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Jim Colyer

Bad Information

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I struggled for a week to pay my income tax
Thought I had it made and I could relax
Thought I had a refund coming in the mail
They said I owe more if I don't wanna go to jail
I had to postpone my vacation
I had Bad Information

I got along great with my boy friend
Thought I wouldn't mind getting married again
I ordered a cake, I picked out a dress
He said, "I don't love you, I couldn't care less"
Don't send those invitations
You got Bad Information

Every time I think I know what's going on
Somebody comes up and tells me I'm wrong
Somebody feels a need to set me straight
Change my way of thinking, change my fate


I had an appointment at the beauty shop
Thought it was Thursday, 11 o'clock
I ran 3 red lights to get there on time
The girl said, "It's Friday at half past 9"
It's just another complication
I had Bad Information
It's one more aggravation
I got Bad Information

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