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  1. 20 or 40 joints whats the danger there? You just wont be going anywhere fast.LOL...Overall good news for italy
  2. Wow, thats too much for me to even think about doing. Especially after reading their disclaimer
  3. I am all for it, especially since it also helps to protect our national security. There has been way too many leaks as of late, somebody's gotta pay...
  4. It was a hunting accident accident from what they said. It could actually happen that way and anyone thats been hunting birds before, one jumps and you fire away. It was definitely an unfortunate accident, thankfully it wasnt life threatining. Also why would we want to shoot one of our own anyway? btw funny pics above. :bigsmile:
  5. thats awesome, I'll take 2 :bigsmile:
  6. Now that was a great idea for a thread that has stood the test of time. Many thanks rainbowdemon for starting it. I am sure it has satisified many loyal customers. :good job:
  7. Sorry to hear the news, hopefully they have implementation problems like you mentioned. I'll bet our government will try something like it here in the near future.
  8. Commodore VIC20 with a cassette tape drive, I know I just dated myself :bigsmile:
  9. Great pic hunter. I personally think that if you poach any animal out of season you deserve to get busted.
  10. Not yet , I dont have a helmet cam nor have been brave enough to bring my camcorder out there yet. I'll try to post some pics after this wknd.
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