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  1. Anyone that's in the mood for listening to the internet radio, go check out www.littleradio.com. There is some good music there. Also, register in the forums if you'd like.
  2. You just took the words right out of my mouth. Luke McCown has great potential, he just needs better judgement.
  3. Well, tonight I'll be going to see a local show where one of my friend's band is playing. That shuld be fun. Then, Saturday night I'm going bowling. I'm not too good at bowling, but I just go to have a good time.
  4. I see the Deer Hunter is on there. Such a powerful movie, as well as depressing.
  5. I've noticed the similarity between Tim Kasher's (Cursive) and Robert Smith's lyrics. And if you're interested, check out The Good Life, Tim Kasher's side project. It's more of a relaxed, acoustic sound. The earlier albums were more electronic oriented, but last years release, "Album of the Year" is by far their best effort to date. http://www.saddle-creek.com/bands/goodlife/ Click downloads and enjoy. :scratchin:
  6. Thank you. And no problem with the post, that's what I'm here for.
  7. Oh yeah, you'll just have to click on "downloads". It didn't link straight to the page.
  8. Absolutely. http://cursivearmy.com/03/home2.html There are a few songs to download there on their official site. I hope you enjoy.
  9. A great concept from Indie rockers Cursive. I have been listening to this album a lot recently and I am pretty impressed. The songwriting here is great, and in many cases, just plain brilliant. Best song (in my opinion): Driftwood: A Fairy Tale Also: I am new here, so if this was already discussed, I apologize.
  10. I guess I don't mind The Killers. Their lyrics don't really do anything for me, but the music is somewhat enjoyable.
  11. There is a Browns fan now. That would be me. I hope it will do some good getting Crennel.
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