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  1. Ha ha Sinatra Definitely gets my vote on this one! And according to that site with the poll they are going to be playing Sinatra's 1974 concert "The Main Event" and Jay-z's answer the call tomorrow night starting at 10:30 I might have to check it out or at least set the DVR for it.
  2. Just found a great photo gallery from Aretha Franklin's show in NYC earlier this month...she is still so amazing! http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/09/28...ity-music-hall/
  3. mags49

    John Legend pics

    Whats your favorite?? Mine has to be this one that I just found in this Photo gallery... http://www.msg.com/photos/john-legend-on-and-off-the-stage/
  4. haha! i saw this, i read about it yesterday-lol
  5. how does this happen? how does someone get out 36 YEARS early?!
  6. this sounds like an interesting read....i'd like to read about some of the rolling stones crazy experiences, i will be picking this one up!
  7. i've had cats all my life and they have always been comforting when anyone is sick, they can sense that
  8. i like this story, thats quite an accomplishment!
  9. i really find many churches very hypicrytical, they need to start looking at the big picture
  10. R.I.P.- they are two of my all time favorite shows, hopefully they will be on tv for a long long time
  11. apparently she has not learned her lesson, i heard she isnt in rehab at all and that she plans on continuing her tour and supposedly has even been seen drinking again...
  12. i'm so sick of him right now, how cocky can you get?
  13. i like rihanna, she was really good @ the mtv video awards, its good to see someone actually sing instead of lip sync!
  14. mags49

    The Verve

    i love the verve song from cruel intentions!
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