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  1. look u got a good attitude and some good rymes me and u good to a song together check out my shit stuff on here and if ure interested i can do a rap down the phone to u heres my number im 23 a dad and i live in in reading if u want i can give u some tips and advice dude as in cool was right dont try and spell it corectly on here its how it sounds thats matters 07880806210 01189263085 call me and we can chat
  2. sorry to say this but dont give up ure day job
  3. just another night in this torchered city of wars as a warrior walked with warmth he was stalked by formless thoughts trapped fighting a thoughtless cause a mind prision paranoid having horrific visions he wore black robes with a dark hood his face covered in scars from doing good his weapon of choice was a jagged blade he stormed through these burnin streets and owned the woods his purpose was to rid the world of evil and he would it was always dark the sun had faded the skys purple and red from the wars control was over change had come the hunger stayed the same for some the pain stayed the same for everyone the ones who were left were young tainted by the loss of loved ones sorrow filled thier hearts and regret had won but he was the only one of his kind he had the skills and the passion combined he had the stealth the scars and a powerful mind he had abused the drugs and confuzed his times his views were devine and he used his views to find every last one of the habit kind he slaughtered the slaves and torchered thier minds he took his revenge and his rage only grew and if he only knew what was to come he would have chosen suicide instead of this lonley run the chase was everyday and in every way he wished he could sail away but he had a job to do his life would not end till he had seen this through
  4. wait and see coming soon to a cinema near u lol
  5. a dark artist layed in wait the heartless starved of blood came through the grey the drunkn mist absorbed there souls and shame now soul less torn scripts and rythems were blown away they stormed to his position now in his vision he began to illustrate in a sickened state he set the quicker pace he broke a bottle and the rickashade hit him in the face they heard the smash and smelt the blood from far away and so began the chase the streets were dark black and harsh attack wasent far away fearless the starved quickened the pace thirsty for the blood they couldent taste they grasped dirty stale bloody blades like thirty insane habit slaves there lawless claws itchin to take the pain away they were starting to gain the dark artist was only three feet away these fiends would rule the day they encountered sk8z he stopped dead in his tracks and swung a new found blade it cut through skin and bone like acid rain and as it came the habit slave tryed to grab the blade but sk8z had it made his severed fingers fell and sk8z swung again this time fate found its place the two that remained looked in his eyes and at his smiling face he couldent wait he struck the thirsty slave in his face the other turned and bolted away but sk8z threw his blood ridden blade and in the slaves back it stayed then it was back to the grey and to another chase.
  6. im gonna put some of my stuff on u tube i will send u thew link then u can hear me spit it

  7. i thought so its really nice to hear other peoples oppinions safe
  8. thank u very much i may put more on here but im not sure whether thats the right thing to do thanks though safe sk8zy
  9. i just thought that some people dont look at rate my rymes and only look at the poetry section sorry u can delete it if u like i dident know soz sk8zy
  10. its the same poem dont delete it could u elaborate on multi media publishing im not quite sure wat that is please tell me how i would go about it
  11. id like to but id need to find the right people i have 12 a4 books full of raps poems and statements that im not sure wat to do with i do rap but only to hip hop and drum and base thats why they are all long sentences id like to get in contact with someone and do a demo but i wont sacrifice my work for just money i want to be like the gorilaz or slipknot u know wear a mask or have a animated character mouthin my words i think it could go somwhere i just dont know whether im good enough i need feedback on my better stuff as i said before i will not put my really good lyrics on this site because people could quite easily take them as thier own hope u understand if u like it ill make another one up off the top of my head but im sure that gloomy is not wat u want to hear
  12. just how i felt at the time i will never put my best stuff on here as i dont want people to copy it thank u for the praise though i know it is gloomy but its all based on real feelings
  13. standing out in the freezing rain i was waiting for the seasons to change bleeding from dark wounds onto wet concrete i was on the wrong street i dident think id meet the people id meet i fell through a sheet of glass this street was weak from questions asked they tied me up and bound my feet they smashed my face like it was raw meat brused from the beats my eyes opened up to nothing but breeze i was on a cliff somewhere cold were the wind took my breath with eaze then somebody screamed a torchered scream knifed in the back and cut short from a dream burned on the cross like a young prodogy i couldent see i couldent breath i wanted to shout i needed to plead the longer it took the more i began to see clearly allthough it was dark the white lights shined on for me they had come for me the scream i heard was female in the rain and gail her ship had set sail her trip was short but painfull as i felt pain pull i prayed for the same fall an athiust found faith for all they untied my hands and feet now feeling small but full of rage i began to turn the page i could feel it building up inside my mind full of ways to make them pay i quickly turned around an untamed uncontrolled pitbull unfazed i swept swiped and kicked i lept from deaths grips like a viper timing every bite slash and rip i grabbed a knife and flipped still dizzy from the heights i turned on the mich and ripped the script torn from my mother feeling betrayed i slipped off the cliff falling into darkness my enemys were so young and heartless now in the past tense this artist has harboured too much greed and envy i dident need to plead to them to let me be i dident need the drugs or books to read all i needed was forgiveness i landed they found my only weakness stranded on this broken floor how long did i take to fall had this lonlyness found me or had i lost them all did i fall did i break did i kill them both confuzed and outta breath my mind wandered into death dreamin visions of heaven
  14. if u wana here better stuff let me know i wrote that a year ago
  15. as we let sins wrap around our lives wins bring greed and strife sins leave people crying but we all survive were all alive for a purpose on the surface we all glide we all fly we all take the time to appriciate the finer things in life im tierd of thugs and thier knives drugs guns and the crime what happened to devine intervention as i mention prevention emotions open and oceans of slogans are roaming open hoping to rope in people that cant cope in this sinners state as winners wait the finish lines our only fate as we diminish anger we face fate with faith as grace hates we all wait and brace embrace and release our rappers mace burnin your words and scorching your face these terms have torchered the case and in case u dont relate im in chains surrounded by bars stuck in this cage
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