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  1. Favorite Songs

    hi Inspired by another post (top 5 favorite bands), what are your current favorite songs and what are your all time favorite songs? Up to 5 of each! Long time favorites for me are The Taste of Ink & Blue and Yellow from the Used, You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance (original version) by A Day to Remember, Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin, Hold Me Down- Motion City Soundtrack Currents: Brothers to the Flames - It Prevails; Disappear (acoustic version) - Motion City Soundtrack, The Weakends- Motion City Soundtrack, If God Smokes Cheap Cigars- Envy on the Coast, So This is My Future- Ice Nine Kills, Sweetest Air (acoustic)- This Time Next Year, Hummannequin- The Color Morale, I Hate Heartley - The Amity Affliction, Montrose- Man Overboard, and way too many Say Anything songs to mention. I meant to do 5 but I couldn't narrow it down. The currents are subject to change depending on my mood. lol What are yours?
  2. Barbarella!

    In the movie Barbarella, the character discovers the pleasure of sex and kind of whores her way around trying to find Durand Durand and stop him from using his "destructo ray" (I can't remember what it was but it was bad.). Along the way she meets an angel who can't see and lost the will to fly. She makes love to him and he regains his will. He flys her around and they are pursued by these evil flying things. Barbarella shoots them down. On and on. Barbarella saves the day. Its a terrible movie, but terrible like the Evil Dead is terrible. It's great "Cant tell time by telling time, Shes so ready, Im so heavy , Its so heavy on me" - the constant pressure from a spouse to get sober... shes ready for him to kick the addiction to move foward but hes in too deep "Barbarella Come and save me from my misery Cant you see its a disease" - Misery from drug addiction and a cry for help "Shoot the bad guys and Ill gladly sing a tune for you" - "shoot the bad guys" = kicking the demons.. "ill glady sing a tune for you" painting a picture of what could be "Lost in space-we could be free" - the regret of ever using in the first place and thinking about where you could be "Let go, let God they say I do believe but not in yours or yours I just believe its all the same " - those telling him to reach out to god while he was in jail/rehab to help turn his life around maybe... seems like hes saying he does believe in a god but he isnt tied to any specific religion "Don't know just who I am Don't know about the lamb I'm the meat of the feast" - As a struggling adddict Scott is the meat that media/drug dealers feast on. It's an easy sale. Scott doesn't know "who I am", or his role, because he is clouded by his drug use.
  3. Alter Bridge

    hey, ust got back from Alter Bridge at the UEA and quite frankly, I'm disappointed. There were two supports - Logan and Hot Leg. Logan were actually very good and I shall be hunting down some of their music (any recommendations?). As for Hot Leg....well, the less said the better really - save to say that Justin's voice still grates on me and their set was shite. Oh, and Justin now seems to think he's Brett Michaels, judging by the way he was dressed. Alter Bridge played a strong set, however the sound mix was all wrong for the first hour of it - the bass and drums were too loud and you could hardly hear the guitars at all. Added to that, I spotted at least 4 occasions where Scott Philips was not drumming in time with the rest of the band. As a former drummer myself, I tend to notice such things more than most - I know it's sad. He is technically an excellent drummer, however if you're not keeping time you're not doing your job properly and no amount of fancy crap is going to hide that fact. In all honesty, I shan't rush to see them live again as I've seen far better bands live and IMHO they weren't worth the nearly 20 notes I paid for it.