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  1. Good ol' Neal Peart... reliable as ever.
  2. Thanks! And here's a natty little quiz for your tea-break... Month-by-month 1967 quiz January: At the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park, who did not appear? A: Alan Ginsberg, B: Richard Alpert, C: Timothy Leary, D: George Harrison. February: What spacecraft did NASA launch on 5 February? A: Surveyor 3, B: Luna Surveyor 3, C: Lunar Orbiter 3, D: Luna Orbiter 3. March: In the US, how many attended Easter Sunday’s Be-In? A: 10,000, B: 15,000, C: 20,000, D: 25,000. April: What famous sports person refused US military service in this month? A: George Foreman, B: Jack Nicklaus, C: Carl Yastrzemski, D: Muhammad Ali. May: What infamous law was repealed in Tennessee? A: “Butler Law,” B: “Monkey Law,” C: “Scopes Law,” D: “Apes Law.” June: Which cardboard-person was ultimately left out of the “Sgt Pepper” cover shoot? A: Diana Dors, B: Hitler, C: Mussolini, D: Jesus. July: What did John Coltrane die of? A: Liver cancer, B: Alcohol and heroin abuse, C: Pancreatic cancer, D: Hepatic cancer. August: What is the full, correct title of Scott McKenzie’s summertime classic? A: "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair),” B: "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear The Flowers in Your Hair),” C: "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair),” D: "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear A Flower in Your Hair).” September: What was the first music played on Radio One? A: “Flowers In The Rain,” B: “Flowers In Our Rain,” C: “Flowers In A Rain,” D: “Beefeaters On Parade.” October: Who did the Kray Twins murder, a deed leading to their eventual downfall? A: Jack the Cap, B: Jack McVitie, C: Frankie Fraser, D: George Cornell. November: What was the BBC’s first ever local radio station? A: Radio Shropshire, B: Radio London, C: Radio Local, D: Radio Leicester. December: What was the first ever album track to feature stereo flanging? A: Jimi Hendrix “Bold As Love,” B: Moody Blues “The Day Begins,” C: Traffic “Dealer,” D: The Zodiac “Aries.”
  3. I struggled a little with Ray Davies' new album... there were a few good songs there though.
  4. Blimey, seems like only a few weeks since I was here... Anyway, the 'sixties-ified of you may be interested in the following: MOOCH 1967½ : the new album : 14 February 2008 I'm delighted to announce the release of a new album 1967½ on the AmbientLive record label. This album is available as a standard CD at £8.00, or as a CD/DVD set at £13.00. The album contains eleven songs, nine written by Steve Palmer, with a couple written by Devonian singer/songwriter Paul Rowley, a long-time friend of Steve’s. The feel is 1967 and all things Summer Of Love. If you are considering purchasing the special edition of the album, please pre-order (or order after 14 Feb) from ambientlive.com as soon as you can - the special edition of Dr Silbury’s Liquid Brainstem Band sold out in three weeks. The special edition of 1967½ contains the following: DVD with videos for some of the songs; a bonus track not on the standard album; a filmed interview with Paul Rowley; various slideshows etc. Extra artwork not available with the standard edition is also included - pages 3 and 4 of ‘Internatural Times’ (only pages 1 and 2 available with the standard CD). Four song samples are now available on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/moochspacey Any extra information you may need can be obtained from me or from John Sherwood at AmbientLive. Turn on, tune in, drop out! Thanks guys, STEVE...
  5. Thanks guys! Now all I need is the money! (Pay-day soon...)
  6. Hi guys, I'm not overly a fan of Motown music en masse, but I would like to get a good compilation of all their best classic pop songs from the 'sixties. Can anybody recommend a good 'un? Thanx in advance... :D
  7. I'd forgotten how good that Moody Blues track is. Must listen to it yet again...
  8. "The late 60s was a golden age for pop, bubblegum, psychedelia and lounge. The summer of love was in full swing, England had recently won the world cup, man was landing on the moon, people were starting to travel overseas and there was definitely something in the air. This soundtrack, hand-picked by Pete Lawrence reflects and revives that golden age, a superlative double CD set of tracks from the likes of The Mamas and Papas, The Cowsills, Thunderclap Newman, Traffic, Warm Sounds, The Box Tops and The Association. This music made a profound impression on Pete as a pre-teen adolescent and here, he re-assesses a golden age in music at a time when everything seemed that little bit more utopian and magical. The sentiments, inevitably about love, peace and nature, retain their relevance with an added resonance today, given the trajectory of the last 40 years and the adoption of many values from the hippy era by a large majority today, and the music, remastered here with love and care, sounds as vibrant and contemporary as anything else on offer at the moment. • 40 years since ‘summer of love’ – all tracks from around 1967 • 2-CD collection of sixties tracks – hits and rare gems, compiled by Pete Lawrence of the Big Chill." http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/3402357/Fa...ve/Product.html I'm finding it difficult to play much else at the moment... :)
  9. I think Sgt Pepper and Revolver are equally great - equal top position. Nothing comes close to those amazing albums.
  10. Steve Palmer

    Fab Gear

    There's a great compilation of 49 golden pop greats from the late 'sixties out - it's called Fab Gear. Highly recommended. Has all the songs you'd expect, plus lots of rare ones. Anybody given it a listen?
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