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  1. Many man will no not locked on the road Time flys bye watch fame unfold Heats burns away the heats gone cold used to bun weed most things i sold Blowed away liek your gash im pretty No nitty gritty the hangovers are shitty soo see what you said and see what you do man a wanna see me get boied n slued So take that skin from your back skills that you lack my bars you attack Mana are so quick to draw for the bat the heat will rise you deserve a slap Ill take ya break ya Flip you upside down and shake ya Make it mine fuck it yours Gash in uniform doing my chiors Sooo can you see me See me on tv spitting so clearly and freely you wouldnt wanna be me full time riding the mic its easy look blud can you make bars the same old shit never gunna be stars been there done that i no its hard sit back lock your mind dont go so fast ill kick you arse sell you on like the gold or the brass but not even to buy the grass left that shit in the past dont aim to be last Nuff said your nothing pounceing over weed your chuffing chuffing u no that your caining joints your draining you insanein no clear view in your mind its all raining going on your shit you should be faceing Hearts raceing constatly paceing paranioyer fucking up all in your braining you no that im right why try nd fight at the end of the tunnel the light Pure fright ive got you in my sight stand up tall show off that height Its easy just open that door face your fears declare some war your clothes i torn are you sure? leave them screaming for more n more So shut up and listennnnnnn Man if you no whats good youll listennn Sit back your eyes ull glisten when im on the mic i ride and chritsen
  2. yo you wna battle or ya gna chiken out cos ya now the uk are rollin thru hahahaa!! so wts it gna be??
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