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Matt Rendo

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  • Birthday 10/13/2000

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  1. Few will remember me, but hello to those that do. Not sure what kind of time I have for these forums but I still have music in my blood so hopefully I can find some.
  2. I had to uninstall Win 7. It wouldnt let me update my computer, my DVD drive wasnt working, and it was starting to lag terribly. I reinstalled Vista and wouldnt ya know it, my hard drive is starting to bug out on me. Time to buy a Mac?
  3. I have a 7mbps connection and I get about 6.5ish.
  4. Another update.... that job didnt pan out, but I found another. Having surgery next week to remove some kidney stones. Moved in with my girlfriend, we have a great 3 bedroom house. Lots of ups and downs but things are overall just fine.
  5. Just an update: I finally found a job!
  6. I am happy with Win 7 so far. Less buggy, less of a resource hog, and just seems to run better. Now all I need is a crack so I can run this beta version on into the sunset. Just upgraded the internet (7mbps) so now its time to download some new music. We will see how the built in backup works.
  7. *waves* Hi everyone! My internet was down or I would have said hi sooner. Hope all is well. 6 pages of unread posts tells me it is.
  8. I am still around, lurking... no longer a presence though.
  9. I dont understand a single word you just said...
  10. I got more responses to this post than any other!
  11. Sorry to be the downer everyone... Im always available on Twitter (@mattrendo) or email: [email protected] Ever need or want anything and you can get a hold of me that way.
  12. Its a leave of absence, I will probably be back.... you know about that huh?
  13. As soon as I find some, I will share with all.
  14. thanks to all, but the bottom line is I have to prioritize and work>blogging
  15. Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
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