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  1. Used to rhyme reckless not worried about the flow Looking back like “damn I sucked a year ago” No purpose just rhyming about stuff like nines and keys Just my environment, immature at 16 And then I spit my 16’s and people would agree I was the illest MC anyone around me ever seen However now it’s just a hobby, funny how you grow up Even only in 8 months it’s obvious I’ll never blow up I don’t got a funny swag and don’t appeal to the masses Hispanic rapper, conscious and with a psychopathic twist Never be an industry slave, 6 mil and still broke Empty love from fans and groupies and my shows However I’m still as vicious though, I’m much smarter now I’ll still sever the heads off challengers and eat you faggots out I’m still the anti-wack lyricist, with a guerilla fist Peace for now though, sincerely, the mathafuckin realest
  2. aye dawg i'll battle you if your up for it. there aint a lot of people on here with actual ability

  3. You should never diss a monster, I devour your crew You need 16, I spit 8 cause im twice as good as you I kill you in your own city, to show u aint relevant You lack everything that i am skills, flow, and intelligence You stupid dumb "rappers" need to pick your battles Im an earthquake, devastate and leave you rattled As for guns, I hold, but I dont need none of that I eat pnks like you for fun, but im done thats a rap for real, ya'll need to stop hatin and actin like you know me. im tha mathafuckin realest niggaz!!! ya'll aren't even on my level. get your bars up, expand your vocab., and maybe you can compete
  4. HAHA!!! you mathafuckin faggot ass nigga! what makes you think i give a fuck about what u got to say?! FUCK YOU! YOU INTERNET GANGSTA!!! HAHAHA!!! Your Pussy hurts cause you feelin' me huh? HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  5. Im the NASA Challenger, takin off and blowing up Ya'll niggaz absent, not even showing up I go ballistic, Hannibal Lecter cannibalstic Drop you faggot niggaz like you 3rd hour Physics Now you fucked up, i got you pussys bleeding You a mathafuckin feather and this monsoon season The .50 cal. aimed, cocked, loaded, ad stainless Stupid nigga takin headshots, now you literlly brainless We from the ghetto, nothing but techs and desert eagles We Boys In The Hood 2 for you theres no sequel Im unbeatable, I will never face defeat I ghost ride the whip like Pac in the passenger seat If its true what they say and you are what you eat Then my bitch big dick and im a fuckin MC Remember Im from 24th street and you dont know me So be like NBA referees to a game and blow me And that mathafuckas is 100%!!! HAHAHA!!! To Be Continued...
  6. Here's my last 16. After this, I'll actually start sayin somethin. hahaha I pull barettas on niggaz and end a fight And pull the triggers when i aim and end yo life I got girls goin wild cause i expose a bitch See rap stars fall nigga make a wish I sneeze on MC's, yall should bless me We empty clips out here, any excuse to squeeze I roll to ya ho's crib, rollin the kush Yo bitch don't want me to pull out, like George Bush Fuck a pine box, bury me in an iron crate So my killaz can sleep safe unless i escape In that case load up lil nigga im comin A zombie-ass nigga wit the heater gunnin And im runnin, 100 miles and i wont stop They call me shaq daddy when i post up on the block You got body guards? i make em mathafuckas die slowly Then ima shooting guard mathafucka like Kobe
  7. I turn yo streets to gold when i touch yo block Open up your insides when i bust them shots 150 on the freeway and i will not stop Rollin windows down screamin "Fuck the cops!" The first gun i ever had. .44 mag Pistol gripped fully loaded in my lap My pants sag but no knife or nickle bag Just a pound in the trunk, my mouth covered with a black rag Team draped up, brand new chain hang AK tucked 6-0-2 gangbang Rollin 5 deep wit deep weaponry Playin hard, make me pull the tech and see This brown mathafucka got a shot like Jerry West Bust Rounds, mathafucka put his trust on his vest High powered rifles rip through teflon like butter This an Arizona Fighter nigga, never been a lover Not my best. I went about 70% on this. Holla at me though
  8. Y'all should pray to me fo real put yo hands to the sky Beg for your life cause I'm here, Tha Realest arrived They call me the real, y'all niggaz bootleg I got steel for you niggaz when I shoot: you dead I don't judge, just ball so I'm doin life in court My lyrics livin in the sky, your rhymes on life support I bust through the courtroom door, .44 say I'm innocent I disregard all barriers like a Mexican immigrant I'm so mathafuckin ill, I need my temp checked Snitch niggaz drop dimes ain't worth 10 cents I rip you niggaz open like a mathafuckin surgeon To be honest you dudes suck worse than an Amish virgin Bottom line is this: I'm sick, you lame I bang bitches like a screen door in a hurricane I'm from the 602. We bang 'round here We got hollows and shooters to make you disappear That's my 16 niggaz. Rate but don't hate
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