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  • Birthday 08/24/1988

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    rap and R&B
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    Cassidy, lil wayan and

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  1. im new but i got some hot rhyme who wants to test me....
  2. IM BETTER THEN YOU RHYMES BETTA IMPROVE. Dis furious-thug let off "Curious-slugs" to leave ya MIND HELLA CONFUSED !!/ Quit lyin-u-not-nice. U wouldnt "Shine-in-da-spotlight" if you was in TOM EDISONS CREW !!/ So WHY STEP 2 DA DUDE? Is HE CRAZY? I LOAD FUCKIN BEAMS/ And heavy-glocks dat'll leave "Betta-shot" Like McGRADY WIT NO DOUBLE TEAM !!!/ When its DRAMA, BITCHES SCARED. Dis suckas-a-herb. "Fuck-what-u-heard" stick a CONDOM IN YA EAR !!/ Im ridin-wit-crazy-gunz. I aint gotta be "high-offa-hazy-one" to make "PR0BLEM DISAPPEAR" !!!/ Im HARDER DEN DIS QUEER. U can get STALKED, JUMPED OR GET SPRAYED OUT/ I'll hawk-da-shit-out-ya. U a "Boxin-announcer?" All ya "TALK PUNCHES" IS PLAYED OUT!/ SOFTEE, WHERE YA HEART? Fists fly-so ya "Eye-swoll" like ROCKY WHEN HE FOUGHT!/ Dis sucka-been-a-bitch & a fuckin-idiot. Ha u gon *SPARK* ME WITTA *HAWK*?!?(cmon now)/ Stop Ridin dick dog, u jus WISH U SPIT DENIRO BARS/ If I dump-ghatz, ya get slump-back. Only time u eva "Pumped-crack", u was LISTENIN TO TERROR SQUAD!!/ U "Fulla SHIT" LIKE FLIPPIN TAROT CARDS! & if I SNAP,RATCHETS IS BLAZIN/ I'll put "lead-2-pr0blem" & bet-i-solve-em like MATHMATIC EQUATIONS!!/ Dese WACK CATS IS "AMAZIN" like LYRICAL KILLAZ CAPO(Who?) sick-wit-rhymes but do he commit-dem-crimes? Do he REALLY CHILL WITTA BLOCK DOE?/ Think dis "turkey" ahead-of-me? 4-"bread-n-cheese", I'll MIRACLE WHIP YA TOP HOE !!!/ I leave FRAUD DUDES IN DITCHES cuz my SQUAD MOVIN VICIOUS/ & I flow-heat. Youda thought i was "Monique" da way my CHARM SKOOLIN BITCHES/ I spit MORE CLEVER RAPS HATER. From a city where RAW REBILS CLAP FAKERS/ Your rep-is-done. I'll aim heavy-guns dat'll make "Betta-run" like a GOLD METAL TRACK RACER !!!/ Lightwork ....... :D
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