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Clinton CASH

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    J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Pete Rock

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  1. Beatking keep doing what you do!!!!!

  2. Beatking keep doing what you do!!!!!

  3. We'll Be waiting fam. Take care.
  4. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='26 January 2011 - 02:38 AM' timestamp='1296031125' post='192366'] Is she your gf? [img]http://www.beatking.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/yikes.gif[/img] [/quote] Unfortunately she's not Dude. Hey guys keep it going...
  5. From the Eyes of Clinton CA$H
  6. Alright check this out, I've got the Reasonable Doubt record(the 45 not the cd) still wrapped in plastic. Never been open never been damaged. I've had it for probably 6-8 years now. I found it diggin thru the crates at my brothers music shop one day. So anyone have an idea of how much it'll be worth one day?
  7. [quote name='messenger' date='09 September 2010 - 02:33 PM' timestamp='1284060790' post='190752'] clinton welcome back, where u been, nice peice, glad ur back [/quote] I had some things to handle. R U still slayin' 'em on here?
  8. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='08 September 2010 - 05:26 PM' timestamp='1283984760' post='190744'] Nice to see ya back in fine style, CCash [/quote] It's good to be back Dude
  9. I scribe on a page, about surviving the days and engage in telling ways, exactly how I livin' the stage when me and my boys enter, I be serving more blocks then a 2nd string center I'm considered to be top deal, I'm all real with my microphone skills sizing niggas by they Might and they Will then I strike and I kill....Verbally ya'll niggas never heard of me? my crew make noise they want my vo-cals with urgency Ya'll young cats only rhyme about cars that's all good but I rhyme for a cause, say a line then I pause ------------------------------{pause}---------------------------- to see how the crowd reacts I pull plugs like the microphone jack, so leave your mic at home black with dark thoughts my minds moves in silence Smart! I know how to kill besides using violence
  10. I'm out for president's to rep me it's killing me softly but, at the same time it strokes me gently niggas in the hood pushing for that black Bentley wit a house on a hill spend mill's and still have plenty time waits for no man, so while I'm herde I might as well, get wit the program 'Get Money' is my slogan I learned from the vets determined niggas'll make it trapped in these walls of rap and it ain't no escaping Deaths hard but Livings harder I'm tryna see all the jewels and expenses that spittin offers I know the topic I'm gettin off of I'm jus tryna live my dreams king of rap C.E.O. yeah I'm giving orders These six bills give me the Cris chills dribblin down my throat I'm a mic abuser, beat-head scribblin down these notes I know that this'll be the illest that I wrote making money now and a mink flows down my coats niggas feel me I'm jus living my dreams or am I dreaming to live the love and passion is the reason he is next at bat niggas all eyes on me place ya bets 40 to 1 all odds on "C" and watch the money roll in like an 8-Ball in the side pocket I'm real official let me see you jus try and stop it I'ma money machine I leave the struggles there bring the money to me ~The Presidents Ya'll
  11. I knew it. I fucking knew it. He came back at me on safe manz topic and I spotted a couple of lines from a song by Jadakiss and Styles P. daniels if your listening Your a fucking Disgrace, I mean what the fuck was your problem anyway? You just started attacking people with weak ass rhymes . Thats like assaulting someone with pillows. This makes me mad because it makes you more suspicious about other "artist" on here. No messenger I don't think we should ban him I think we should make his ass a fucking joke on this site, embarrass that lame fuck, you know? Then we ban this weasel. But he probably won't show face on here unless he changes his name, we'll still be able to identify his rhyme tho. We should all get on one topic and gangrape that ho. That's just my two cents ya know. I really want to know what got into that crusty fucks head? P.S. What kind of rap name is daniels? daniels!? with a lower case 'd'. Wow you do suck.
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