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  1. Hey, thanks guys! I've had an extremely busy year. I haven't been here at Beat King for quite some time, but hopefully that'll change. All the things that have brought some turmoil into my life this year have been straightened out, and I look forward to some calmer times.
  2. UNICEF report: USA and UK have highest teen pregnancy rates. IMHO is all about education or the lack thereof.
  3. The only sure thing about oral sex is that it won't get anyone pregnant. It doesn't protect from STDs like herpes, gonorrhea, syphillis, HPV, AIDS, and other evil things though. By the way, ever noticed that teen-pregnancy is an predominantly an Anglo-Saxon problem when we look at the developed world?
  4. collideous


    If you're a news junkie, this makes one awesome desktop wallpaper for ya! From its intro page:
  5. Holy f...(arting) cow! I signed up on this forum this morning after seeing Psilaxs' post on Zeropaid, then coming over here just to take a look and see all these familiar names. Just got home from seeing "Monsieur Ibrahim", and what do I see here? Well, thanks folks for the welcome. I'll try to post as often as I can, but ain't gonna promise to be all that frequent. Otherwise I'll get in trouble with the wife. Anyway, thanks. You guys just got me to make a first post, yeay!
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