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  1. courtney-sigma


    Check out karmina guys. They’re my fave band. 2 gorgeous girls, great music, instrumentals, vocals, TRUE talent this duo possesses…
  2. i have the latest bluesy original sound it's by this new artist named Keaton Simons. His CD comes out on Tuesday actually and it's goood i've previewed it. let me know what you all think bout it k?
  3. wow that sounds extremely interesting, im looking into it right now...Hey what do you think about the band Scientific Lifestyle? Check them out let me know what you think. I cannot get enough of them. So talented, so unique, great music for everyone really...
  4. who do you feel is THE best new band out there for electronic unique sound? let m eknow what you think, i think it's Scientific Lifestyle. Check them out and get a feel...
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