 'Detox' taken from Lee's highly acclaimed 2009 album 'Light & Dark'. Here Florida-based Lee Coombs and Lot49 deliver an exclusive album extra entitled 'Punji' and in true Lot49 style there are a few very tasty remixes to boot. The original mix is a no holds barred monster of a dancefloor cut and is a powerful example of Coombs negotiating exquisitely a mixture of the various breaks influences he has accrued over his long spanning career. As you'd expect with Coombs, pounding kicks, naughty arpeggiated lines winding snake-like through the mids, unnerving vocal cuts and a trademark breakdown dropping briefly into a hip hop motif before smashing back into the main theme – quite simply, top stuff. On remix duties we have the veritable Zodiac Cartel and very little need to be said about this man who seriously laid down the skills in 2009 to position himself as one of the 'go-to' producers in the warehouse field. Here on Punji he picks up the theme from Lee's original and runs with it producing a jacking bassline house classic - the very style that has given him such notoriety. Completing the Punji package is our debut remix commission for Lot49's 'New Lot Competition' finalists The Omega Men. Here they take things a little deeper and a touch lighter on the theme to produce a distinctive late-night tech-house roller. Watch out for the breakdown on this one too - it’s massive. [color=red]Donald Glaude 'Feeling the original & Zodiac cartel mix' Dave Aude '5/5 Awesome' Deep Child 'Slamming!' DJ DAN 'Zodiac Cartel is the shit!' Far too Loud 'Flithy Groove, will be supporting' Mc Flipside 'Zodiac Cartel Mix ... Rocking' Streetlife Dj's 'Absolutely Love this!' Nick Thayer 'Big Release' Tony Senghore 'Always love Coombs & Zodiac cartel' Blende 'Really into the Original' [/color] [b]Listen Here[/b] [url]http://soundcloud.com/lot49/sets/lee-coombs-punji-lot49059[/url] Grab it from [b]BEATPORT[/b] here [url]https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/229718/Punji[/url] [b] MEAT KATIE, DYLAN RHYMES AND LEE COOMBS LIVE FROM OPEL 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - SAN FRAN *3 LIVE RECORDINGS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW[/b] [url]http://www.multiverse-music.com/newsletter/lot49/LOT49ReleaseNewsletterMarch2010SXSW%5Bpromo%5D.html[/url] [url]www.lot49.co.uk[/url]
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