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The Best 7 Free and Open Source Human Resource Software Tools

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HR leaders in an organization need to be more agile as the job demands them to be consistently experimental. Human Resource does not just stop with recruitment, staff management, rules, policies and keeping the organization well ahead in the chart of “Most Sought After Company” for job seekers. Such dynamics are old HR. Today, HR processes spread beyond this and are more of people operations. In this era, HR leaders need to assure that the employees are valued too.  It starts right from recruitment, engaging the employees in the right way, retaining them and creating a healthy work culture. To sum it up, several HR functions are automated, and several functions are co-functioned with other organizational operations. A comprehensive HR Software system will help HR leaders to practice HR innovation consistently and efficiently.

HR Functions a Few Years Ago:

A few years ago, the HR functions had limitations. Several tasks were done either manually or with simple excel and word files. Digitalization was restricted to a greater extent.

  • Simple digitalized Hiring
  • Simple documentation management
  • Manage a typical compensation and rewards forms
  • Employee performance evaluation based on position in their hierarchy
  • Track employee progress
  • Paper-based
  • HR Functions Today 

It is definitely a changing world. What we see and believed yesterday stands obsolete today. Views change at any given point of time due to different formative experiences. Several organizational functions have elated and taken a different approach. Employment perception too has changed today for a number of reasons. HR functions today have enhanced to a higher level. The number of quitters in a company is likely to rise considerably by 2020, says a new Deloitte study. In order to retain employees, the old practice is not enough. HR functions have to be refined with several add-ons. Data and proper system are the key aspects that will surely help HR leapfrog from the old style. Let us see some of the critical functions of HR today;

Significant functions of HR today;

  • Employee benefits
  • Human Resource
  • Employee engagement
  • Analytics
  • Training
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Performance Management
  • Expense Management
  • Team Management
  • Appraisals based on skills and abilities

Human Resource Software available these days should be able to adapt to the agile landscape. A comprehensive free and open source Human Resource Software tool can help HR leaders to stabilize employee demands and organizational offerings.  

“You Don’t Build a Business, You Build People, and the People Build your Business.”

Interestingly, the valuation of the Human Resource management software market is poised to touch USD 11 Billion by 2023. 

What is a Human Resource Software Tool?

Human resource involves a huge amount of data. Today, as every business is planned in terms of the past performance and future opportunities, a proper analytical system that delivers data as per the need is all that human resource leaders aim for. Typically, a useful and efficient Human Resource tool should be capable of assisting the users with human resource information, recruitment and on-boarding functions, performance management solutions, employee engagement system, payroll management system, database management system, training, expenses, Appraisal, feedback, analytics, reports and much more. 

There are vast arrays of HR tools available in the market, and it is possible to pick the one as per the required features and that suits your need.

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Human Resource Software tools are:

free and open source Human resource software tools
comparison table HR software tools 


#1 Ice HRM

#2 Jorani

#3 Odoo HR

#4 Orange HRM

#5 Sentrifugo

#6 Bitrix 24

#7 OpenBaraza


The historical hiring process has lost its charm. HR is more factual and not personal these days. Part-timers, freelancers, Co-workers, Consultants, and independent contractors are increasing a big way today. Majority of the future generation is likely to work at a very comfort zone from where ever they are. Mobility and simplified recruitment process are going to take the upper hand.

For HR leaders, deploying a complete approach to create talent base, to tracking them, to schedule interviews, to manage simplified employee engagement, to manage training process and to manage performance-based appraisals with simple payroll system is critical. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are incorporated in every process these days to define all future goals. HR functions are no exemption. So, you can evaluate the above-mentioned software solutions and effectively take advantage of them.


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