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  1. TPB has been one of my premier torrent sites until recently. Can TPB still be trusted now?
  2. x2 There will be a test case soon I am sure. Its an outrage
  3. x2 Seems the legislature messed up a good thing. A good antispam law that's carefully crafted is a help in the fight against the rising tide of spam.
  4. Sounds like its for the playboys who like to spend money ;)
  5. What a crock of sh*t this is. Definitely someone must been smoking the funny stuff.
  6. I believe deep down he's craving the attention...
  7. Bush? He's a has-been also-ran lame-duck just like his father was. He'll turn wherever the political winds blow just to keep . He screwed up royally on the katrina fiasco...now time for a BIG payback!!!
  8. Cheers! *high fives all around* :)
  9. I think the consumer should have MORE choice in the FORMAT of the album, whether downloadable or in a CD. I can see the usefulness of single tracks as a promotional tool, where users can download selected tracks to hear the tunes and if they like what they hear, they'd buy the album. Format should NOT matter really.
  10. Can't beat the twisted logic behind that...also there are a lot of albums "leaked" to P2P networks well ahead of release. One I can think of is the "St. Anger" album by Metallica. That one was out on p2p at least a month before release
  11. And two gay shepherds don't quite attract the attention that cowboys do...so they kinda put some spin on the blurbs
  12. Another last uncharted frontier...cellphone RINGTONES!! gawd, that'll drive us all nutzz hearing such a cacophony!
  13. Put 'em both in a room together and watch the fur (hair) fly! :D
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